Breaking Emotions: TEARS and SURPRISE

Mettel Ray’s cool new blogathon’s banner is on the right sidebar, if you want to know what’s going on. I’m picking both scenes that created TEARS and SURPRISE to list this week. God knows good films can create a lot of awkwardness within and of course, I myself am excellent in feeling this.

(sad) tears

euthanasia in Million Dollar Baby

I first saw Million Dollar Baby a few days ago and I don’t remember when a film made me so damn sad. I cried. Excellent acting by Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood made their final scene of this film absolutely unforgettable and devastating. I didn’t believe that scene would happen right until it happened.

Marley’s death in Marley & Me

Marley & Me was a very sweet film 90% of the time and I watched it a couple years back when I was bored while we were at some family friends’ house. Nobody warned me for this, and this might be the film that should need it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so drained after a film. As they say – kill a girl in a film? Meh. Kill a guy? Meh. Kill a dog? YOU SATAN. And it truly is so. I loved this film but I don’t think I could go through it again.

the breakdown in 50/50

50/50 is one of my my favourite films ever. It’s intense, packed with emotion and Joseph Gordon–Levitt delivers the greatest mental breakdown of all in this scene, and it’s placed in the film perfectly. “I’m tired of being sick,” he says, and after having seen his journey, we understand. It’s heartbreaking to watch him like this. If it’s done well, comedy mixed with sadness in a film can be the most wrecking combination of them all, because we still vividly remember Adam laughing even in that scene.


the revelation in Trance

Trance was full of twists and turns for the better part of the film, but the final twist – what Rosario Dawson had done to McAvoy – that was completely unexpected. And it still managed to surprise me second time around, even when I recognised the build–up to the scene.

Louise kills the guy in Thelma & Louise

I loved, loved, loved Thelma & Louise from the beginning to the end, but the moment when this film turned great was when that scum here, whatever his scum name was, was all set to rape Thelma and then Louise just came there and killed the son of a bitch. I did not expect that, even with watching this film on 2013 for the first time. I love the fact I refrain from spoilers for classics even.

the (first) ending of Now You See Me

I was one of the three people that loved Now You See Me, and I never saw the final twist coming. Mark Ruffalo was an agent trying to bust the big bad Four Horsemen and by the scene that should’ve been final (and in my mind, was, because the cheesy ending was completely unnecessary), we found out he was the mastermind of the whole shebang instead. Huh.

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22 responses to “Breaking Emotions: TEARS and SURPRISE

  1. YAY! You loved Million Dollar Baby…and you chose it for your tears!!!

  2. Great post, Million Dollar Baby was so sad to watch but the acting was amazing.

  3. I closed my eyes during Trance part of your post – still haven’t seen it yet! I never saw Marley and Me. I heard the dog dies and I just cannot watch it.

    • I wouln’t have watched it if I had known. I walked around like I’d just been beaten up for a week. And if you ever do watch Trance, let me know what you think, because I still adore it… 😉

  4. Good list.

    I wouldn’t have Now You See Me on it (I’m not one of the three who likes that flick), but otherwise, I can’t disagree with any of it.

  5. That scene in Marley and Me is the reason I refuse to watch it. I just can’t do doggie death. Trance kind of blew my mind. I was not expecting that scene of Rosario Dawson’s vagina, like at all.

  6. Marley 😦 That movie had me crying as well. The first time I saw Now You See Me, the ending was a surprise, but thinking about it, there were already hints that it was him.

    • Yeah, if you think back about it or rewatch, there are hints throughout for sure. And Marley and Me can probably make anyone cry, it was so damn sad. 😦

  7. Marley’s death was so sad… I think every single person in the theatre was crying/on the verge of tears. What’s worse is that I have a dog just like her, and I went with my whole family to see this; she was the center of attention for days after, ahah

    • When I got my puppy, I read a dog handbook and the last chapter was ‘dealing with death’. I cried like crazy and was super nice to my dog as well hahah.

  8. I only skimmed your post as there are a few I haven’t seen under Surprise. I’m not fond of Now You See Me at all though, the surprise at the end actually didn’t wow me, it was kind of meh despite the intriguing buildup.

  9. Marley and Me messed me up big time. I did love the movie, but there’s no way I could ever do it all again.

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