LATE NIGHT SPILL 10: I lost my blogathon virginity


  • While you are reading this, I’m on probably already on a train and either (a) sleeping or (b) mad that I chose a seat instead of a bed on the train because I’m so cheap, and watching a film to comfort myself. Anyway, BERGEN! Travelling! Woooo!
  • One of the reasons I’m overjoyed is that I finally get to see Gravity. It’s going to be awesome! I mean, it’s Gravity. C’mon.
  • Okay, I just found out they took away the 3D session, so I’ll see it in 2D but it can’t be that much worse, right? …right? Going to see it again in 3D, though, definitely. Or maybe can rearrange my schedule. Crap, this really wasn’t supposed to happen…
  • The past two weeks have been quiet film-wise but at least my favourite TV series were awesome this week! Supernatural was in all it’s glory, 2 Broke Girls was hilarious, and How I Met Your Mother was both funny and awesome. The ending scene of Ted proposing to the Mother was truly heartwarming.
  • I haven’t seen many films lately because my film buddy (yeah, okay, my bored host brother) is in France and I’ve been keeping busy by writing more than 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo.
  • To make up for this, I have two seven-hour train rides ahead of me this weekend and I’ll watch as much as I can then.
  • I do have to give a shout-out to two, though: rewatched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Burton&Depp at their best and The Road was sad and so well made.
  • And to the title of the spill – blogathons! I participated in my first one ever – the Analyzing De Niro blogathon by Tyson and Mark on their De Niro blog. Just click on the poster on the right. Thanks!!
  • Another blogathon that started this month is Mettel Ray’s Breaking Emotions. My first entry is going up on Sunday and I had lots of fun writing that one, so I’m pretty excited!
  • There seem to be an awful lot of exclamation points in this post. I don’t know what’s going on.
  • Two days ago I got the most views in one day – 82! I know it’s probably normal or little for you guys, but for me, it’s enormous! I’m so thankful for all of you 222 followers! (And the random people who get here by my SPN recaps, I love you guys too.)

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16 responses to “LATE NIGHT SPILL 10: I lost my blogathon virginity

  1. Thanks so much for shout-out! Awesome post :).

  2. Ohh I haven’t seen this week’s episode but I’m SO glad Supernatural is back on its feet again! I was already revisiting the Eye of the Tiger video just to keep hope alive, so yaaay!

    I’m sure Gravity can still be awesome in 2D, even though the 3D is really worth it — so, if you can rearrange your schedule, go for it!

    • It wasn’t a mindblowing episode, but it was plain good ol’ Supernatural with everything that makes it what it is. I know what you mean, though, I’ve been watching some of the earlier seasons for that too. I was so close to skipping this episode after the clusterfuck of I’m No Angel and the lackluster Oz ep last week. So happy I didn’t now. 😀

      And I’m totally considering that. I think Gravity deserves this, even if I’m burning up inside since I’m probably the last person to see it ever. Thanks for stopping by, though, so great to hear from you. And pst, gotta say that I like reading (watching) your blog in Portuguese, it looks so gorgeous haha.

  3. 82 views is quite nice (better than my record 49), even with the whole WordPress interface debacle going on now. My stats have tanked since the update, reaching 10 views on a good day.

    • Really? Hmm, I think my total views have dropped too, but I’m rather actively seeking ways to expand my audience (e.g. recaps that get a lot of traffic via Google search but no film blogger reads :D) because blogging is fun, but blogging for an audience is really freaking fun. Hope it clears up for you!

      • It does, to a degree. I review films that my Film Club is showing but I can’t do the most recent one because of the interface issue. I get interesting traffic from Google but most of the time, I can’t figure out how they came here because of the “unknown search terms”. I’ll try to rope some friends to boost my stats while I’m away.

  4. Thanks for the double shout out Elina and congrats once again to Mr. Carter’s new baby girl. Another little blogger in the making 🙂

    • Sure thing, Mark, and yeah, I guess we’re looking at a girl who’s gonna grow up with Psycho and The Shining and who will be impossible to scare/mug/argue. She’ll be too tough and radiating too much awesome. 😀

    • Yep, thank you Elina (and Mark!), I apologise I’m so late to this. 🙂

      She is already starting down her path to film education, just need to keep her mums Disney collection away from her 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the link! And I didn’t realise Tyson’s baby had finally arrived. I’ll go give him a shout 🙂

  6. The Way Way Back is EXCELLENT – my second favorite this year (after Rush). 🙂

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