LATE NIGHT SPILL 8: I watched a film


  • The title is not a joke. I’m a film blog that sucks at actually watching films.
  • I posted a lot this week. This is an early compensation for the month of November when I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo and consecutively, abandoning everything else.
  • In case you missed any – review of a short film, review for Gåten Ragnarok, Supernatural 9×01 recap and a post about my favourite returning series.
  • I found this GIF today. Can anyone explain?
  • For some reason, I googled 50 Shades of Grey yesterday. My first thought was that Charlie Hunnam was the worst choice for a lead (and a facial features expert – cool job, man – said he’s wrong for the role and should have high cheekbones and whatnot) they could find. A few hours later, I saw a tweet saying he gave his role up. Lol.
  • I also found out Ian Somerhalder had actually wanted that role. WTF. But if he’d be in it, I think I would actually watch the film. Even though I don’t understand why he’d want to do that. Everything I read about the director was so negative that I wouldn’t poke that hellhole with a 10 foot long stick.
  • The new posters for Nymphomaniac are plain weird.
  • Speaking of films, I actually saw some this week! Upstream Color was beautiful, sad, and frightening, Analyze This was funny and enjoyable and made me fall in love with one Robert De Niro, The Place Beyond the Pines was fantastic and… Ryan Gosling, call me? And I really hope to see Shame tonight as well (I found the DVD at home, so cool!)
  • DAN THE MAN MOVIE REVIEWS also saw Upstream Color and Eddie (THE MOVIE GUYS) wrote about The Place Beyond the Pines.
  • Though, some films are worse than others, and some are just unbearable. I present: Sharknado’s review for Isaac’s Shitfest by Joseph (THE CINEMA MONSTER). The review’s hilarious and the film’s absymal – go read!
  • On a very personal note, I just want to add that it’s the election in Estonia and ffs, my birthday is one day too late for me to be eligible for voting. I’m sad.
  • Oh, and can we talk about Supernatural?? I’m still haunted by season 9’s premiere because I adore the angel storylines and Cas as a human is so cool and I am just so fucking excited for this season!! Wednesday really cannot get here fast enough.
  • I’m still crying about how I will be the last person in the world–with Nikhat, though–to see Gravity. My favourite review this week was Ryan’s (THE MATINEE).
  • That’s it for this week! Thank you so much for reading and we’ll see you all tomorrow 😉

6 responses to “LATE NIGHT SPILL 8: I watched a film

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out!

  2. I can explain that gif! That’s True Blood trying to troll what little fans they have left of that show by teasing the fact that Eric Northman might die. He won’t, but at least we get to see Alexander Skarsgard’s glorious nakedness.

  3. True Blood will last one more season 🙂 The last two seasons were really beyond ridiculous.

  4. As always – you flatter me. Try not to abandon us completely in November, even if you only post a few lines now and then.

    Actually let me help you: Help yourself to a regular feature I no longer use…

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