Happy Star Wars day!


I’m celebrating with six quotes from the six Star Wars films. Are you guys looking forward for the seventh? I’m not sure myself though I know I’ll be seeing it. It’s a huge favourite of mine and I couldn’t resist. (It’s technically two hours past May 4th here in my country but I got distracted while doing this… a lot. Anyway, it’s the revenge of the 5th now hehehehe.


23 responses to “Happy Star Wars day!

  1. I too am cautiously awaiting the release of 7. I’m excited but I’m so scared it’s going to suck :/

    • I think the best thing to do is to see it with a very open mind because there will obviously be these people who whine about everything who’ll try to bring others down too. Because it might be good? At least I hope so. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I’m writing a Star Wars post today. I remember the excitement of seeing the Phantom Menace and then the bitter disappoint of what happened next. So I’m cautiously excited about the new one

  3. Good selection of quotes. I hope those new films turn out great. I am actually more optimistic now that Lucas is less involved.

  4. Pretty nice selection of quotes, here. Though, for Episode I, I would have picked Obi-Wan’s “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” because it pretty much summed up the audience’s reaction to that film.

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  6. Nice!!! Yoda is so quotable.

  7. Great post! There’s so many wonderful Star Wars quotes. I’m in the middle with this new Star Wars film. I’m expecting the worst, so hopefully when it does come out I’ll maybe be more excited.

  8. Lovely images as always. May the seventh be with you (bit late to the party)…

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  10. Great graphics! Happy May The Fourth Be With You Day!

  11. The second one is my favorite…even if it reminds me more of Randall in Clerks than Yoda.

    Happy Fourth!

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