Now You See Me (2013)


Now You See Me has gotten a lot of negative response which I understand… barely. I liked the film a whole lot – but I think an asset to that was me being very, very open to it. In real life if someone does a magic trick you see it but in a film it’s remarkably easy to fake it with effects. I believed in what was happening on the screen – my movie date (um, the person I was with) didn’t, and she had a much harder time enjoying it.

I read a review that accused the film of typecasting and that… I don’t know. Even if it was that, it didn’t bother me because the actors were all fit for their roles.  There was Jesse Eisenberg who is excellent in being a fast-speaking clever jerk and Bruce Banner – wait, no, Mark Ruffalo, whose character was not very Hulk-y but who makes a good cop, and Morgan Freeman who I still see as God but whose character was interesting and unexpected – for me, that is.  The others I haven’t seen too much of so I really can’t tell. Though I have to mention Mélanie Laurent – who played the blonde chick from Interpol – who stole quite a few scenes and whose accent was adorable.


The film served as a thriller for about two thirds of the film and could’ve definitely done better. Frankly, I still don’t understand why they spoiled so much in about the middle because it took away the suspense that they’d been building so nicely until then. It would’ve ruined the entire flick, though, if they hadn’t had a few more things up their sleeve there. The second thing I didn’t like at all was the second ending – and I say that because they had and ending, it was pretty damn cool and then they just had to add the sappy final scene. In fact, as I figured out only on the next day, it carried some profound meaning as well but the premise of the scene made me groan so loud that I missed it in the cinema.


Apart from these two, I loved the film. I loved how it went up and down and how they called themselves The Four Horsemen, I loved their characters and I really appreciated anything  out of Woody Harrelson’s mouth. There were small bits I loved and big bits I loved and I don’t think you really need much more.

19 responses to “Now You See Me (2013)

  1. I’m able to take some things in with a grain of salt, but with this movie: it became almost impossible at a point. Good review.

  2. I’m actually kind of interested in seeing this now. The cast does sound great. Great review!

  3. Hmmmm, the trailer had me intrigued and then came all the negative reactions. Still plan on giving this one a watch when it hits streaming or Blu-ray.

  4. I agree that they spilled the beans too much too soon. I guess they wanted to flip your expectations from thinking the mystery of the movie was solving the tricks to something greater, but that route would have been more interesting to me. I didn’t really care who the mastermind was to be honest. I didn’t altogether hate the movie, but it just was weaker than I hoped. I like your review though!

    • It was weaker in certain places than I’d expected, surely, but I had the mindset that I would like that film… so I did haha. Thanks!

  5. I saw the movie yesterday and I loved it ! I thought it was very cool and well thought out. The French character was especially well done as were each of the “Four Horsemen”. If you haven’t seen and like a fast paced, funny and very clever movie you will love it too.
    Harry in Highland Falls, NY

  6. Woody Harrelson is a brilliant actor and everything he does is challenging and enjoyable. A nice review Elena. Welcome to the Lamb!

  7. Psst – been more than a month since this post. You still keeping this space running?

  8. I was actually not taken with this film. It was entertaining enough for me but ultimately, I didn’t buy it. I think you touch on a reason why when you address being open to it and magic in the movies. I thought the movie making process made their magic far too easy for them to pull off. I was also not sold on the overarching trick. Far too many elements had to line up for that to be plausible for me. So while I didn’t mind the cast as a whole (and I agree, not type casting, but rather just playing to their strengths without having to really challenge themselves as actors), I thought it was slight and easily forgettable.

    That said, the sequel was greenlit today so what do I know?

  9. Really liked it but really did get a cool response critically. made a fortune though at the box office which is good. A sequel would be disastrous mind.

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