Anticipation: 2013

I wanted to do a review of Ruby Sparks (which I loved), but my friend is coming over in 15 minutes to have a Potter marathon, so I decided to showcase my most anticipated films of 2013. (I know it’s March but… just… okay?)

cf wwzse great-gatsby-poster-elizabeth-debicki thor mortal_instruments_city_of_bones

Credit for World War Z poster goes here, for Thor here and for Catching Fire here. (They were too lovely, I had to use them!)

12 responses to “Anticipation: 2013

  1. Thanks for checking out our exclusive World War Z project!

  2. Thori ma väga ei oota aga teistega nõustun meeleldi.

  3. Looking forward to WWZ and your review of Ruby Sparks.

  4. I have no hope for World War Z. Way to completely f**k up one of the best books of the past 20 years…

  5. You should do a review on Ruby Sparks! What an amazing movie. I wrote a review on it over at the Cinematic Katzenjammer, and now that you mention it, I think I may need to watch it again.

  6. I’m not that into Hunger Games, having disliked first part, but I’ll see this one for Philip Seymour Hoffman. I’m looking forward to Thor sequel too, I loved the first movie!

    • …may or may not have squealed very loudly when seeing your name… but uh uh uh um, I loved Thor too (even though I think the love story with Natalie Portman’s character was pointless there) and I have great expectations for the second one too. AND Hoffman’s performance is something I’m looking forward, too. Great casting on his part.

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