Frances Ha (2012)

frances ha

I knew Frances Ha was a coming–of–age black and white shortish film and that it’s good. And frankly, you don’t need to know much more going in: because from minute one, you’re sucked into Frances’s  charming world full of quirks. If you’re in your twenties and unsure and haven’t seen this film, I recommend you put this review aside and go watch it – it’s on Netflix and all.

frances ha bathtub

The moment Frances Ha completely won me over was the trip to Paris because it was such an adorable, unexplainable and spontaneous thing to do – it’s something I’d love to do one day, and my bets are on that you would, too. Or would have liked to. And the ATM scene. Honestly, there weren’t many events  over the course of the film, but they I felt like I was with her, all the time, especially because even the pace isn’t fast, it felt like rushing along with her, in the best way possible.

Greta Gerwig is marvellous – she’s beautiful, enthralling and very believable in her role. Whatever she does, it’s captivating – whether dances or has dinner with others or has a cigarette. Combined with Baumbach’s subtle direction, the mistakes, mostly the shaky narrative, are forgivable. Half–way through Frances Ha I forgot the lack of colour entirely and when I think back, I see everything in my own colours. I’m not going to moan about modern black and white anymore, as this feeling is really very exciting and definitely unique.

Directed by Noah Baumbach, written by Baumbach and Greta Gerwig Starring Gerwig, Mickey Sumner and Adam Driver, plays 86 minutes

25 responses to “Frances Ha (2012)

  1. Ain’t nothing wrong with black and white. That movies like Frances Ha are still being made in B&W is something to cherish. Nicely reviewed 🙂

  2. I rated it 3,5 in Letterboxd and as time has passed.. I’m not sure.. I liked it… but I’m not sure. I might write a review but I’m not sure.. I liked it… I think. I liked your review and that’s the thing I’m sure of. 😀

  3. Awesome review Elina, one of my biggest surprise hits/favorites of 2013 for sure. Gerwig was so amazing.

  4. Good review Elina. Not one of my favorites of 2013, but definitely one of the most joyful ones and goes to show me that I shouldn’t fully count Noah Baumbach out just yet. Maybe there’s more to him then just giving us movies about unlikable people? Maybe! I look forward to seeing that.

    • I haven’t seen other Baumbach films, but after this, I think I’ll check them out. 😛 I just hope they’re not too antagonising – which the case seems to be. Maybe we should just look forward to his future films and decide then 😀

  5. I really enjoyed this film and Greta Gerwig is brilliant. Great review.

  6. Nice review Elina. I haven’t seen this one (I hadn’t even heard of the film before reading this review) — but it looks like an interesting picture really. I don’t care about the black/white as long as it’s got a consistent story. 🙂

    • Then I’m very glad I brought it to your attention 😀 It is interesting and definitely worth a watch – let me know what you thought if you watch it. 😉

  7. I could use a quirky film, though I’m way past my 20s, ahah. It’s a short movie though, so I’m more inclined to give it a shot.

    • I love short films and it’s about 50% the reason I watched it – but I’m very happy I did. And oh, it might be nostalgic to you, then 😉

  8. Keep hearing good things about this so I think it’s about time I checked it out! Great review 🙂

  9. Great review! However, I just couldn’t get into this film – it’s not that I disliked Greta Gerwig, I disliked Frances. I found the ATM scene and painful and wanted to just give her the cash myself.

  10. Nice review! It was such a sweet optimistic film that I can’t watch to watch on Netflix again (I really must write my own review for it too lol!)

  11. I was very surprised by this movie and loved it a lot. The Black and White really impressed me. Looking back, it would be forgettable if done in color

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