• January was an awesome month in film for me. I saw 15 films, more than I ever remember seeing, including The Great Beauty (the Italian film that won foreign film at the Globes, and bored the hell out of me – and I just read it won at Estonia’s film festival, which is disappointing), The Hunt (which should’ve won at both; and also depressed me more than any film ever while being ever so brilliant), Blue is the Warmest Colour (which was plain amazing and which I’ll review very soon), American Hustle (where they should’ve kept the original title American Bullshit), Drinking Buddies (Olivia Wilde was awesome and the mood was awesome, but something was missing) and Brave (which I watched in Norwegian, so half of it went by me, but watching it a lot of fun anyway).
  • I kicked February off with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so I hope this month will be just as great in the film department.
  • By the way, did you notice that there were quite a few of foreign films? Plus I saw one more Danish film (Jeppe from the Mountain, since you asked)! I’m proud, too. Watching foreign stuff with Norwegian subtitles is really helping my language skills.
  • And I’ve been writing a lot of school assignments, which have been unbelievably useful – I now feel like I can list Norwegian as a language I can speak. Feels awesome!!
  • It’s not helping my identity/world crisis that I have less time left here than I’ve been. I’m going home to Estonia for three days this month because it’s literally less expensive to fly there to go to the dentist than to do it here, and I’m afraid of the homesickness and excited to see my parents, my dog and my friends – and to go to the cinema for 4x less money. Yep, I did the math.
  • Between this point and the last one, I finally gave in and watched Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary episode with my host brother (who’s as nerdy about Doctor Who as one gets). OH MY FREAKING GOD, IT WAS SO COOL!!!
  • I’ve only seen seasons 5 and 6, but I have a feeling that by March, I’ll have seen a lot more. I can’t help it.
  • Since I’ve been procrastinating so goddamn much today – I’m two weeks late to revising my NaNoWriMo novel – I’ll just go ahead and go now. It was really nice doing this and it feels great to be back from my hiatus.
  • I’ll leave you guys with four posts I read and loved today (while procrastinating):
  • m.brown’s review of The Hunt
  • Alex’s interview with Andrew Sensenig from Upstream Color
  • Mettel Ray’s 52 film and TV wishes
  • Anna’s review of The Act of Killing
  • Mette’s Blind Spot entry for January in the form of Apocalypse Now
  • Check out the reviews, have  a really nice night/morning/day, whenever you’re reading this, and see you soon!

26 responses to “LATE NIGHT SPILL 15

  1. January flew by. Dr. Who 50th Anniversary is great! So much fun watching the Doctors together. I haven’t watched American Hustle yet but sounds like you have strong opinions about it :).

  2. I reallllly need to see The Hunt, but glad to see you didn’t like American Hustle haha

  3. I hope you enjoyed Breakfast At Tiffany’s! It’s probably my all-time favourite

  4. Wow! Your story of heading home to Estonia to go to the dentist reminds me of my friend who lived in Copenhagen for a while. She used to occasionally take the train into Sweden to go and buy bulk amounts of groceries and skincare stuff because it was cheaper to do that than go to the supermarket in Denmark.

    Sounds like you watched a bunch of great films this month! I can’t wait til Blue Is The Warmest Colour is released here. Thanks for the linkage Elina 🙂

    • Yep, in Norway it’s the same – we call it “trash tour”, and you buy food, alchol, tobacco and skincare in bulk few times a year because Sweden is, somehow, so much less expensive. 😀

      I feel very lucky to have seen them, and I hope you’ll like Blue Is The Warmest Colour – I’ll be looking forward to reading your review anyway. 🙂

  5. My favourite performance of Hepburn’s is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She’s so charming and wonderful in it.
    I’m planning to watch The Great Beauty later this week, not very excited for it.

  6. Ahhh Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You just can’t go wrong with that classic. And wasn’t The Hunt brilliant? It featured prominently on my Top 10 of 2013 list and on a list I posted today as well. Mads was sublime and should have gotten some Oscar love for his performance.

  7. oh my… you are getting people to watch The Hunt! That’s fantastic. Actually, we could save them 100 minutes and just stab them in the heart. What do you think?

    Seriously though, thanks for the link. Very kind of you. And like I said on my site… your comment was hysterical. Well done!

    • hahahahahahahahahah. Yes.

      And why, thank you! I feel honoured. I, myself, was blinded by rage remembering The Hunt that I’d forgotten I even wrote the comment.

  8. Wow, what a great way to kick off February w/ an iconic classic film. I missed The Great Beauty, hopefully that’ll be available on Amazon on Demand or Netflix soon.

  9. So glad you enjoyed Blue! It was such a lovely, natural movie. I love that picture from it you featured in the post.

  10. Great ist of movies you have seen Elina. Im torn on Blue is the …I enjoyed the performance but not the story itself. I do like that it never felt like 3 hours watching it. Enjoyed The Hunt although it did make me hate humanity while I watched it.

  11. Cool that you’re learning Norweigen 🙂 I hope I didn’t butcher that spelling so much; I’ve only seen Brave and American Hustle out of the ones you’ve listed. It looks like an awesome viewing month, though! Which was your favourite film?

    • Oh, it was — I’ve only seen seven films in February… 😀 My fav, though, was definitely Blue is the Warmest Colour which I will review ASAP… 😀

      • Oh I have to see that! It looks great! Is that being released on the Criterion Collection sometime soon? I think I saw 24 films in February. I’m slackin’! Mostly because I got back into reading 🙂

        • I finished with 10… for shame!! I don’t know what Criterion Collection is, but it’s available for streaming in US Netflix. 😀

          • Classic movies and stuff get re-released on it, best description I can think of for it! I just heard it was getting a Criterion Collection release somewhere. Oooooh!!! I guess I’ll have to go on my brother’s Netflix to watch it! I live in Canada but he has the American netflix 😀

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