9 Reasons Suits is Awesome

This post is shameless praise for my favourite TV series. Suits summer finale is airing tonight and I’m just stoked! This post is about why I love this series as much as I do.


(+bonus) Mike’s photographic memory. From all-things-Mike, his memory and history with it are not merely a highlight of his character but also the show  – especially as it’s one of the premises for it.


9. The flashback episodes. There have been two so far and I haven’t ever seen a feature so perfect in a TV series.

8. It’s light. For some reason, every good series nowadays is murky and dark and angsty. Not Suits. Suits is light, uplifting, enjoyable. Suits, in its nature, is made for pure enjoyment.


7. The pairings are perfect. And necessary. Mike and Rachel are good together, their timing was spot on, with tension right where it had to be. Harvey and Scottie are more than perfect and I cannot get enough of them. Donna and Stephen? I rooted for them and their dynamic has remained superb even after episode 7.1  The most important thing is that they are legitimate and… let’s say it. Hot.


6. Louis. Of all the impeccable characters, Louis most deserves a separate mention. Without Louis and Rick Hoffmann, this series wouldn’t be the same. He’s the underdog and a marvelous one at that.2

5. Pearson Darby Specter. About time is all I have to say.

4. It brightens up the summer and then you get a bit more. I’m a fan of their format for the past two seasons: ten episodes in summer and six more in winter. The timing’s perfect for me – it airs when all other series I watch are on hiatus. Perfect, if you ask me. And since this is my blog, you basically did.


3. It’s witty. “What’s the matter, you afraid of the dark?” “I wouldn’t be if I had my Cookie Monster with me.”

2. The soundtrack. From Greenback Boogie (intro) to every other song, the music is carefully chosen and put right where it needs to be, and nowhere else. And though not exactly soundtrack – Harvey’s record collection is absolutely one of the highlights of the set.


1. Suits. A wise man once said “Nothing suits me like a suit.” Truer words have never been spoken. The suits in Suits are drop-dead and make a statement. And provide so much aesthetically pleasing scenes that it’s nearly too much to handle.

1 Even though Louis and female Louis make me a bit sick, they’re still a very nicely fitted couple.
2 I like his catchphrases in particular.

Sidenote: I’ve purposefully excluded anything bad about Suits in this post. I’m not oblivious, it’s simply so very irrelevant with only a few hours to go to the finale. 😉

14 responses to “9 Reasons Suits is Awesome

  1. Well done! I was actually thinking of doing a post about Suits as well but I’m guessing I have to find a different angle for it.. I will manage. 😀

    When people ask me why I go to law school, I tell them one thing, one word: Suits. LOL. 🙂
    Nice post.

  3. Great post! I really need to check out Michelle Fairley episodes, I love her so much. That guy with the memory pisses me off it takes me 10 hours a day to learn legal shit and I forget it the next day 😛

  4. Lots of eye candy in this show for sure 😉

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  6. I have just started suits and I love it !!!!!!!!
    At first I didn’t like the theme tune but now whenever it comes on I sing along to it
    My fav character is Donna I mean she is just so funny
    Also at first I thought Harvey was ugly but now whenever I see him I drool

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