Gravity (2013)

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Last Friday I stumbled out of the cinema, shaking all over my body and once I reached the subway, collapsed on it.

Gravity was powerful, guys.

Most of what there can be said about this masterpiece, has already been said: “totally absorbing”, “just blew us away”, “truly life-affirming miracle”, “triumphant achievement from Alfonso Cuaron”, “can’t picture anyone else [but Bullock] in that role“, “a technical marvel” and “phenomenal the use of 3D”, off the top of my head.

I remember one moment when I wasn’t fully preoccupied. It was when they were racing towards Earth through space. My heart threatened to jump out of my chest – I don’t remember being as scared in a long time. And then I thought to myself, “Hey! Hey! It’s a film! Chill the fuck out!”. And then Gravity pulled me right back in. Any time Ryan couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t either.

I wanted a longer scene with merely an astronaut on an enormous background of space. That was the only thing I missed here.

The beginning of the last scene with Clooney was the happiest for me, and I couldn’t stop crying when it ended. Oh, and I thought he was great. He was the easy-going veteran with warmth in his heart and most importantly, made his choice believable. Yet I think his portrayal’s depth is revealed through rewatches. I noticed it after I had seen it once, and haven’t been able to stop thinking of it still. Stevee ended her review with: “And remember, we were all here blogging about it when it first came out. This is a special time indeed.” I agree. I have never been more thankful to be a film blogger.

Plot: A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in spacevia IMDb.
Director:  Alfonso Cuarón
Writers: Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón
Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

33 responses to “Gravity (2013)

  1. Have you seen the companion film to this? It was just released a day or so ago and covers the radio conversation where Sandra Bullock howls like a dog.

  2. Very good review. And I very much agree. This film is awesome!

  3. Nice review Elina. The script took me out of this movie, and away from some of the beauty everybody constantly talks about, however, the look and feel of this movie really is something else.

    • I didn’t see the beauty as much as I felt the terror, to be honest. But I’m fine with either. I’m just really, really happy this film was made. Thanks, Dan!

  4. Excellent! I really want to see this, I have not heard one bad thing about it!

  5. Great review and glad you liked it so much. It really is a fantastic film, I’ve seen nothing like it before.

  6. Great review! This one visually blew me away. It made me very thankful that I will never be qualified to be an astronaut. lol. Screw that.

  7. Thanks for the link Elina! Yes it’s powerful indeed and also breathtaking, in every sense of the word!

  8. Good review. It sounds like a film which is truly unique.

  9. This review covers everything I myself thought about this movie. It does make me proud to be a blogger, you’re absolutely right!

  10. Just posted this myself today Elina. Exceptional film on the visual front but I was overly keen on the story. Or, dare I say it, Sandra Bullock. I’m just not a fan of hers. Great movie though.

    • Really? Before I posted the review, I was looking for it from your site, acually. I don’t like Bullock either, but I think she really delivered it here. But man, I was disappointed she and Clooney didn’t switch places for a minute there.

  11. Great review! I waited two years for this movie to come out and it did not disappoint. Couldn’t say it better; it’s definitely one of those moments to be proud to be a film blogger!

    • And to think, when I first heard of it, I didn’t have any interest in it. Huh. And then there was the reception and it blew everyone’s minds… 😀

  12. Lovely write up! I’m so glad you mentioned Clooney – he is getting all those negative comments that he didn’t do much in the film, but that’s not true. He infused the character in all his charm and warmth and was literally the only right person for doing something like that so intensely and with such great effect.

    • I don’t like people saying he wasn’t good, so I kinda had to. I do agree that in the beginning he was distracting, but wasn’t that his mission, anyway? I truly agree with your review that RDJ couldn’t have done it. He has the cockiness but lacks the warmth. Amen to your comment.

  13. Excellent write-up, I really do need to see this in cinema.

  14. Great review. I felt a physical and emotional wreck after watching this film cause I kept forgetting to breathe as I was so anxious for the characters. Couldn’t believe how stunning the film looked.

    • Thanks, Lauren! I was exactly the same, just meandering about like a zombie, and then got lost because of it. Such an experience, and indeed stunning.

  15. I spent a lot of the film thinking “the g-forces felt must be bloody immense”

    I liked the fact it was 90mins long. Here is the story, bish, bash, bosh, the end – no pissing about.

    Only problem is it won’t work quite as well on the smaller screen.

    • Yeah, that thought is really sad. I hope they’ll bring it around for its 5–year anniversary or something (and aren’t most peeps’ TV–s enormous nowadays anyway?)

      I’m usually all for films that don’t jerk around and are short, but this… I don’t know. I would’ve liked maybe like 10, 15 extra minutes – especially of the enormity and quiet of outer space. But well, great film anyway. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, Myerla!

  16. Excellent review, and as much as I would’ve like to have read it when you wrote it, it’s nice (on the day I hope Gravity nabs some Oscars) to go back and read someone’s initial thoughts.

    I came out of the theater feeling as if I my legs, eyes and perhaps mind, would never be able to fully re-enter society again. I felt nauseous, but happy that my body was basically saying ‘yep, a movie just f–ked me up. Permanently.”

    As much as Sandra Bullock totally floored me, I loved Clooney so much here. Like…maybe too much.

  17. I really enjoyed it. It is streamlined “thriller” entertainment with a solid central performance and some serious technical ingenuity. Brilliant stuff!

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