Characters I will most likely talk about

I think I have my first feature. This has three characters I compare nearly everyone else to, depending on the genre. Enjoy.

Dean Winchester from Supernatural
portrayed by Jensen Ackles


Dean is my spirit animal. He is the reason we need the word awesome. Dean is exceptionally flawed and that makes him alluring. He calls his little brother Sammy, loves pie, rides a Chevy Impala, is very casual and angsty and wears a lot of layers.1  He will do (and has done) anything for family, hates himself, sings Bon Jovi songs and eats and goes to Hell and back2 and beyond3, especially if it means others will be safe. He’s both selfless and selfish, sometimes both at once and never has it been so that Dean cries and I don’t. I will probably talk about him as someone who is overflowing angst, someone extraordinarily protective of his family, about Dean and Cas’s epic love4 or just as anything a TV character should be.

Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries
portrayed by Ian Somerhalder


Can we just pause for a minute and  think about the phrase character development? Because that’s what makes me love Vamp Diaries and is one of the things that keeps me watching. From season one to season four, Damon’s character takes on new sides and reveals others. He was an endearing jerk when he showed up in Stefan’s room in season one. Now he’s someone who’s been hurt more than anyone deserves to be and someone who loves deeply and wholly. Every flashback episode where he’s been in, has given his character something and that kind of expanded background gives him an edge. When talking about him, I’m probably talking about sass or character development 101.

Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men
portrayed by Charlie Sheen

Jon Cryer; Charlie Sheen

I’m positive I’ll be talking about him sooner or later because this was my favourite TV show for three years and I know most episodes by heart.5  Charlie wasn’t a good role model but he was the only one and that was the moment I lost my heart to television. Two and a Half Men with Charlie was funny as hell with its own lessons. My dad6 says the funniest thing is that Charlie Sheen basically plays himself and that’s probably true – but there are other things, such as Charlie’s character development over the years and his worship of Jake. When I’m feeling seriously down, Charlie Harper is always there for me.

1 or bathrobes, if talking about later seasons.
2 literally.
3 also, literally.
4 yep, I went there. Example: any staring contest. With them, everything is beautiful and everything hurts.
5 I don’t watch it anymore, though. Season 9 was traumatising enough.
6 this is the only TV show that me, my mum and dad all like – which rocks. I’m proud of them.

2 responses to “Characters I will most likely talk about

  1. I love Vampire Diaries! I’ve had a crush on Ian Somerhalder since I saw Rules of Attraction though. His eyes are just suspiciously smoldering.. like it’s not even right how handsome he is.

    • Haha, I know – it’s just not fair that he’s so handsome. I fell in love with him within the first sight of his smirk. AHH. Just… I need a moment now.

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