Great Expectations (2012)

great-expecations-2Honestly: this was an incredibly uncomfortable film experience. First, my bag of candy made an awful noise when I carefully tried to withdraw some. It was awkward. The four other people in the theatre looked at me. I think. I cannot say for sure as I hid my eyes in shame. And the film sucked.

I went to see this because I had four hours of free time when on a literature competition in a strange city – I was alone, bored, the weather was awful, and I always like seeing films in theatres. Or at least I used to.

I would talk more about my adventures in the foreign city1 to postpone the film talk but might just as well get over with it. I did not like Great Expectations.2 At all. I’ve never read anything of Dickens’ that’s not a children’s book but I was hoping this would lead me to it (and frankly, I was expecting something grand and elegant like The Great Gatsby – or how I imagine it to be, at least) but I was greatly disappointed. How do I say it? It sucked.

How good can a film be (even with Ralph Fiennes3) if the two main plots are far-fetched? Scarce chemistry between those in love have ruined good pairings before – and honestly, this pairing wasn’t even good. Even though I adored 5-year-old Pip, his admiration for Estella weren’t authentic from the beginning (whereas for Joe, it was). I saw Pip much humbler than he was, I guess, especially with the teenage Pip. For me, he turned into a brat without any character. The line “what will be my occupation” – was one of the few that seemed in place.

The other part I just didn’t get was the relationship between Pip and Magwitch. Magwitch’s devotion was mostly justified but Pip’s bipolar attitude was, again, far-fetched. I could say that it was just my antipathy toward Pip but then again, I liked him on a few occasions – namely when he was with Herbert Pocket (Olly Alexander) – these were the few scenes in the film I liked. Herbert was my favourite character by far – he was charming, his (second) introduction was awesome and he had some of the best lines. He had the exactly right amounts of compassion, humour, quirkiness and wit in him.

great-expecationsNeither that, nor the strong ending, though, were enough to save the film, though. Magwitch’s story, interesting as it was, was rushed, and Pip’s presence made it worse.4 Pip and Estella’s relationship portrayal took up too much time – time that could have been spent on Magwitch and Compeyson, another part which was left unclear. They handled Havisham much better, though – Helena Bonham Carter was made for the role and that was one part of the film that really did feel complete and all in all, lovely with its surreal sadness.

In the end, I have nothing more to say but to agree with Robbie Collin – “Great Expectations is about as comfortable as a very fat man sitting in a very small aircraft seat.”

I only got lost once! It was incredible – I tend to get lost more in one day in my own home town.
2 can we move on now? No? Alright then.
3 um, and along with half of Harry Potter’s cast? Robbie Coltrane was perfect in his role and I liked Jessie Cave (who played Biddy – and Lavender Brown in Harry Potter) and when there was the food fight scene (is it obvious how little I understood that part yet?) I thought that all the British kids are exactly the right age to be there – guess I was right.
4 nobody cares, Pip.

7 responses to “Great Expectations (2012)

  1. Well Hello!

    Just wanted to tell you that I already love your space and your passion that comes through in your writing. Looks as though you’re just getting going, so do keep it up – the first few weeks and months of blogging can be the toughest.

    And while I was here, I couldn’t help but notice:

    “The Matinee – or the guy whose reviews are breathtakingly beautiful”

    Thank-you so very much for that – It really made my day.

    • Hi hi hi hi oh my god!

      First – I’m really excited and overflowing with ideas and post plans and stuffs but I can see that rapidly changing as I discover I have no time… so I’ll try to find my way through these first few months, and thank you, too.

      Second – ASDFGHJKLlkgfdsdhj just WOW. It’s virtually impossible to explain how much this comment here means to me – because you, sir, rock – and I’m so honoured to have you been here. So again, thank you, it really means a lot.

      • Easy there tiger: I’m a blogger not a rock star.

        To your first point, try to set yourself a rhythm. Set yourself to writing *something* at certain points of the week (every other day? every three days? All weekend plus Wednesdays?). The habit is harder to establish than the content – which it sounds like you have lots of!

        Keep it coming, the rest of us here in the audience will be here for ya as you do.

  2. Damn and damn and damn! I was planning to see this in the cinema in two weeks because it was the only one that stood out (since I can rarely go to cinemas I have to pick carefully) and now I can’t even see this one (cause I already trust your opinion) .. Oh well..

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