20 things I love about Breaking Bad

As you may know, there is no end to my love of Breaking Bad and I doubt there will be a better drama series in many years. This post is a love letter to the series and full of spoilers throughout the seasons. Approach with caution.

Anna Gunn

A lot of people hate Skylar (with exceptions, e.g. me), but people also love Anna Gunn. Gunn is amazing at portraying Walt’s wife from being concerned about his health to outraged about his manipulation and lies, to disgusted about him and his empire, to scared to death of Walt. She delivers every scene she has, and steals more than a few.

Negro y Azul

Breaking Bad is not big on the use of song soundtrack, but this one is, hands down, the best of them all.


From the teddy bear in Walt’s pool to Gus and the Terminator, this show was full of symbols, flashbacks and epic foreshadowing. Can we talk about this mask on Gale’s shelf? Doesn’t that strike you kinda like our last visual of Gus?

the RV

It was the beginning of Breaking Bad and so many great scenes happened there. I missed the RV after they wrecked it. You missed it. Admit it.

Jesse going to AA

I was rooting for Jesse throughout the series, and my heart was full of perfect joy while he was clean and/or in AA. It was some light in the darkness and hope for his future. I love happy Jesse, and he was pretty happy (and sassy) then.

Walter White vs Heisenberg

Walt and his alter ego of sorts reminded me of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I saw his transition from Walt to Heisenberg as a big part of the show, terrifying and great and Breaking Bad never got darker than with when Heisenberg made an appearance.

Seven Thirty-Seven

Surpassed only by one other hour, though which is also from Breaking Bad,  season two episode one is one of the greatest hours of television ever. I don’t think my breathing normalised for another few hours after the end – Tuco kidnapping Jesse and Walt.

Walt Junior/Flynn

It’s not the easiest path, to take in a disabled character like Walt Jr to a show like Breaking Bad and make it work, but being the brilliant show it is, nothing feels awkward, instead we feel emphaty for him, and he could not have been more perfect in the last two episodes.

 the ending of Granite State

The most perfect setup for a finale ever.

use of soundtrack

Look at the previous point. Really. Watch the video. That right there is the best use of soundtrack I can think of. Breaking Bad didn’t use much music, which added realism, and is what made it so powerful when they used it that scene, which gave everyone chills.

Mike & Jesse

Their relationship was so well–developed, and it’s rare for a series to have such slow build between characters, but hell – it was rewarding. Their friendship or mentorship, however you’d call it, was carved so well that I never stopped rooting for them.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure Breaking Bad didn’t just change the landscape of TV, but also the perspective on desert landscape in television. ABQ was such a perfect location for this show.

that time when they went out to cook for four days straight…

…and the RV broke down. Hahahah. 2×09 was such a great episode, with the RV and cooking and everything. Jesse had so much empathy for Walt. I miss that.

the episode titles

From Felina – blood, meth, tears, or rearranged finale – to Face Off, there were so many puns and so much foreshadowing that it makes me bleed inside. I love you, Vince Gilligan.

Saul’s character development

At first, he was in for the laughs. Better call Saul. And they made such great use of his character that in the end, he was in as deep as Walt and getting his own new personal identity – they wouldn’t leave any character without digging in deep. This show, man. This show!

the cooking scenes

There were a few times I got impatient with Breaking Bad, and all of these times were in the first few seasons when there were no cooking scenes for a long time. How brilliant were they? From the RV to Gus’s terror, Walt and Jesse made a great team.

the cast

If I was to make a list of my favourite cast members, it would be the entire cast. I can’t even say “notable mentions”, because everyone is more than notable.  Odenkirk as Saul Goodman defined the black humor of the series, Esposito as Gus defined the actual bad, and god forbid, Cranston made this entire series.


We’re here: greatest hour of television, ever. IMDb rating 10/10. Ratings off the floor. So well deserved. Hank and Walt Jr and Jesse and… well, I bawled throughout.

match cuts

Match cuts are a type of transitions and they were something I noticed in season 1 and kept seeing throughout the series, and it’s so, so great. Smooth, so well crafted and give the series a special kind of fluency. I realise most people wouldn’t even notice this, but it really is one of my favourite things.

yo, bitch!

Catchphrases can work and they might not work. Jesse’s “bitch”, though, was far superior to just working. It was so damn great, and he was Jesse. I don’t know what it was, but I can’t get it out of my mind, just as with Aaron Paul and Breaking Bad in general.


Oh, and guess who now has an immense desire to screw everything and just rewatch this series with two–minute breaks for running to get food and water? But in the mean time – what were your favourite things about the best drama series ever?

17 responses to “20 things I love about Breaking Bad

  1. My favorite things? Hard to the comprehensive list you’ve already compiled. Great work!

  2. Awesome list! You didn’t leave much unsaid. My favorite thing about the show was how truly unpredictable it was around every corner. You really could be shocked by this show and the pacing was incredible. No other show I’ve watched really stacks up to that. God though why did you have to use the Jesse gif? I just want to go cry now haha. I’ll just have to look up one where he’s racing away in the car laughing to make myself feel better.

  3. Great list! I miss this show already.

  4. Hard to list my favorite things about this show, but mine would just have to be the writing and overall variety of the show. Every episode seemed a little different from the other in its own, strange way. However, they all worked perfectly and gave us one of the best shows in a long while. Nice list, Elina! It’s only been about a week or two since I binge-watched it, but you make me want to go back!

  5. This is an excellent list. I hated Skylar in the beginning, but I think the more she started to find out about Walt and his secrets, the better her character became.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I totally agree with Ozymandias and Seven Thirty-Seven being the best two hours of TV I’ve ever seen. God, I love this show so much. It set my expectations for TV insanely high. Great post!!

    • Thank you so much Brittani! I know you love it so, I read all your recaps as I watched season 5 😉 And yeah, I have that too. I can’t imagine a show being better than Breaking Bad was. Huh. It’s overwhelming. 😀

  7. I freaking love this show. Skylar White may have irritated me, but Anna Gunn played her incredibly well! I love your list, it is very good! I adored Aaron Paul throughout this series. It really was such a great show, and remains one of the best things ever. Intense, smart, funny, awful, dramatic… so worth sticking with it. It has you from the very beginning!

    • Anna Gunn is pure awesomeness, but yeah, Jesse so so cool and Aaron Paul just as well. And everything worked, true – all the adjectives are true. 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Great list! So glad to see Mike and Jesse relationship here, it was so much fun to watch and they were awesome together.

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