Mt. Rushmore of Voice Acting in 2010s

After cracking my brain for a week and almost going with “best Estonian films”, since nobody could question my credibility (well, Mettel could, but I’d figure something out), I finally got somewhere. Since I’m more or less cinematically retarded, my participation was a bad idea from the start, but here goes!

m.brown is the best reviewer around these days, so I was psyched to to see that he’s hosting a blogathon! The rules are “choose the top 4 of anything cinematic and explain why it should be carved into the side of a mountain forever. Remember, these are real people carved into imaginary rock – so choose wisely!” Which is as complicated as it gets. And equally as fun.

TED-post-24. TED in Ted
Voiced by Seth McFarlane

seth-macfarlane-fronts-the copy

I’ll just go ahead and say that I’ve seen everyepisode of the first 8 seasons of Family Guy and I used to be a big fan of McFarlane’s work. My sense of humor has changed a bit since then, but I still loved Ted — I wasn’t into film blogging back then so I’m not sure if everybody hated it or not, but that talking teddy made me laugh throughout the whole  film (and really sad during the downhill time.)

Smaugmoviestill-1 copy3. SMAUG in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch

0e7861a3c2a3bd4acc81e94266fb5c7cI just spent about twenty minutes scrolling through pictures of Cumberbatch  and proceeded with an hour of watching his interviews and still I think his best work of 2013 was without any sightings of his cheekbones. That unsettling voice of a grand dragon gives me chills to this day, and honestly is one of the two things I remember from the second part of the Hobbit films.

her-samantha2. SAMANTHA in Her
Voiced by Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson’s work in Her is what actually got me thinking of how voice acting should be a seperate category at the Oscars. But Samantha is a complete character, perhaps the best in Her, which must have been very difficult to achieve without having a body to do the heavy lifting. This might very well be my favourite performance of hers, and given how great of an actress and how unbelievably hot Johansson is, that’s saying something.

Gollum-Smeagol-smeagol-gollum-14076899-960-4031. GOLLUM in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Voiced by Andy Serkis

AndySerkis_HeadshotWhat I find scariest about Gollum is his range of emotion, and how quickly these emotions change. He is so iconic to LOTR and his appearance is perhaps 40% of it — talking/yelling/whispering/screeching makes up the rest. (By the way, in Estonian Gollum translates to Guglunk. If that’s the sort of stuff you’re into.)

19 responses to “Mt. Rushmore of Voice Acting in 2010s

  1. These are great choices!!! I especially love Smaug. To finally see him on the big screen was amazing. I was so happy with it. I might actually add ET to your list!

    My Mount Rushmore

  2. All are definitely fantastic.

  3. Great choices! I love how Samantha made the cut. After watching Her, I understood why people were raving about Johansson’s voice acting. She was that good.

  4. Great choices! I still haven’t seen Desolation of Smaug, but Cumberbatch has a sexy voice so I’ll take your word for it. lol. Serkis as Gollum is absolutely genius, I never get tired of hearing/seeing that performance.

  5. I really liked Johansson’s work in Her too, she is actually more of a talented actress for me than some hot babe people keep calling her. As for Ted I did enjoy the movie in spite of despising MacFarlane.

    • I can’t get what she once said out of my head — that it’s disappointing working hard on indie films for decades and getting voted for “best breasts”… because she IS a great actress and deserves much more praise for her talent than she’s getting.

  6. Excellent choices, and glad to see someone actually known for voice acting here with Seth McFarlane and to a lesser extent Andy Serkis. And as much as I enjoyed the voice of Smaug in the old Rankin Bass cartoon, Cumberbatch really nailed it in the Hobbit.

  7. Great idea for a list. I have to say my favorite is Andy Serkis. Serkis is a brilliant voice and physical actor. I remember when I saw him in ‘The Prestige’ and he looked the same, but was supposed to be a hardened magician’s assistant from New York. It wasn’t until I looked at him closely that I realized, that’s Andy Serkis. He didn’t change a thing, but his accent and his demeanor was so good I almost didn’t recognize him. He’s one of those actors that you can sometimes forget he’s acting. That’s how good he is.

  8. Another mountain with ScarJo!

  9. Where was this ‘best breasts’ vote and why was i not alerted?

    Anyway, this was a very cool monument, even though I’m only intimately familiar with Ted and Gollum (that sounds like an awful night where I’d wake up sore from both ends).

    I’m assuming I’d vote ScarJo my number one if I can ever manage to see to Her. Her voice is pretty sexy, even if she does that horrible Jersey/Long Island accent that she dons in um, Don Jon.

    As for Dragon boy, I don’t think I’ll catch Smaug anytime too soon, as it’s too long and breast-free for my likings.. (and what was the other thing you remember about the movie?)

  10. Nice choices! This would make a pretty fabulous mountain!

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