The Fifth Spill (kinda)


This is not a spill.1 I already spilled Coke this week (I know it’s Monday) so you’re not getting any. My apologies.

The theme for today: the Lammy awards are coming in one at a time and the winners really deserve the wins! (A heads-up: I’m linking to a random post in the blog. Just because I can. And if they’ve reviewed Iron Man, then to that one. Because I love Iron Man. Yep.)

  • Mettel Ray got Best Blogathon with  My Movie Alphabet. (I knew she would! No contest there.2) PS. You have to click the link. Don’t ask why. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • French Toast Sunday snagged the Best Blog Design one – even though I couldn’t have predicted it because Sati’s is at least as good (she was runner-up, though).
  • All of the three guys got the award for Best Rating System.
  • So Fogs got about a million awards. Funniest writer (with the best presenter video so far, imo – check it out), Best Festival and Convention Coverage, Best Running Feature (in which everyone deserved the win) and Most Knowledgable Person.
  • Best New Lamb was Nick Powell from The Cinematic Katzenjammer.
  • Poster Collective got Best Movie Element Blog – and just FYI, the site looks awesome.
  • 100 Years of Movies got Best Classic Film Blog
  • Best Horror Blog was a really creepy blog (in the best way) called Rhino’s Horror
  • No surprise at Best Awards Coverage – Bonjour Tristesse got this one.
  • Your Face took home the award for Best Vlog.

If I missed any, let me know below – or if anything’s not working. Also if I got anything wrong. I’ll definitely link the ones yet to come, too. Love you all and congratulations to all winners and I cannot wait for next year to cast my own votes!

it’s a pour. Pouring. You know. Wimpy spilling.
2 even the announcer thought it was obvious, hehe.

9 responses to “The Fifth Spill (kinda)

  1. The competition is still going on so.. you’ll have to update this spill soon. But I’m sure Fogs will take many more awards in the following days. 😀 Though, I hope some of my votes will bring wins to many of my favorites who haven’t won yet…

    Thanks for the congratulations!

    PS: I thought I was the only one who thought the announcer kind of applied that my win was obvious.

  2. Awesome job Elena!!! And congrats to the winners!

  3. Thanks for the mention Elena, now to get you to guest post for us 😉

  4. Awww, thank you! So glad you like the design and so glad Mettel won for blogathon!

  5. Knocking em out of the park Elena! 😉 Thanks for the linkage, I appreciate it.

    @Mettel I’m sorry to be such a hog. LOL Do you forgive me?

  6. Thanks for linking!

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