Gåten Ragnarok (2013)

Title in English: THE RAGNAROK RIDDLE. Also known simply as RAGNAROK.


Gåten Ragnarok has been described as Norwegian Indiana Jones. It comes close, anyway. There’s a lot to like about this film and I honestly really enjoyed it, sans the ending. An adventure flick in Finnmark (think North) with the guy who played lead in Kon–Tiki, featuring some gorgeous Swedish scenery1 and two adorable kids. 

The first thing that struck me in the film was how Norwegian it was. We have the same milk in our fridge and as someone living in a Norwegian family – honestly, this is exactly how they do it here. If you don’t take your 12–year–old daughter to Southern Europe at summer vacation, you’re obliged to buy her a new laptop. The entire film is so authentic to the way they live here that you get a full picture. The hikes, the way they it’s no problem for them to escape from a deep cave they’re stuck in – it’s no glamour, it’s the way they live. I’ve been on hikes here and they’re not afraid of anything, young or old. The parts with CGI are dubious, but anything else? Yeah, a weekend for them. Remember Kon–Tiki? Remember that it really happened? Okay. If you’re still reading, you’ve now got your mindset straight.

Gr 2

Pål Sverre Hagen (the Kon–Tiki guy) is a great lead with blue eyes and just the right amount of facial hair. He also works well with the other guys in the film. He and the female lead, Sofia Helin (who plays Saga in the Swedish/Dutch series called The Bridge (or Broen)) have a severely underdeveloped story line with Helin having more chemistry with Hagen’s two kids, but it’s absolutely fine for the most part of the film. Romance is not of import, so if you’re not into that (like me), you’re very well off.

Norse mythology is one of the most majestic in the world with gods, monsters, wars, realms, giants, valkyries and everything else you could possibly think of, it’s a bummer that a film that has Ragnarok in its name, gives you one Harry Potter–inspired creature and leaves it at that.2 The biggest problem with the film is, honestly, underdevelopment. There are two deaths that are simply brushed off and several good questions are raised in the first third of the film – but left unanswered in the end. The ending is a clusterfuck by itself, but for us – three adults, me, and six boys aged 14 and under – it didn’t ruin the film experience as a whole.

It’s an excellent film to see with your family – it has some adorable father–daughter and father–son moments, is relatable and at times, simply sweet. At the same time, it has action and adventure for all your money. It’s shot beautifully with no complaints for the cinematography and is generally very well–made. If you get the chance to see it – do it. Honestly.

There’s a trailer with English subtitles here but whoever made it, was clearly inspired by a leaflet called How To Not Make A Film Trailer, so watch at your own risk. 😉

1 don’t ask me why they filmed the lake parts in Sweden, I wouldn’t know. We have perfectly scenic lakes in Norway as well.
2 Ragnarok is essentially a war of the gods and the apocalypse, the future happening of which the gods themselves are well–aware. It’s seriously interesting stuff and this film would’ve behooved from using it.

5 responses to “Gåten Ragnarok (2013)

  1. I am fascinated by Norse mythology, truly, and I would love to go to any of the Scandinavian countries, to be honest… one day when I have money and all that, I am out there!

    Looks like it had good authentic elements but fell flat in other places. That is a pity!

    • I am a total mythology nerd and Norse is definitely my favourite – and that’s funny, because I’d reaaally love to come to South Africa. Let’s change places for a bit? 😉 But yep, that’s pretty much it. If it had had a better ending, I’d be praising the hell out of this, though. 😀

      • Mythology always interests me. Norse and Egyptian the most. Haha, sounds like a completely fair trade if you ask me! Just not the main cities here, the outlying towns are far more worthwhile! Ah, so basically close but no cigar! 😛

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