Supernatural 902 “Devil May Care” recap

Hey all! I’m going to try to post something this evening as well but in case something (my birthday) gets in the way, I’m not abandoning you.

Yesterday’s episode was somewhat of a disappointment but of course, after the glorious premiere, my expectations were a bit heightened. But the cheesy moments were just too much and there was too little angel stuff but I love me the  some angel stuff.

The entire theme of the episode felt clumsy and, unrealistic. While I’m overjoyed that Alaina Huffman is back, how the hell did Abbadon get her burned body back? And bitch please, Crowley’s that easy to kill, he’s too charming.

And while, alright, it’s nice that they referenced Breaking Bad, but they overdid it – the pop culture rederences are funny here and there. It felt forced – like the script had been written around the references. Standing alone, the “Crowley’s the junk in my trunk” and the contamination-penis-joke would have been funny but like this, it was way too much. They’re playing it safe, and Supernatural doesn’t work that way. And by the way – “Ezek”, while he’s cool and all… too soon, Dean. I don’t get how people love the nickname. (Actually, I’m half way into yelling YOU WILL NEVER REPLACE CAS U PIECE OF SHIT but I’m really trying to hold it together here.) He is a great character, though, and Jared is amazing at playing him.

Kevin was super duper in this episode – good guy Kev to resist Crowley, plus he was a badass FBI supervisor! As for the (former?) king of hell… on a scale from 1 to Crowley, how much do you hate yourself?

I heard there was a new, female hunter, coming this season and I guess we now met her. While I liked Tracy’s character introduction, I think the actress doesn’t measure up to Jensen and Jared. The scene where she talked about her family and how Sam’s a jerk was just unimpressive and honestly, whiny. And a character that doesn’t tear you up doesn’t belong on Supernatural – plus that story she has… it’s getting old. It’s not sad or tragic anymore, it’s just boring.



  • Angel Sam and his broken wings
  • Kevin freaking Solo
  • “Really putting the S-A-M into S&M” and everything else Crowley said (“I torture all my friends, it’s how I show love”)
  • Dean’s chick flick moment where he said Kevin and Cas are family

And finally, the saddest part of the episode:

9 responses to “Supernatural 902 “Devil May Care” recap

  1. Happy birthday ehk õnnitlused sünni puhul! 🙂

  2. Was definitely missing the angels in this episode! Also, I didn’t like Tracy much either. Happy Birthday!

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