The Second Spill

 A spill is what happens when you energetically hit your can of Coke with your hand while enthusiastically commenting on a review and what happens on FAC around once a week to show off some cool new posts from fellow film bloggers.


  • I don’t know if they’re plotting world domination by getting everybody drunk but it sure feels like it as the folks at French Toast Sunday released the second Star Wars drinking game, this time for Attack of the Clones. (You have to drink every time Obi Wan talks down to Anakin… guys… really… just pile up as many drinks as you can manage).
  • They made Jurassic Park into 3D and Dan went on and saw it and apparently, 3D hasn’t gotten any better – but Jurassic Park still holds up after 20 years.
  • I am handing out my own award1 this week for the blog with the coolest name: Reviews from a Bed – and there from we got a review of Evil Dead (the last picture was scary enough for me to never, ever see this film for myself, though).
  • Mettel Ray was on a horror roll this week, too2 and she wrote about a French film called High Tension. Also, her 500th post is coming up soon, so yes, do hold your breath!
  • Mavi over at Filmscope hated Les Mis too and I’m getting a feeling that I’m the only person who liked it. His final point is that the really good films in 2012 didn’t come from the major studios – and I’m eager to find out.
  • I officially hate the first day of April – Fogs took care of that by giving a solid review to The Host and I was really excited because it’d be awesome to see a bad book turned into a good film. Nope. April-jiggadiggy-fools.3

I, for myself, made a comeback this week – I already have two posts written for next week and even saw a couple of films this week. Sorry for the radio silence. Really. I’m really sorry. I feel like I’ve let you all down. But hey, let it be, get to reading now! And if you run out of material, I compiled a list of my film blog feeds under the link Elsewhere (there’s some brilliant artwork4 there, too).

1 sure, a rather pointless one considering my lack of credibility, but it’s the thought that counts, right?
2 which is really creepy because I cannot stand horror. At all.
3 yeah, don’t mention the last word. I don’t even know.
4 HA! April Fools! …what do you mean by ‘it doesn’t work that way’? …oh…okay. Well. I’m confused now. I’ll go watch Supernatural and maybe my brain will unfreeze.

2 responses to “The Second Spill

  1. I like the spill concept though I don’t like coke.. the drink nor the drug kind.Thanks for the link! 🙂

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