It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This: Breaking Bad, season 1

Breaking Bad is an amazing series.

Breaking Bad is an Amazing series.

Breaking Bad deserves having its name written a lot and it deserves being Awesome and Amazing with capital letters. I didn’t believe it at first – it seemed messy and crude and dull when I first heard of it. Having seen the first season, I can say – yup, I was spot on, it’s messy and crude. And it’s dirty and intense and sad and powerful and creepy and all that works together better and more uniquely than I’ve ever seen in a TV series.



The superiority of Breaking Bad starts from the main plot and the characters living it. Anti-heroes are beginning to be more lovable than the good old knights on white horses nowadays and hell, is Walter White a marvelous poster child for anti-heroes. When the season started, Walt was a good man. During the season, he’s crawled through all shades of grey and walked out a heavy-weight villain. That doesn’t mean we don’t root for him. Hell, I started out feeling sorry him and now I cannot wait to see him be The King (I’ve seen that poster, invented a storyline for the next four seasons1 and am growing seriously impatient) since he is just… it’s not explainable by words. I have never seen anyone able to put Breaking Bad’s allure into words and frankly, it’s probably impossible. I have seen the look, though. The look someone watching the show gives to another watcher. Breaking Bad is  a must-see, literally.


And as if Walt cooking crystal meth with his former student while dealing with cancer, we also have Walt’s kid with cerebral palsy; Marie, Walt’s obnoxious sister-in-law and oh, the fact that her husband is an honest-to-god cop, shockingly seeking the meth lab owners. All that seems like too much and for a second there, it also felt like too much – but it all plays out at a perfect tempo and rhythm. BrBa doesn’t stop for a second but even so, gives us space.


The first thing I noted about Breaking Bad about half a year ago when I saw the first few minutes, was that it’s rough. And that, actually, does not go away. It becomes an essential part of the series, gives the entire thing a distinguished tone, attitude, nature – however you’d put it.



By the time of the finale – and that was the seventh episode – I was bursting with need to talk about it. Finales and pilots always make a series and Breaking Bad’s finale was so good it deserves a seperate post. It acted both as a worthy episode in the line and as a wrap-up to the season. It ended something – a phase. And did it amazingly.

I am so into Breaking Bad that I refuse to watch it before sleep when I’m exhausted. I cannot bear the thought of falling asleep while watching since it deserves my full attention. Yet it’s so addictive that I watch in class.2 It’s sad that I won’t get to watch the last-ever episode on Sunday but I won’t half-ass this, I’ll take my time and enjoy the ride. If any series deserves that, it’s “considered one of the best drama series of all time” Breaking Bad. 




Sidenote: What got me into Breaking Bad in the first place, was Sati’s post of  visual parallels between Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction. It’s easily one of the best posts ever, so be sure to check it out (again, if you need.) It’s that good.

1 it goes like this: he gets more badass with each season, does that thing from episode 6 a couple more times and becomes world famous for his meth and everybody hails him. ….I wouldn’t make a very good storywriter, huh?
2 I’m an exchange student in Norway, so it’s alright – I barely have to do any work in class and we have laptops open in class all the time.

18 responses to “It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This: Breaking Bad, season 1

  1. I freaking love this show! Awesome write up!

  2. Yes! BB is definitely the show that lives up to the hype. I was afraid that I had heard too much praise, but nope it’s perfect. I started watching a little over a month ago and just caught up completely on Monday so that I can watch the finale on time. I hope you don’t get any massive spoilers!!

    • EXACTLY! Yes!! And hell, I’m jealous. And I’ve gotten the habit on closing any website/post where I see the words “Breaking Bad”. I have no clue what’s going to happen and the suspense’s killing me…. in a good way. 😉

  3. LOVELY post! I can’t wait to hear what you think about the rest of it. The opening episode of season 2 is one of my favorite hours of TV ever. This show is just perfection, I think I’m going to cry when it’s over on Sunday.

    • I watched that episode today and it resulted in me forgetting we had class and so I somehow ended up with my palms pressed together, mumbling “shitshitshitshiiit”. And in the fucking FINAL SCENE’S last 30 seconds I noticed my bio teacher standing behind me… and what did I do? Ignored him, watched it to the end and suffered 1,5h of embarrasment after that. But it was worth it. Easily my favourite hour of TV ever as well!

      And thank you so much — I’ll join you in the crying over it being over in a few weeks or so… 😉

  4. Sunday will be best day ever! Too bad you,ll miss it 😉

  5. Oh my God, that is so awesome that my post got you to see the show! I didn’t see Walt as bad guy in season 1, you’ll see that he can do much more evil and desperate stuff as the show goes on. Season 4 is hands down my favorite, one of the best seasons of any show ever.

    • I somehow missed your comment but HOLY CRAP I’m just starting season 4. Tonight!! I think sleep is not an option… and yes it’s awesome, thank you so much for hyping it! 😀

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  7. I always get so excited about hearing about people just getting into the show! I know it was 7 months ago now, so I guess you’ve finished it now? I watched them all in 2 months, and wrote an essay about it for my degree, easily the best TV show ever! And as you said, TV is definitely ruined for me now, nothing else will compare! 😀

    • Hi! So glad you found your way to Films and Coke, Nicola!

      I finished it very quickly after the AWESOME first season, yep, and I still consider all drama TV I see just… not enough anymore. Breaking Bad was just so great! So cool that you got to write an essay for school for that, but I guess Film Studies is cool all around anyway. 😀

  8. I couldn’t have put it better! “Walter White a marvelous poster child for anti-heroes”. Awesome writing.

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