Supernatural 905 “Dog Dean Afternoon” recap


I’d almost given up hope on this series because the last three episodes after the ever-brilliant premiere of this season have been immensely disappointing – but hooray, they picked themselves back up! Honestly, anyone who loves Supernatural’s earlier seasons and who loved Doctor Doolittle cannot but smile at this episode.

The beginning got off rocky – the “previously on Supernatural” was too long, making it obvious we’re getting a crack episode and talking of what happened before. One or the other, guys. Ninety seconds is way too long for SPN.

The episode starts off with what most good episodes have: someone (a taxidermologist) gets murdered in a grotesque way. It’s a snake-man-hybrid-thing, we recognise. Not that much later Dean and Sam are on it – after Dean, naturally, fusses over his Sasquatch of a brother’s health.


This episode revolves around animals, and talking ones at that – since Dean, mindmelded with a dog, can hear animals talking. It gets a bit weird at one point with the bellyrub, but is mostly just good fun. And I absolutely adored the Coloner. And as far as I remember, Dean didn’t really like dogs, so glad to see he changes his mind. And species. A bit.

The big villain here is a shaman creep with a far–progressed untreatable cancer that eats animals to gain their abilities. He’s a good villain, having a long conversation with Dean just before eating Sam and killing Dean, giving him more than enough time to escape from where he’s tied up.

Jesus, Dean – you’re slower than a sloth, and their metabolism is so slow they can die of hunger with a full stomach.

The ending was awesome as well, with leaving a cliffhanger – sort–of. “Dogs aren’t really man’s best friend, the real reason they were put to the Earth was to…” and the spell wears off. And Colonel barfed on the Impala’s back seat, which Dean was fine with, obviously symphatising with the dog.

Oh, and they cut back on the references, but included a Breaking Bad one. Nice work, Supernatural crew. Great episode.


  • hunter, noun: selfish dicks who define themselves by what they kill
  • Dean playing fetch and barking at the mailman
  • the dog’s voice actor was just awesome
  • the villain had a British accent (I have a conspiracy theory)

7 responses to “Supernatural 905 “Dog Dean Afternoon” recap

  1. Jensen Ackles is cute, but for some reason I’m just never drawn to this show, sorry Elina!

  2. So I watched it last night — really good one! The “previously” sequence was definitely long yes, it kind of looked like a fan video… But I’m not complaining, in a way it was nice to see some of the old stuff (almost sounds like they heard the fans!), and I laughed so. hard. when Dean screamed.

    • Sure it was fun, I’ve just seen all the episodes more than twice and the best ones many more times, so it got a little exhausting since I’m pretty sure we’ve had most of that intro in an ep not that long ago (though maybe it was S8, I rewatched it recently). So great that you liked it! And just as glad that you read this and are also watching Supernatural. 😉

  3. See, this right here … is a lovely review! You touched up on everything without making it too lengthy. It was funny and engaging. I thought this episode was more enjoyable than some of the previous ones. I’m glad to see that you enjoyed it as well! Thanks for putting the definition of hunter there XD I love it.

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