Supernatural 506 “Heaven Can’t Wait” recap


Not that Mark Shepperd hasn’t always been awesome, but Crowley is the absolute best thing about this season.

We kicked off on the wrong foot, as it seems to happen ever so often on this show nowadays. Some girl flirting with Cas. So it’s gonna be this kinda episode. But then it wasn’t, and our favourite former angel of the lord managed to be pretty damn hilarious, too.

So Cas almost went on a second date and so far he’s had a 100% success rate on ending up in a life–threatening position. He didn’t die this time – good for him, since Samzekiel (or how they’re called nowadays) wasn’t there to help. Dean ditched him and Kevin with to do research, which for them was Dean being Dean, but for the man himself it was protecting Sam. Maybe he’s finally catching up to Ezekiel’s possible bad intentions.

While one storyline follows dating Cas and guilt–driven Dean, the other stays in the bunker with a trio cooler than nowadays Cas & the Winchesters. It’s Sam, Crowley and Kevin, all working together nice and polite. Well, Crowley’s being an ass and Kevin’s still hurting for her mother.1 Nobody brings up Cas, which is totally weird, since he could probably translate their drawings in a heartbeat, but that’s okay, because Crowley is so cool.

The Cas and Dean part in this story is fun where Cas babysits2 and Dean says “Agent Lee”, but before Cas goes all dark with “this is a very bad thing”, the pink stuff splattering, supernatural douchebag killing people is completely uninteresting. Well well, it turns out to be an angel and Cas uses his angel blade for all the wrong reasons once again. I thought the angel killing would end with Godstiel, but apparently, nope. Is anyone keeping count already?


  • Cas being an adorable little fucker
  • Crowley and Hell business
  • Dean’s looking younger than he has in years
  • The fact Ezekiel didn’t show his ugly face3

1 I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad Lauren Tom’s presumed dead – I liked her, yet couldn’t stand her.
2 If you look closely, you see me around babies. Maybe I’m an angel.
3 Not talking of Jared here, mind you. I fucking hate Ezekiel, though, as you may have noticed.

5 responses to “Supernatural 506 “Heaven Can’t Wait” recap

  1. Crowley being put on hold haha 😀

  2. Oh, man. Crowley was amazing. Throwing the paper in Sam’s face. The conversation with Abaddon. I’m honestly just waiting for him to turn things around and resume being on top. Who knows though. I just hope it’s something that will please us fans.

  3. Right? He’s got it in him. haha

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