FAW: Ruby Sparks (2012)

tumblr_mj3uoqFwGd1ruxjroo2_500 tumblr_mj3uoqFwGd1ruxjroo3_500Films, for me, are an escape route. Much like books, they hold the wild stories of others, safe for me and my mind. Sometimes a film comes along that challenges that. Ruby Sparks made me want to write and never stop, not letting me rest. Chris said that it cures any writer’s block and I think I’m getting my hands on a tangible Blu-Ray copy of this because it did.

I liked a lot of things they did with this; like Calvin’s disbelief that she was real; the way he got mad at his mum; the scenes where Calvin blankly stared over the typewriter; Calvin’s awkwardness overall; Ruby’s youth montage; and the part where Calvin yells at his ex1. He was so damn believable, the controlling self-centred writer – they are somewhat stereotypical but usually lack the plausibility. Paul Dano does an excellent  job on this one, though.

It is remarkably surprising how dark the film got. I was disappointed some half hour in because every time a film has an introduction and then has a cliché montage of overjoyed everything-is-going-perfectly dazed happiness2, I know what’s going to happen next. Ruby Sparks shook me out of it right away, though, because it simply carried me along, keeping me hooked. It was rather amazing. The darker scenes were excellent, too, manic and depressing and exceptionally sad all at once.

tumblr_mj2i0ymdMh1s5fkkno3_500ruby sparks

Ruby and Calvin together were incredibly natural. It couldn’t have been any other way because they fit.3 Zoe Kazan (Ruby) wrote the script which makes it all the more amazing and of course, rises the question of how much real life is in the film.

The tagline is marvellous, too: she’s out of his mind. I’m not sure how but it somehow captures the entire being of the film.

1 powerful!
2 first, it’s cliché; and second, it reminds me of the rollercoaster setting of film scripts. I found it when writing for Script Frenzy and it ruined a lot of the mystery in films for me.
3 one of the reasons might be that their actors are dating in real life.

19 responses to “FAW: Ruby Sparks (2012)

  1. That’s a good point about the love montage. It was quickly shattered though wasn’t it??

  2. I tried leaving a comment, but I think it deleted it. I forget all I rambled about, but the straight and narrow is – good review, good movie, I didn’t like the ending. It felt a little neat to me, especially since the film which preceded it was so unruly and non-cliched. I thought both actors did very well, but I preferred Dano. (I think I pointed out that I’m probably biased, since I’m a guy. Such is life.) It’s good to meet other Ruby Sparks enthusiasts. I think we all want his typewriter. Or maybe it’s just the diabolical writers like me.

    • Ah, I’m sorry! Bad blog.

      I’ve seen two kinds of people – the ones who unquestionably loved it and those who thought it was nothing special, or even boring. I think the ones who loved it are writers. It just feels like it. I think we can all (all of us writers, that is) relate to him. I know I could. And I liked Dano more too (even though I’m not a guy).

      The ending was the weakest part, though, I agree.

  3. Have you seen the films “Stranger than Fiction” with Will Ferrel or “Wit” with Emma Thompson?

  4. I should see this one for the writing motivation then.. I hate the fact that I have an idea stuck in my head since January but only writing seems to be aimed at blogging. Damn. Nice post though!

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  6. I’m more interested in seeing it after your review/comments. Try a Zero to go with the movie, it tastes like coke without the guilt. I just popped in from Fogs Link Bomb, I hope to make it back here again.

    • Nice to see! But I don’t do Zero, I think it tastes just… wrong. I’m a paradox, honestly – extremely healthy and then drinking Coke. Better than constant junk food… I guess. 😀

      But yeah, do see it! It’s an awesome film and sticks with you.

  7. I’ve been meaning to watch this one for almost a year now. I really should get my ass in gear and cross it off the watchlist.

    Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  8. One of my favorite films – ever. I just had to own it on Blu-Ray. Such a truly magical yet realistic tale. You did a great job capturing its essence in your review. I love this one so much I used it for my persuasion speech in school – you should watch this movie type deal, haha.

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