5 things I love about The Breakfast Club

Today, I started my morning off right – by watching The Breakfast Club in bed. Since it’s a classic, I won’t be writing a full-blown review. Especially because there was so much that I liked and so little that I didn’t, hence it would be bad taste.

1. IT’S A GO-TO NOSTALGIA FILM. When I was little, I most films I saw were from the eighties and nineties – I spent a lot of time at the countryside and there was nothing to do there but to watch TV. The Breakfast Club is a blast from the past, having all the elements from its time, which makes it easy to think yourself back into the time films were this.
2. THE CHARACTERISATION IS FANTASTIC. For me, this was the greatest part – the five characters, stunningly stereotypical, stay true to who they are from the first minute to the last. They don’t change but they all do reveal the wrecked and problematic aspects of them under the stereotype veneer – and it’s immensely believable. They are all different and they all own up to it, plus the respective actors simply nail it.
3. THERE WAS A TIME FILM PEOPLE KNEW HOW TO EDIT. So I don’t particularly like long films, as they’re usually strenuous and replete with fillers. The Breakfast Club tells an awesome story in ninety-seven minutes, makes it believable and the time spent watching worth it. There are no unneccessary scenes during the film’s entirety and it’s exceptionally lovely.
4. THE BASKET CASE AND THE ATHLETE GOT TOGETHER! This was something I was rooting from the beginning. I like unlikely pairings and I adore school athletes getting together with the outcasts. It’s adorable and romantic and makes the world a better place.
5. IT’S A STORY THAT DOESN’T GET OLD. I’m exceeding myself by doing some math now and The Breakfast Club has been around for 28 years and someone in high school (hey, that’s me!) can imagine themselves with these people. (Them drinking Coke is naturally a huge bonus, too.) It’s The Perks of Being A Wallflower of films (and yes, I know the latter’s a film now, too) and I think it will be as charming to see for the generation after mine as it was for me.

There might be a sequel to this as I really did like nearly everything about it but I think I should see it a few times more before it happens. Also: this film was begging for the gif. Oh how I loved Brian. And… okay. Sequel, or something. Yes.

19 responses to “5 things I love about The Breakfast Club

  1. “They are all different and they all” … ? unfinished thoughts, how fun! 😀

  2. Excellent post, love this movie so much.

  3. You forgot to mention the great soundtrack! I love this film but I do have problem with the message that ‘if you’re a bit weird you should completely change yourself’

    • Yep, that was one of the things that irked me about this. And DAMN I knew there was something. And I left out the awesome final scene. Jeez, I’m forgetful. Thanks for reading, though!

  4. Cool post, certainly one of those films where when your flicking around looking for something to watch and you see it is on you end up watching it.

    Agree with Mike about the great 80’s soundtrack.

  5. One of the best films of its time and you’ve done justice to it! Great post Elena. Really enjoyed that a lot.

  6. I love The Breakfast Club, but I do feel the idea of the somewhat popular person dating the one that’s not is a trope that has been used many times before in movies since. I agree with you about the editing. Nothing feels wasted

    • I guess it has but I still like it, especially in there. They seemed so unlikely at first. And I’m glad you think so too about the editing! I always feel like a minority preferring under-100-minute films.

  7. This is one of my favorite movies! I’ve seen it a ridiculous amount of times and could quote the entire thing. I love your point about the editing. The way it fits in all the hours of detention, showing the boring parts, the exciting adventures, random snippets of conversations, and of course the long significant conversation is just superb.

  8. Loooove this post!!! This movie will forever be timeless; it’s a movie that every generation will be able to relate to in some respect. Perks of Being a Wallflower was the closest movie we’ve had in a LONG time that tapped into that high school nostalgia, and I praised it for that, but I’m afraid it won’t have the memorable longevity as The Breakfast Club.

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  10. The Breakfast Club is perfect, one of my favourites. I love it when I see posts appreciating its beauty.

    Great job!

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