• I FINISHED NANOWRIMO YESTERDAY, precicely 2 minutes prior to midnight with 50,090 words.
  • Radio silence on the blog was due to me drawing all my focus on the novel. The (undoubtedly shitty) first draft is ready now (!!!) and I’m having hard time with giving it room to breathe – I already want to edit! I’ll keep myself busy with the blog, though.
  • Writing took up so much time that I didn’t even watch TV, merely the new episodes. All kinda sucked to be honest.
  • I did go to the cinema three times – Catching Fire twice, and then Gravity once again.
  • Catching Fire was just as good as they said, but with 2,5 hours of intense action was overwhelming and I knew I had to see it again. Watching this made me want to see The Hunger Games again and read the trilogy.
  • I’m not impressed with Mockingjay being in two parts, though. HP7 started the trend and it was alright, because Harry Potter was such an enormous game changer. Twilight was even more boring in two parts and I would just say that it’s a dick move (and cheap, too) on the studio’s part.
  • I absolutely adore Josh Hutcherson, though. I do love Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks was a show–stealer, Stanley Tucci was genius, Sam Claflin is great and Jena Malone… ahh. But no one beats Peeta, sorry. And I’m glad for Claflin.


  • Digital Shortbread posted about Gravity’s “spin–off”
  • Darren has been posting about his favourite Doctor Who episodes to honour the 50th anniversary – Time Crash, for example. Guess how many episodes I’ve watched this week… (hint: it’s round.) I need a TARDIS.
  • Fogs has some (pretty sad) news for us – it’s his time to roll.
  • Mettel Ray and Brittani review Catching Fire… though Brittani says “Gale (Liam Hemsworth) is obviously hotter than Peeta”??? WHY???
  • Sofia shared her smiles & thrills for Breaking Emotions blogathon.
  • Alex shares the first few rocky days of filming his feature film Wait.
  • Anna reviews the upsetting documentary Blackfish.

14 responses to “LATE NIGHT SPILL 12

  1. Great post and excellent links.

  2. Hey, thanks for the linkage!! I appreciate the good word being spread about that spin-off short film. It’s great!

    And, congrats on finishing the first draft of your novel! That’s incredible and has to feel like a huge burden off the shoulders! 😀

    • Sure thing 😉

      And thanks! It sure is. Though yesterday, I read something along the lines of “writing a shitty first draft is hard as hell, and that’s the easiest part of the process”, so I’m a bit scared now. 😀

  3. John Hutcherson and Elizabeth Banks really stole the show for me Catching Fire. I thought the movie was a little flat but it makes me excited for the next two movies – Mockingjay wasn’t my favorite book.

  4. He IS hotter than Peeta. LOOK AT THE HEMSWORTHS! Those are some fine men. lol, thank you for the link! I’m so with you on Mockingjay being split into two films. Harry Potter legitimately needed it, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a massive Potter fan. Deathly Hallows had a TON of information in it.

  5. Glad to hear that you have been writing, would love to see what you came up with!

    THANK YOU! Someone understanding my WTF moment with movies being split into two parts. Screw Potter for starting that rubbish! I don’t know if Mockingjay NEEDS two parts to be honest. The first two movies stayed loyal to the book with the time they were given, and Mockingjay is the same length. I am sure that they could have made it work. I am expecting a hell of a lot of action sequences and what not to fill the time with now.

  6. Hope the novel’s going well 🙂

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