Cinematic Corner’s Spin-off Blogathon: Candace, Perks of Being a Wallflower

For the past few weeks, I’ve been racking my brain to come up with a good post for the always awesome Sati’s first ever blogathon, and a good four hours before the deadline, I cracked it! The rules (which, as m.brown pointed out, are redundant) included choosing a character that you love and would like to see as a leading character in the movie and writing why you chose this character and what that movie would be like with a goal to focus on minor characters who have between 1-5 scenes.

Candace from The Perks of Being a Wallflower

There is a deleted scene in Perks which, if it had not been a deleted scene, would’ve made the film win my heart with the first time I watched it, not the second time. If you’ve read the novel this film is based on, you know that a heartbreaking part in it was when Charlie’s sister Candace found out she was pregnant. Charlie and Candace are estranged by this point, but when Candace finally breaks down to Charlie, admitting she’s gotten pregnant, accidentally, and he goes with her as she gets an abortion, they start growing closer together again. This type of rawness is something I’d loved in the novel and longed for when I saw the film and a spin-off film about Candace, who is left only a minor character in the film, could be amazing.

The deleted scene, starting from 0:50. I want to punch WordPress for not working with me in embedding the video. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Candace is portrayed by Nina Dobrev, and if you know me, you know I love-love-love her in The Vampire Diaries and having seen her emotional spectrum there, I’m more than positive that she could give Candace all the nuances the film left out and maybe even more than Chbosky — author of the novel, writer of the screenplay and director of the film — ever did in the novel. The film wouldn’t be just her point of view of Perks with the deleted scene included, it would be about who Candace is, directed by someone other than Chbosky (whose direction on Perks showed me how sometimes, a film really doesn’t work as wekk as a direct adaption from a great novel), but with keeping her character intact. Candace is a very subtle character, with a lot of vulnerability inside her, she’s a victim of abuse who learns to stand up for herself — and that could make for a great film.

I read somewhere that it’s good the abortion and physical abuse were cut from Perks as it kept the film from turning into a melodrama — I don’t agree, I think it’s a cowardly opinion, but that’s not the point here, the point is that it was cut and for whatever reason it was, ratings or melodramatism, it’s enough of a theme to make another film. One that observes and analyses more than just lists what happens, which Perks often felt like to me. So much subtlety was cut from the film, especially from Candace’s character, and I’d love to see it. It would be interesting to see Charlie from someone other’s perspective than himself’s, too, because I’m still convinced he’s an unreliable narrator, whatever was in the film. Candace’s point of view of that city and that school and these events — and the ones that followed and what happened before — would make a hell of a story.

We’d see Candace for a longer period of time than Perks covers, which makes sense as Candace’s older. There’s a reason for what she lets guys do to her and seeing that reason explored in the hands of a great writer/director couple would be beautiful. It would offer closure to her, too, more than “Candace decided to ditch her boyfriend and go stag to the prom” (that made me so freaking angry in the film!) It would have to be in college, some kind of a big event proving that Candace has grown, that she won’t let guys, or actually, anyone but herself define who she is.

And we would be hitting two birds with one stone, too — the universe of Perks deserves to be retold in a better way in cinema and Nina Dobrev deserves a better film career.

She would pull this role off. Holy shit, she would.

THANK YOU, SATI, for creating this awesome blogathon (waiting for the next one already ;)) and damn, I can’t wait for the overview post to read all the entries!!

24 responses to “Cinematic Corner’s Spin-off Blogathon: Candace, Perks of Being a Wallflower

  1. I was thinking between her and my final choice for like two days! I’m so glad you chose her because now they’re both spin-off choices and that makes me happy. 🙂

  2. What a great choice – hope that it gets made!

  3. Interesting choice, Elina. I’ve never read the book or watched the movie (what a terrible English teacher, right?), but she sounds compelling enough to warrant a full-length flick. The ending for her character in the film seems shockingly bad…but I still might watch it anyway.

    Oh, and she’s pretty hot. So, there’s that.

    • I guess you don’t watch Vampire Diaries, but the #1 reason I’ve gone through five years with watching it… the cast is f–king hot. Not just Nina. Everyone. It’s eerie.

      There’s an English teacher in the novel, too, who is like… THE person for Charlie, the main character. He’s much less influential in the film, but still there. And the cast is pretty great — Emma Watson and all. So if you ever get around to watching it, I’d looove to read your pros and cons for it. 😀 English teacher POV and all.

    • Oh my God. Calling Dobrev *pretty* hot is like calling me *slightly* unstable.

      She is so beautiful <333

  4. This is such an excellent choice! And it would be such an important film for young girls to see. The fact that the abortion and full extent of the abuse was cut from the film really angered me as well, and it did seem like a cowardly way to avoid ‘big issues’. Stories like this need to be told! Plus, Nina Dobrev is amazing – love her in the Vampire Diaries as well.

    • Thank you so much, Anna! When I chose her, I didn’t even realise how many great things this film would contain, but in the process of writing the post I convinced myself that this film really should be made.

      They said that the abortion part was cut to keep the rating at PG-13, so that the age group who the story was meant for could see it. It seems more like an excuse to me, but convinces me all the more that there should be a spin-off. 😉

  5. This is a great choice! Her relationship with Charlie was the only thing I felt was missing from the film which otherwise kept very closely to the book. Great post!

  6. Great pick! I freaking love Nina Dobrev. Say whatever about TVD, but she is fantastic in it. After seeing it, I can say she could easily slip into any type of role and be amazing. I’d love to see this, if only to show off her talent and get her in some more movies.

  7. Excellent!

  8. Love your choice! I think I even highlighted Dobrev’s work in my review of the movie and noted how she should have been given more to do. Seeing that deleted scene, I’d be pissed off if I were her – they robbed her by cutting such good sequence with her good acting. She really deserves a better career indeed, I was hoping she would be on Thrones for a while but I don’t think the character I imagined for her is gonna be on the show after all.

    • So glad you liked it! I wasn’t sure if you’d be OK with the choice as Nina’s name comes up as fifth or sixth in the cast list, but it was a small cast anyway — I definitely felt as she was a minor character, not a supporting one.

      Oh, that sucks! I’d love to see her on Thrones. Naked.

      I mean, with her soul bared, of course. Emotionally naked.

  9. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this film yet, so I can’t comment on Dobrev’s character. I only knew her from pics from Vampire’s Diary, she’s very pretty 🙂

  10. I never read the book, so this is news to me. I would totally watch a movie about Candace! I always thought there was more to her and Charlie’s relationship.

    • Candace was a hard character to identify with for me at first, but she’s much more important than the film let on. Haha, if anyone ever picks this idea up, I’ll tell you 😉

  11. So much YES to this post! I had absolutely no idea of that deleted scene, nor do I know much about this actress. But she had me absolutely convinced by her expression of panic at the pool party when Charlie calls…that scene was so brief, but it sold me on her as a character and acting ability. I’m not sure if the abortion scene should have made the cut or not…there’s SO MUCH to digest with Charlie’s character that adding that bit in may have been overload. It also could have affected the rating. I liked the final cut, but I’m intrigued by this deleted scene nevertheless. GREAT post!

  12. Great choice! I love love love the Perks movie as much as the book, and I’m definitely not opposed to a spin-off of Candace. I liked the balance of the film exploring Charlie throughout but Sam and Patrick in the second half. However it left out a lot of key connections with Charlie’s Mom and Candace. I’m happy at least the dvd has deleted scenes but I wish the movie were available in director’s cut so we could see it all together.
    Candace as her own movie would be a great idea – and it’s interesting and scary with her abortion and abusive boyfriend – how close Sam could’ve found herself in the same situations.

    • That’s an interesting point about Sam. And really sad, too.

      A director’s cut would be great, I think it would have more impact, especially for us, book readers. The film concentrated so much on Charlie’s friends, not enough the family, and they were crucial to his life as well.

      Thanks for coming by, Katy!

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