Warm Bodies (2013)

warm bodies 1 First there were wizards and witches, then dragons – and I loved them both. I was more reluctant about vampires and only convinced after Vampire Diaries (come on, it’s awesome) but zombies were too much. The only time I’ve had any appreciation for zombies was Supernatural’s episode The End (S05E04) but the fact I liked it had nothing to do with zombies if I think about it as it was all about the storyline. So I was surprised at how much I really wanted to see Warm Bodies even before I knew Nicholas Hoult was in the lead (maybe it was the red poster? scroll down for examples).

I know and dig Hoult from Skins and though I more or less hated Tony, he is an incredible actor1. I held my breath before the film started, desperately hoping he’d still have his accent but no.2 Thanks, Hollywood.

He did an impeccable job here, though. His internal monologue was incredibly amusing and made me forget all about the narrative that I had doubts about at first. Sometimes I randomly remember his ‘don’t be creepy’ and ‘say something human / nnngh / nailed it!’ never fail to brighten the day. He was a really good zombie.

Teresa Palmer (who played Julie) was awesome, too. For the entire film, Julie reminded me of Jo from Supernatural and I liked this parallel as I love Jo and she’s badass.3 Her pretending to be a zombie was one of the highlights and everything with her and R and vinyl was incredibly sweet and charming. And her relationship with her dad was sad and mushy in the end and exactly the way it was supposed to be.

Ultimately, the film was more or less predictable, I suppose, but it didn’t bother me4 – its humour and the easy-going flow5 so enjoyable I forgot to even bother thinking about what could be whined about.

warm bodies

Things that made this film a favourite of mine: the abundance of hilarious and/or awesome scenes in the film is awestrucking (‘be dead’, ‘nice watch’, R meeting Julie, red hands, the falling scene, and so on); the zombie posture and make-up that actually looked real; the witty dialogue (or, as mentioned, R’s inner monologue); the sweet plot; Analeigh Tipton; the entire flow and effortless, smooth tone of the film and lastly, the way it managed to make horror (because that was one of the genres) enjoyable for me.6

Warm Bodies is something charming and funny but it’s probably not for everyone. I loved it, though, especially since it’s a 2013 production and the first one I’ve seen this year even though it’s already March. But a big yaaaay for that!

1 it makes sense, though – you have to be really good to evoke strong emotions from watchers.
2 I don’t like this accent mutilation – just imagine if they had tried to strip Joseph Morgan of his… brr.
3 and these badass blond-haired girls always make me want to be fiercer and stronger (and blonder) – they’re just too damn cool.
4 and just FYI, I didn’t see the whole curing-thing coming (but that might be just Sunday morning sleepiness and refusal to see anything bad in it).
5 I’m sorry, I can’t explain it better – it’s just nice to watch, okay.
6 for future reference, too – I’m incredibly easily scared and I can’t watch horror films (and I won’t – I still get chills thinking of Prometheus… sometimes not knowing anything about the film can be a bitch).

14 responses to “Warm Bodies (2013)

  1. Not gonna see it before I read the book… We’ll see what happens to the movie then.

    • I really-really want to read the book. I almost never read books after I see the film – even if I like the film – but apparently, this was an exception.

      If you do watch it, review it! I’d love to hear your opinion.

  2. Good review Elena. Overall, this is a good movie with the zombie and romance element not backfiring on them and tells a compelling story with a good chance of them doing it well.

  3. meeradarjiyr1

    Great review!

  4. Been meaning to read the book as well, which I’ve heard is pretty good. Liked the review. Teresa Palmer reminds me of Kristen Stewart. Better actress though!

    • I think I’m the only person who doesn’t hate Kristen Stewart. 😀

      But hey, thanks! And the book is in my to-be-read list too (though since starting this blog, that list has been very neglected… oops).

  5. Again, I’m late to the party. But again I completely agree. Great review!

  6. I think, initially, I loved this movie (despite it being made for teenage girls, perhaps?). I’ve seen bits of it since, and while I still enjoyed it, there must have been some magic in the theater that day.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your review. Your use of footnotes is awesome and I always do that too. Well, starting today…anyway.

    • ……..I forgot the footnotes. It was supposed to be my thing. The thing that makes me famous and all. Great job, me, wow!

      Thanks, though! I’m kinda afraid to watch it again, since I loved it so the first time and I’m afraid to ruin the memory. I think there was magic in my cinema back then, too. (February 24th, since you asked. My country’s independence day! I had to walk 5 km to the cinema since they closed the roads for the annual parade. Am I getting more interesting with each sentence OR WHAT?)

  7. Hmm. 5k, huh? Since I have no idea about this silly metric system thing, I’m just going to assume that’s far. Well done.

    Wait. If your two or three sentences about the circumstances relating to the movie may or not make you more interesting…that means my entire blog is worthless. Pointless ramblings surrounding the circumstances of seeing a movie?

    That was supposed to be my thing.

    • I’m torn between just writing a big OH F––K YOU and typing a transcript of my laughing until I stop.

      hahahahahaahhahahaha hahahahaahahahahahahah ahaahahaahahaahhahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaahahahaahahahaahhaahhaaahhhahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaahh ahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahaahahaahhahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaahahahaahahahaahhaahhaaahhhahaahahaha hhahahahahahahahahahahaha ahaha hahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahaahhahahaahahahaa hahahaahhaahhaa ahhhahaahahaha hhahahahahahahahahahahaha

      (I went with the other one, and is it your permission I ask to marry your blog or…?)

      • Technically, you went with both. Buuuuut…I’m going to support that move.

        Yes. I am the one you ask. But, my blog is only three years old…so unless you want to marry something immature and ultimately useless, I’d advise against it.

        My wife already made that mistake.

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