20 things I love about Somewhere

Last week, I rewatched my favourite film, Somewhere, and honestly, I can’t write a review – I love everything. Instead, I’ll share some of what I love about that film.

Sofia Coppola’s direction

The first word that describes Coppola’s style to me is unique. The second is beautiful. Somewhere was her first film I saw and for me, is to this day the perfect representation of what it means to have her as a director.

depiction of loneliness and emptiness


deptction of the actor life


From the glamour that usually surrounds the rich and famous Hollywood life, Somewhere is refreshing in showing how one–dimensional it can be, and how horridly hallow. It tells us, honestly and brutally, how lonely it gets.


With Cleo’s help, Johnny learns a lot about himself, life, growing up and being a parent. Somewhere is simply that journey.



the beginning & the ending

The beginning and ending both have Johnny alone on the road. Where he started having nothing, he had something in the end. Hope.

Elle Fanning

Without reserve, I’d say Elle Fanning is one of the best actresses on the market right now and it’s a matter of time when Dakota becomes known as the “other sister.”

any scene with eating or food

Adorable! The breakfast scene is pure genius.



Johnny is so flawed that it’s almost too much. Almost. He is one of the most human characters I’ve ever seen on a screen. Nothing about him is hidden in Somewhere.

the skating scene

From the beautiful and inspiring scenes, this is my favourite of them all.


Thank you, Sofia Coppola. This, I cannot explain by words – I can just say that watch this film.

the singing scene

Am I just listing my favourite scenes? …maybe.

the score

It’s not much, but it’s gorgeous and it’s exactly right. I’ll Try Everything Once and My Hero haunt me days after.

the award show & the Italians

Hilarious, genius, perhaps a bit stereotypical, but I’ve been to Italy three times and everything I saw was this. The award show was just goddamn sweet and funny.

taking risks

There are so many things Coppola could have done with this film to make it more appealing to the critics. Instead, she made the film she wanted to make. And what came out is wonderful.

the title

“Can I have a ticket to Somewhere?”

Alright, it sounds better in Estonian.

the pacing

Every scene that drags is a million times worth it.

the poetic hypnotism

Coppola’s style, Stephen Dorff’s or Fanning’s skill, cinematography, the score – whatever it was, it gave us 98 minutes of visual poetry.

the father–daughter theme

As someone who has grown up living with her dad, I love love love love this representation of a father–daughter relationship. It’s extremely relatable, even if my dad’s not a movie star and I’m not as adorable as Elle Fanning. And still, even if I wasn’t as close to the topic as I am, I think I’d still recognise my own life in there, in some way or another, because this film is, in a way, simply about a very pure kind of love.

the humor



Have you seen Somewhere and did you like it? What do you think about the most critisized issue – were Coppola’s themes too repetitive, considering her earlier work?

21 responses to “20 things I love about Somewhere

  1. Haven’t seen this yet, but I want to, if only for Elle Fanning (love her). And now you’ve given me even more reason to want to. 😉

  2. It is truly one of my favorite films as I’m glad I wrote an essay on the film 2 years ago which you can read here. It’s my 2nd favorite film by Sofia Coppola so far.

  3. Excellent post!!! Sometimes it’s all about how strongly you feel about a piece, and this just gushes it. This really makes me want to give Sofia Coppola another chance, since i straight-up hated The Bling Ring. 😛

    This is a great little piece. Nice work.

  4. I have this one in my Netflix queue, I’ve never seen it. I remember the reviews being really split on it when it came out, but after watching The Bling Ring, I have the desire to check it out. I hope I love it as much as you do!

  5. Lovely post! I really liked that movie, I thought it was very underrated – it’s very beautiful and atmospheric.

  6. You’ve really named all the aspects that make this film so lovely. It’s not my favorite Sofia Coppola film but I feel like it’s the most intensely Sofia Coppola-esque film she’s made (if that makes sense). I love the inclusion of Chris Pontius from Jackass too. Oh, and the poster!

  7. Really Great post. Elina,. You made me want to check this out and see this again. I really disliked this movie when I first watched it, but you listed a lot of good reasons to see this again.

  8. Great post. I had no idea Somewhere was your favorite film! It’s easily one of my top of the past 10 years, and my favorite Sofia film. I love so much about it, including everything you wrote here. It really is such a beautiful film about loneliness; a side of the Hollywood glamour that many people don’t get to see. I really thought this film would reinvigorate Stephen Dorff’s career. He was so damn strong here.

    • Wow, Alex, thank you so much! I’m so glad you love it too, Somewhere deserves a lot more love. I’ve been looking for Dorff to emerge again ever since seeing this, but no such luck, it seems.

  9. Sofia is brilliant 🙂

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