20 things I love about Game of Thrones

The world’s worst blogger is back!

I’ve only seen the first two seasons and read half a book in the series, but since it’s the 20th and I’ve already (okay, since episode five season one) put Game of Thrones at #2 on my favourite TV series, I figured this post was in order anyway. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2 following.

Tyrion Lannister

Lannisters are horrible people (that being said – they’re also my favourite family), but frankly, almost everyone in Game of Thrones is that – yet we have Tyrion, who is the greatest fucking character ever. He’s the perfect combination of courage, wit, sarcasm and heart. 


Direwolves and dragons and whatnot has been or shall come – majestic animals are always welcome between the complicated powerstruggles of people.

Daenerys and Khal Drogo

I felt guilty for it, but holy crap, once they got on the right foot, these two were the most awesome pairing in the series, so unlikely and all the more precious for that. The scene above was so twisted, so wicked, so goddamn great.

Brienne of Tarth

The banter between Brienne and Jaime made some of my favourite scenes in season 2, and it’s refreshing to see a woman as badass as the men. (Sansa and Arya are girls still.)

movie–quality epic scenes

The Battle of Blackwater Bay is the perfect example of Game of Thrones’ ability to create scenes that easily rival real movies, especially in terms of CGI. Even with each episode costing arount 6 million dollars, it’s unbelievably well done – the ships, the wildfire, the sword–fighting. Brilliant.

Lena Headey

Cersei is one of the most interesting characters in GoT – and Lena Headey made it so. She began as a simple villain, but evolved into so much more – a queen, a mother, a lover, a human being.

the title sequence

For me, the journey across the map of Westeros and the title track is the perfect time to unconnect from the real world and get into the right frame of mind to enter the fantastically fucked–up world of Game of Thrones.

when pyrotechnics stole the show

The battle of Blackwater Bay was a magnificent sight, but the green wildfire was simply stunning.

Melisandre’s shadow children

In a creepy show, this scene was, hands down, the creepiest. And genius in a twisted way, too.

when Viserys got crowned

Before I hated Joffrey, I viciously hated Viserys – “I would let his whole tribe fuck you, all forty thousand men and horses too” – and even though I had to fight the urge to throw up, I cheered at him getting molten gold poured over his head. Not only did Viserys get what he deserved, we got to see the side of Khal Drogo we liked.

when Joffrey gets slapped

Speaking of Joffrey – every time Joffrey gets slapped, it slaps a smile to my face.

epic, complicated storylines

This is usually downside to a TV series, but the way GoT makes all these kingdoms, houses and people work so that even the ones that haven’t read the books can understand, is nothing short of amazing. There is great attention to detail – while George R. R. Martin gets some credit here, it’s just as stunning how a single glance tells us whether we’re with Daenerys in Qarth, with Jon Snow on the Wall, or in Winterfell with Catelyn. There is dedication in every scene, to every castle, to the colouring of any scene and to every word in Dothraki language.

Winter is Coming

The pilot episode was perfect. And when I talk about the “pilot episode”, you all know what I mean. I mean the scene where we had Jaime and Cersei, and then they were fucking, and then Jaime pushed Bran out of the window. 

when it’s funny

Nobody will ever mistake Game of Thrones as a comedy, but in the midst of all the beheading and sword–fighting and tits, the HBO gods know that a laugh here and there only gives to the show. Especially when Dinklage is involved – but Dany screaming after her dragons and

the child actors are fantastic

This phrase is not said often – actually, I don’t remember I’ve ever thought this about a TV show. Bran and Arya are absolutely brilliantly acted, and their storylines are just as relevant as Ned Stark’s or King Robert’s. It’s truly nothing short of stunning.

you might stumble on anyone

With a cast this big, some pleasant surprises are bound to happen. For me, these surprises have been Tonks from Harry Potter, Cassie from Skins, and Fairley from Suits. I think it’s a lot of fun, having such a big cast – there’s more history and context to the actors, it reveals their talent.

anything can happen

Things I never saw coming: the beheading of Ned Stark. Jaime and Cersei. Jaime pushing Bran out of a window. Geoffrey being a child of incest. Viserys getting the golden crown. Nipple slicing. Battle of Blackwater. Dany getting dragons. The Red fucking Wedding (I know it’s coming, how could I not – even though it’s going to be another season.) This show is a fucking rollercoaster and the writers aren’t afraid of anything.

when Theon got knocked unconcious

But truth be told, the speech was pretty great.

everybody has their story…

…and gets to tell it. In Game of Thrones, there is a plethora of important characters. They might do something downright awful in one episode and something completely altruistic and thoughtful in the next. Everyone’s floating in a moral gray area.

it’s on HBO

I know HBO has its issues, but HBO is also a place where there are no limits. And Game of Thrones couldn’t happen if there were limits.


I hope to revisit this list after I’ve seen season 3 and cringe at how much I missed and how different everything was back then. (Fun fact: while writing this post, I watched three episodes of the third season.) Yet, until then – what are your favourite things about the awesome, epic Game of Thrones?

26 responses to “20 things I love about Game of Thrones

  1. I LOVE GoT too – I cannot wait for season 4. You’re going to love the rest of season 3, even if it is completely soul destroying at times.
    I have to say the Hound is probably my favourite character and one of my favourite things about the series. I think his background is just so intriguing and I’m really enjoying his character development. I can’t really think of anything I dislike about the show (even the evil characters are so much fun). I’m just hoping that my favourite characters survive the series at this point hahah

    • I know Tyrion’s in season 4, so I’m good… for now. I will keep an eye out for the hound, though, then — so far he’s just damn creepy. 😀

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. I am a huge Game of Thrones nerd too and we love a lot of the same things about it! Jaime and Brienne’s roadtrip to King’s Landing was one of my favourite things about that book and I was so glad they represented it well on the show. Brienne is the best, love her. I could go on for hours. I think season 4 is going to be amazing!

    • So great to hear that! I’m kinda surprised at how long their road trip is taking, but it is a cool story arch, so I won’t question it too much. 😉 I can’t wait for season 4, even though I’m only half-way through season 3… Thank you so much for stopping by, Anna!

  3. NICE! I love Game of Thrones… you are right the child actors are awesome on this show. Typically I don’t feel like I get that attached to the kids and with this one, especially for an HBO show, I do. 🙂

  4. Excellent post!!

  5. Oh great post! My favorite things are definitely how rich the characters are and how complicated the relationships in the series are. The books have far more mystery in them, only hinted at in the show but I like how they make you wait for answers. Hell, in season 2 you still don’t know who tried to kill Bran and killed Jon Arryn and these are some of the biggest mysteries.

    • So glad you like it, Sati! I’ll get on the books at some point, I really liked reading the first one. I’d honestly forgotten all about Jon Arryn… but I’m very intrigued now.

  6. Fantastic post, you captured all the things I love about GOT. This gets me pumped for Season 4. You probably heard but the actress who plays Sansa adopted her direwolf/dog, that’s so cool.

  7. Reading the books definitely adds even more depth to the characters and the story lines.. I can’t imagine not reading the books with it but sadly I don’t have enough time at the moment to do so. Gosh, I wish my school stuff was over so I could read GOT! Damn!

    Great post though!

  8. I feel so inferior. I just can’t invest in TV shows like others can. I just don’t have time especially considering all the movies I watch. That said it’s amazing how many people love Game of Thrones. It sounds like I need to get on board.

    • I think you could just pace yourself, watch an episode every few days or so, and cover the greatest things such as GoT and Breaking Bad 😉 Much of our time, us TV addicts, goes to guilty pleasures, the best shows usually don’t take that much time – a season of GoT is less than 10 hours.

      And while I watched 5 hours of Game of Thrones yesterday, I can’t seem to find time to watch any film over 2 hours long… 😀

  9. I love GOT and I love this post! I can’t wait until you finish season 3, it’s really the best one. I agree with pretty much every thing you pointed out. (without going into huge season/book 3 spoilers)

    Alfie Allen should’ve gotten an Emmy nomination for that scene were he gives that speech and gets knocked out. That was fucking perfect.

    The child actors in this show are so beyond all of their peers that I actually get really annoyed watching the kids on The Walking Dead because they are no where near as good.

  10. Great post Elina, it’s such a good show!! I loved Jamie’s hand, but that’s never coming back.



      Please tell me you’re kidding!!! I loved Jaime and his hand! Glad you liked the post, though 😀

      • sorry I thought you had seen that part already! But don’t worry, it’s no spoiler: it happens a bit out of the blue, so you won’t see it coming. Anyway, yes… it’s true. He’s a one hand man now, but there’s still plenty to look at, haha.

  11. I love GoT too. And that’s kinda horrible to remind me of the fact that Jaime pushed Bran… He is my favourite character at the moment. Or Tyrion, obviously. The one thing that makes GoT to stand out too is the fact that the TV series is actually better than the novels. Which is a rare thing. And I’m jealous of you that you still have third season to finish. It is the best so far. Thankfully it’s not long until April. 🙂

    • Oh, you don’t need to tell me… Lannisters are my favourite family without a doubt. But of course, I saw him protect Brienne from the bear right after writing that post, but… oh. I’m so glad I watched it now, not in July – the wait would’ve been horrible. 😀 And I already finished S3, so I’m in the same boat as everyone else. 😉

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  13. There is dedication in every scene, to every castle, to the colouring of any scene and to every word in Dothraki language.
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