Academy Awards 2014 recap


  • BEAUTIFUL speeches from Lupita and Cate.

  • From what I remember from recaps, this year was much better than last year – there were no rude cut-offs, the In Memoriam part was beautiful and not too long (and featured Ebert!), there was a lack of McFarlane and this year’s host Ellen was hilarious and lovely all over the place.

  • There was a sketch of Jimmy Kimmel going through a TV screen to scold two hateful tweeters in the beginning — just after I’d decided I’m not going to post anything mean when live tweeting. It was confusing, but ultimately funny.
  • I’m annoyed with the people screaming about Leo losing to Matt — I don’t think any of them has even seen Dallas Buyers Club.
  • I couldn’t have chosen between Leo and Matt, so I just cheered — especially when Matt hugged Leo before accepting the Oscar!
  • About an hour in to the show I realised why so many film bloggers were drinking. I think I’m gonna see the shorts this before next year’s Oscars since holy shit, it was boring for the first half of the show. Also, Sati and Brittani had such raw emotions. 😀
  • Gravity won every technical award you can think of  (a total of 7/12 wins) and The Great Gatsby got both Costume and Production Design.
  • Her snatched Best Original Screenplay as deserved, not American Hustle — where there essentially was no script.
  • Unfortunately, just like Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street didn’t get anything either. I guess the Academy’s not ready for that yet.

What everyone felt an hour or so in, Adams is awesome.

  • Jonah Hill, Leo and Matt all brought their mothers. Adorable.
  • I unfollowed a bunch of people on Twitter since I couldn’t stand them — while some people on stage were fucking rude (Travolta and Lawrence), things go wrong and mistakes happen — Ellen called Waltz Christopher and apologised right away, yet immediately, some people started whining.
  • My opinion of Lawrence got so low over the ceremony. She presented Best Actor and made it about herself. No class, no respect. I’m so glad she didn’t win. I feel like she’s trying to live up to her awkward down-to-earth imago and wrecking everything by trying.
  • Ellen ordered pizza for everyone!
  • There were some weird musical moments — 20 Feet to Stardom random singing when accepting Best Documentary, Pink’s tribute to Wizard of Oz (I just wanted to sleep) and U2. Karen O was ravishing with The Moon Song, though. I cried a bit.
  • Ellen ended her beginning monologue with “We should get started. It’s going to be an exciting night. Anything can happen, so many different possibilities. Possibility No. 1: 12 Years a Slave wins best picture. Possibility No. 2: You’re all racists. And now please welcome our first white presenter, Anne Hathaway.”
  • The best speech, though, happened right in the beginning. Jared Leto. He was the only one to mention Ukraine and he also did this:


24 responses to “Academy Awards 2014 recap

  1. Leto’s speech was really good.

    Good commentary!

  2. Great recap Elina. This was probably one of my favorite Oscars, sans JLaw. I was definitely rooting for ‘Gravity’ to win, but I was fine w/ ’12 Years’ to win too. ‘Gravity’ was such an experience. I had blocked out the fact that Seth McFarlane had hosted last year. He was terrible. The sexism and the awfulness that spewed out of his mouth. Please Oscars never let that creature host again. Ellen did a great job. She’s also a great daytime tv host, so she knows how to work a crowd. She also knows something that neither Seth nor Ricky Gervais understood…BOUNDARIES. This isn’t the VMAs. This is the Oscars.

    • Thanks!! Ellen was really down-to-earth imo, but never crude. I’m kinda glad I missed the Oscars last year, though I was already film blogging back then since everything I hear about McFarlane sounds terrible. And since Gravity got so many other awards, I’m almost okay with it losing BP. At least 12 Years was an excellent film, even if I doubt that’s the reason it won.

  3. Nice recap! Yeah my emotions would be extra raw if Matt lost so thank God he didn’t. Travolta messing up – I’m still laughing.

    • I think Travolta was high. Matt winning and his speech were so adorable that I only felt a bit sad for Leo. And I was really happy for you. 😀

  4. I agree that Jennifer Lawrence is getting on the annoying side. I love her, but she’s trying too hard now. Leto and Lupita’s speeches were both so wonderful.
    I too, loved Karen O’s performance. And Pharrell’s, I thought he was great. Idina’s..not so much.
    Drinking during award shows is FUN! lol.

    • I loved her, too, I remember saying it only a few months back… I’ll keep in mind to grab a drink next time I watch an award show then 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Brittani!!

  5. Really great round up! It was a bit predictable, but I think the right people won for the most part and it was generally good fun!

  6. Awesome recap! I thought the teleprompter must have been faulty because everyone had trouble reading from it – not just Ellen and John but the presenters too.
    I’m so over the buzz about Leo not winning an Oscar. There is no blame on him but the fanbase that think he is the only person to have never won.

    • The Leo fanbase, who were pretty fun, have turned into monsters. It’s so frustrating — he deserves better!

      I read a lot of tweets about fixing the teleprompter, so I guess that was it… I didn’t even know they were going to read from a teleprompter when I started watching. 😀

      Thanks, Katy!

  7. Lots of great speeches this year! I’m still laughing about Adele Dazeem. Hilarious. Great recap Elina!

  8. Great recap! I skipped it all but I feel like I caught up with everything right here 😀

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  10. LOL loved that Amy Adams moment. Also Robert De Niro not caring about Spike Jonze’s speech (I love SJ, but it was funny).

    • What? Really? I totally missed that! But honestly I was so happy for Her winning and so surprised that Jonze looked like that (I always imagined him looking like Theodore from Her… :D) I didn’t even listen to the speech. I laughed so hard at the Amy Adams thing. 😀

  11. Really fun recap. It did have its dull patches but overall I had another good time watching the Oscars. There was one instance where it felt like we had gone 30 minutes without presenting a single award! They can prune a little of the nonsense and I think it would be a better show.

    • I absolutely agree! This was the first time I’ve watched the ceremony, so I can’t compare, but it definitely was a blast to watch it, though the awards were too far apart sometimes. 😛

  12. Alright, alright, alright! Liked your post very much 🙂

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