Five Favourite Films of All Time

TODAY marks a month since I started Films and Coke and I am absolutely stunned at how well it’s going and honoured by everyone who has visited, commented and followed. I love the film and TV blogging community. Here goes: my five favourite films I could watch anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

fav5-1 swSomewhere’s carved itself inside my soul and there is nothing I love more. Both the little things and the overall vibe are amazing — I think it’s called daddy issues1 — but any film that has an influential father-daughter issues is automatically rendered a classic for me (The Descendants is another example of this). Elle Fanning is incredible and lovely, the colours are gentle and fitting, the dialogue and the slow scenes (like the one with the poledancers) create the exacly right melancholic mood. I held my breath watching this film, longing for it no never end. It was captivating.

fav5-1 5050My first film seen in cinema in 2012 was easily my favourite as well. I, as having survived something alike, could relate to a lot in 50/50 but even in general, it was truly honest — it did the same with cancer that Silver Linings Playbook did to mental illness a year later. Both Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Anna Kendrick were on their best, both authentic; and Seth Rogen proved himself to be a lot more than a cheesy comedy actor, giving an amazing performance and stealing quite a few scenes. It’s heartwarming and sad and one of these rare films where a happy ending is utterly justified.

fav5-1 swsI first saw Star Wars about a year ago and never expected to love it like I did. I don’t have too strong opinions about the prequels (except for the poor actor choice for Anakin — who made him come of as a brat rather than someone lost and paranoid) but my favourite was the fifth episode — The Empire Strikes Again — which won me over (I really loved Han and Leia here, they were awesome together). Darth Vader’s character and the Stormtroopers were hilarious2 and made it all the better. Oh, and R2 with C-3PO was fantastic as well.

fav5-1 mshkThe Swedish film version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is dearer to me than Fincher’s version (even though that is definitely a favourite of mine as well) because of its authenticity, it being in Swedish3 and the genius Noomi Rapace. The books are one of my favourites and I devour them about twice a year, but the story never gets old — or less grotesque, at that. The theme — men who hate women, the literal translation of the Swedish title — is shown extremely well, too. The two sequels are equally as good but if picking one, it’s the first.

fav5-1 cbI’m not exactly a fan of Tim Burton but I enjoy most of his creations. Corpse Bride is above them all, though. The story is vivid and creepy and sad and all these moods are set perfectly. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter work truly well4, creating poignant characters. Yet they’re not all — the joyfully singing skeletons and both pairs of parents are a treat. Not to mention the breathtaking visuals, all conveying the right mood. Magnificent work in so many aspects in this make it a film I keep watching again and again.

1 I was trying to be funny here, okay?
2 even if that wasn’t the point.
3 god, that language is magnificent…
4 and I guess it’s the only film they don’t end up together in, heh.

PS. To honour FAC’s birthday further on, I have finally finished my about-page‘s first edition – which makes me very happy.

8 responses to “Five Favourite Films of All Time

  1. I have yet to see Somewhere, but it looks nice (based on the trailer). I also got to watch the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and read the books as well). Both mediums were good, but I don’t think I could handle another intake of the movie, so I skipped the English version.

    • Somewhere is definitely not for everyone. It has many repetitive scenes and has an unusual pace. But if you like Sofia Coppola, you’re in for a treat anyway.

      All the Dragon Tattoo things were spread over three years for me so it was kind of new to me with each film, and of course the book. But in all honesty, the films are strikingly similar — I guess the Fincher version avoids the usual overplayed theatricality with this one. Both are good though, and Daniel Craig with Rooney Mara works incredibly well too. Maybe try seeing it in a year or a few?

  2. I didn’t even finish Somewhere…. I was just… bored. 😦

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    • THANK YOU. And I’m so honoured to have you here, you’re the Yoda of film bloggers. (I think I should mention Yoda was my favourite… :D)

  4. I gotta give you high praise for putting movies like Somewhere instead of Lost in Translation or Corpse Bride instead of Nightmare Before Christmas on your list. Yes I agree with you, the Sweedish version of The Girl WIth The Dragon Tattoo is my favorite version. Noomi Repace will always be Lisbeth Salander. They finished all three movies right away and we can’t get the second one under preproduction. Why did we even bother.

    • Haha, thank you! And I really don’t understand why they’re stalling, Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig worked together so well and Fincher’s amazing, too – I guess that’s Hollywood for us. I was so impressed by the film, even if the Swedish version (and GOD, Noomi Rapace…) still topped it.

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