Alphabet Movie Meme

The awesome Katy at The Drama Llama created a fun meme for us to play with, something film–related for the entire alphabet. Feel free to join in! Also, please excuse the formatting – for some reason, line breaks are not working with me on this post.

Anticipating Movie of 2014

The Monuments Men because Clooney is so great and I have full confidence in him as a director after The Ides of March. I’m excited, anyway.

Book Adaptation I’d Love To See

The book adaption I’d most love to see is an Estonian book, but since it’s not particularly interesting for you guys – then I’d also love to see Bartimaeus adaption. The Bartimaeus trilogy is one of the most hilarious, genuine and interesting book series I’ve read and while a lot of the charm is in the writing, it would be interesting to see this.

Celebrity I’d Most Like To Meet

This one I struggled with, but the answer is actually very easy – Neil Patrick Harris is not just an awesome actor who made Barney Stinson unforgettable and ignited my obsession with suits, but he’s also a brave and a very warm person.

Dream Director/Actor Pairing

Two of my favourites who could make something wonderful together are David Fincher and Eva Green.

Essential Classic Film

Gone With the Wind is not just any classic film, it’s one of the few I’ve seen and loved. Even at four hours, it’s beautifully fitting and a truly marvellous watch. Leigh and Gable were stunning.

Favorite Film Franchise

I’d be tempted to answer Star Wars if it was only the original trilogy. But since the new films happened, I have to say Harry Potter – it was an incredible journey all the way to hp7p2 (which is how we cool kids said it when it came out) and I don’t think a year will go by without me watching at least a few of the films. The casting alone is amazing, and the freaking castle, and everything! Just amazing.

Genre I Watch The Most

Drama. I don’t know. Drama is the truthful answer, but it’s so general that it doesn’t say anything, does it? I think almost every film I see has drama listed as one of its genres. I don’t really pay attention to genres. Maybe it’s sci–fi. I’m still finding my ways.

Hidden Gem

Once upon a time, a great guy called Chris recommended I’d see Ruby Sparks and it’s still one of my favourite films – about a writer whose creation comes to life. It’s beautiful and lovely and surprisingly dark.

Important Moment in My Film Life

So in my cinema in Estonia there are levels of your membership, and the more tickets you buy, the higher up the rank you are – achieving Cinema Guru status, a.k.a. having bought 50 tickets in the past 12 months, first showed me how, without even noticing it, I’d become a real film fan.

Just Right for A Rainy Day

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my very favourite feel–good films. Meryl Streep, I love you!

Kiddie Movie I Still Shamelessly Enjoy

I’m all for Disney and The Lion King is my favourite.

Location I’d Most Like To Visit

The Harry Potter world. Can you even expect a different answer? The most complete world of magic with surprises lurking around every corner, being sorted into a house (not that I need the Sorting Hat to tell me I belong to Slytherin…) and going to classes – though my love came through the books, the film world is almost equally as fantastic. I’d love to go there. Provided that I can be an extra, not the hero. (Sorry.)

Marathon I Watched

All the Harry Potter films was the latest one, took place this summer – me, my friend and a table full of food embarked on a journey where we watched all eight films in about 24 hours, taking a break after the fifth film and sleeping a bit. It was exhausting but awesome.

Netflix Movie I Actually Watched

Winter’s Bone, which was worth it. Jennifer Lawrence was incredible and it  honestly was a good film.

One Movie I Saw In Theaters More Than Once

Mamma Mia! I saw it five times, actually. Yep, five.

Preferred Place To Watch A Movie

If you’ve come this far, you already know – it’s the cinema. I love everything about the experience (save the fucking shitheads that are on their phones, lighting up the whole fucking theatre).

Quote that Inspires Me

“Oh, yes. The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it… or learn from it.” I’m such a baby. It’s Rafiki from The Lion King. If you don’t know, Rafiki (a baboon) hits Simba (a lion) with a stick to teach him this lesson. Man, I love Rafiki…

Remakes (Friend or Foe?)

Foe. There are some exceptions (i.e, the new generation of Star Trek), but they are generally so unnecessary. I do think it’s great if books get multiple adaptions – but not if someone remakes the film based on the book khmCarriekhm.

Snack I Enjoy Most

Absolutely and undeniably Coke. It counts as a snack, you guys!

Thrilling Movie That Blows My Mind

Something I remember very well is The Ghost Writer – perhaps not the best film ever, but kept me on the edge of my seat after I’d gone in blind to see it.

Unapologetic Fanperson For

Let’s just go ahead and say George Clooney – I was in love it him from the moment I saw him on the screen. He’s incredibly charming and such a warm person, and honestly I can’t understand how are there people who don’t love him.

Very Excited For Award Show Season?

Yes! It’s my first time looking at these things with a more knowledgeable look – I’ve learned a lot about the world of film after starting this blog. Though I don’t have many I root for, reading others’ reactions is freaking hilarious, and the collective moaning is a lot of fun. I think it’ll be fun to be a part of this instead of just reading about it.

Wish I Never Watched…

That film where this dude’s head gets smashed by a huge clock’s pendulum. I don’t remember the name or the plot – only the enormous terror. I was perhaps six or seven years old, and I think that’s where my unreasonably big fear of horror films originated.

XXX Movie I First Watched At A Young Age

The only one I can think of where I know the title is The Ring, at 12 or 13. I stared into a pillow for about a third of the film.

Your latest movie-related obsession

Netflix. It really doesn’t get much cooler than Netflix.


(name a movie that has put you to sleep)

Every time I’ve tried to watch Beasts of the Southern Wild, I’ve fallen asleep. Maybe if I’d see it in the daylight… I don’t know. I honestly really want to like it.

34 responses to “Alphabet Movie Meme

  1. Thank you Elina for participating in my movie meme! I added your page to the official meme page. 🙂
    Netflix, oh goodness, I have like 100+ things on my list to watch.
    Ruby Sparks is still a movie I have to check out this year…
    MmmMmmm George Clooney. 😀

  2. This is a great meme! And what a nice list. I love that quote from The Lion King, it inspires me too.

  3. Beast of the Southern Wild. I’m not a big fan either. I stayed awake, but I don’t love it. Wallis really is fantastic, though.

    And agreed on Winter’s Bone and Netflix in general. 😉

  4. That was very fun to read, well done! Wow the entire HP films in 24 hrs! I really liked Beast of the Southern Wild 🙂

  5. YEY for Clooney., I’m also shocked there are people who don’t like him. I think they must be jealous or something.

  6. Loved reading these! If only Hogwarts were real. I’m really looking forward to The Monuments Men as well!

  7. Great list-I love Ruby Sparks, funny and insightful.

  8. Great post, Eva Green and David Fincher would make a great pairing, totally agree with you.

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  10. Aw, I loved Beasts! Great choices, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love The Lion King. I picked The Emporer’s New Groove for mine haha.

    Glad you liked Winter’s Bone.

  11. Woohoo! Five times Mamma Mia! Thats awesome and you are awesome! I missed it when it was in theatres but I do watch it at least 5 times a year 😉 And Lion King rules SO MUCH! 🙂

  12. Awesome list, Elina! I plan on working on this post later on this month. Hey, Genre I Watch The Most is Drama as well. Ahah, I just saw Mama Mia for the first time this Thanksgiving, it’s fun but I don’t think I can watch it five times 😀

    • It took me a lot longer to compile this than I expected, so good luck! 😀 The Mamma Mia craze was something very weird but me and my friend couldn’t stop watching it – and we both happened to be on summer vacation with much more money than we were used to 😀

  13. Hidden Gem – Ruby Sparks, I say yee haw! You are correct on that one.

  14. Yeah, Harry Potter is a magical world I’d love to visit. Nice choice. I’d really like to see Ruby Sparks.

  15. I got to do this! Thanks for introducing this to me and great list! You’ll see I’ll be agreeing with you in some of those. 🙂

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