The Truth Behind the Films and the Coke

Was the title dramatic enough? I’d hope so.

When I started reading film blogs late last year, I never expected to get where I am now. Running a film blog people are actually interested in, getting to know so many fantastic people who share my interests, have a blast every time I open Twitter because you guys are hilarious. And I’ve been a bitch to all of you who have made my year so fantastic.

So what happened? Three weeks ago, I moved to Norway to study here for a year. I’m an exchange student in a regular high school with more things to do each day than I used to have in a week. And I won’t half-ass anything. I am either a film blogger or I’m not. I love the community and reading your blogs is just as important to me as blogging itself.

What now? As I said, I will not half-ass anything. I’m in. I will be posting twice a week and reading your blogs every day. If I haven’t gotten to you yet, it’s happening soon. And to prove exactly how serious I am (and to make life easier for me), I’m getting rid of my alias. I don’t need it anymore. (When I got here, I found out my family name in Norwegian stands for penis and so I’ve become very protective of my identity.) So hi, I am Elina and here are tidbits of my life here, all within a mile from home.


I have siblings for the first time in my life and my host brothers are AWESOME.


New posts every Tuesday and Friday so check back tomorrow. Catch you later!

19 responses to “The Truth Behind the Films and the Coke

  1. Wow, that looks beautiful! I’m glad to see you’ll be back writing but I don’t blame you if you’re more interested on being out on that lake at the moment.

    • I have the cold-cold Norwegian winter in front of me and unless I learn to ice fish, I’ll have months of sitting inside and what’s better to do than to watch films. 😀 And thanks!!

  2. Being an exchange student sounds fun! Lovely photos, by the way!

  3. Welcome back – we’ve missed you.

  4. I’ve been missing you! I’m glad to see you back on the blog 🙂

  5. So your family name means ‘penis’? That’s weird because Elina is irish for ‘small’!

    Welcome back Small Penis!

  6. Those are beautiful pictures! I’m glad you’ll be back blogging, I look forward to your posts.

  7. I totally get it when life gets in your way.. my blog is literally on life-support now.. man.. I need to get back to writing.. maybe you can help me motivate me. 😀

    • Well, I’m kinda happy about that to be honest, your absence gave me hope that I too will survive this extended dry streak. 😀 I’ll try to think of something. Find motivation in the fact that my name means Small Penis. Yay. :’D

  8. Those pics need more trees 😉

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