5 Great Moments in the How I Met Your Mother Finale

Spoilers for the finale following.

5. It Would’ve Worked… Five Years Ago.

Yes, I’ll cheat in this list, but “moments” was catchier than “things.” Sorry. Before establishing the unbelievable chemistry between Barney and Robin and making that storyline so important for Barney’s character growth, sure, Ted and Robin could’ve ended up together. It would’ve been a twist that would have made all Ted and Robin shippers really happy and others would’ve, at least eventually, grown on it. After all that happened, after how insightful and thoughtful the show turned out to become, this ending doesn’t work anymore. Some people loved it. A lot of people are furious and I’ve seen these “I’ll never watch the reviews or buy the DVDs” going around way too much. The ending was planned from the beginning, but as Carter and Bays said, they broke Barney and Robin up because so soon in S5 because they didn’t realise the chemistry. It’s f–king 2014, they could’ve used the power of special effects to create a new ending that doesn’t make so many of us so disappointed.

4. Ted and Barney’s High Five

The episode started off right. It was really, really sad that Ted was going to Chicago, but we knew he… wouldn’t, finally, but at the wedding, the gang didn’t, and that was poignant and hilarious, too.

3. Lily’s Moby Dick Whale Costume

This was one of the best things about the episode. And given it’s HIMYM, the very end of it, that’s just… sad.

2. Lily and Marshall’s Storylines

I’ve seen some people call the Mother-Ted-Robin-Barney thing realistic. NO. NO. “How I Met Your Deceased Mother and Settled for Your Aunt”, that’s pathetic, not realistic. But Lilypad and Marshmallow? Beautiful. From season 1’s finale, their relationship has suffered all kinds of issues, right down to the big fight in season 9. But they love each other, and though Marshall’s life is hell for years as he hates his job, his life with Lily and their children help him endure. And many years after he thought he would, he becomes a judge, and then Fudge Supreme. Their storyline is the only one that didn’t make me cry from anger and the only one that actually fit.

1. Ellie Stinson, I Presume

“You are the love of my life. Everything I have, and everything I am, is yours. Forever.”

As you might’ve gotten from this post, I’m huge on Barney and Robin. The only thing regret? Barney wanted kids. It was obvious. He wanted kids more than Ted did, and there were a million ways his heart broke when he understood that he loved Robin more. In any other circumstance than them splitting up, I would’ve adored to see Barney become a father. Even now, I did, if only for a split second when all there was was Barney, loving someone so, so much. But 31? The split? The context. I’d rather let the Stinson line die. The adopted kids James and Tom had would’ve been enough.

hate the finale. I’ve never seen Dexter, but if you have, this finale challenges Dexter’s for the worst ever.

Even with trying to see the silver lining, I’d still rather go with Jason Segel’s suggestion that the ending would’ve been I Am Legend style with an apocalyptic wasteland outside the window. And before the finale, I thought that was the worst and most ridiculous ending they could do. Posts on HIMYM following, too, because I have to get it all out before I can start to heal. I think.

Also, I think I need councelling for my emotional attachment issues.

What did you think? Here’s a safe place to rant. Unless you liked the finale. In which case I’ll be incredibly confused.

14 responses to “5 Great Moments in the How I Met Your Mother Finale

  1. I’m not a regular watcher of the show-the only characters I really liked were Robin, Barney and Marshall. I liked Robin and Barney together so I can’t believe after all of that they split them up! Rubbish.

  2. I kinda liked the ending. The final scene worked for me. I didn’t like that they got B&R divorced after focusing an entire season on their wedding. What a waste. It was an unsuccessful experiment.
    Frankly I wish it would have sadder or a bit more serious and let go of most of the jokes, we laughed enough. An uneven finale. They promise some deleted scenes from the finale which will reveal some other stuff. Maybe those will clear up some things.

    • I guess I understand, in some twisted way, how you liked it. I was disappointed for so many reasons, but the ending broke me — Ted got 6 years to accept the mother’s death and move on, we got half a minute. Unfair. The whole pacing of this episode and the season were just wrong. I’m looking forward to the extras, but do they really think I’m going to buy the DVDs after that?

  3. I agree with everything you just pointed out. The finale was such a disappointment. The show built up a lot of expectations – the whole Robin and Barney thing, the mother being The One – only to have Ted and Robin back again. Sure, the last scene was cute, as it was the start of their relationship, but *there are no accurate words to express my frustration*. I now feel bad for the spinoff – if the creators take the same route…

    • No, the spin-off’s going to end with “how I was on a soul-searching journey for years, but had a bad night, banged a random Jim Nacho and got a baby who he didn’t care about before the birth”. That would just be icing on the top.

      I agree about the last scene! Cute, in a twisted way, but felt so damn wrong, coming a minute after we found out the Mother’s dead. The pacing was horrible — had it been better, this ending might have been much less of a disappointment.

  4. I didn’t watch this regularly, but oh man are my colleagues at work PISSED today. They all hated it too.

    • I’m jealous of everyone who didn’t get as invested in the show. I went around like a beaten up dog for the whole of yesterday and I still feel sick.

  5. I am feeling very in the middle on this finale. On one hand, it seems to undermine so much of what the series has built up to, on the other I never really was THAT invested in the end game so much as just the episode to episode events.

    That said, I think it’s ridiculous that we spent a whole season based on a wedding that ended within 10 minutes of the finale. We spent all this time having Ted finalllly let go of Robin completely and confirming that Barney & Robin should get married just to have it end all of a sudden. The only good thing about that was the scene with the baby. I agree that was the best thing in the finale. I was bummed about the divorce and again when Barney seemed to lose all his character growth, but it was basically worth it for him to be a dad.

    I also loved everything with the mother. She was just so perfect and lived up to what they had built to all this time. It seemed cruel to have a twist to get her out of there.

    • It was so ridiculous! WHY did we need all these moments of “letting go” if they would end it like that? Barney’s baby was adorable, but the circumstances… Playbook 2? Perfect Month? Awful.

      I never cared about the Mother, I just loved the show and if not meeting her was what it took for it to continue, I was OK with that. I fell in love with her over season 9, though, and it’s unfair that they could’ve just named the show “How I Met an Uterus”. Milioti was so great, the Mother was so great, they deserved better.

  6. Haven’t been invested in the show for like 3-4 years now but I still followed the Barney + Robin storyline and it seemed nice and well suited. My friend had a big fit though, she was furious and for a person who watched a lot of shows and gets very emotional (in a good way) about characters. Since she was so out of it because of this finale, I’m going to have the same opinion, even though I didn’t watch the show for a long time..

    As far as pretty much ruining a character development that took about 9 years to build.. I mean.. really? You don’t destroy your own creation that people love, that is just stupid. As far as finale’s go, I love Six Feet Under one because it shows an end to all the characters which is a weird and sad and yet profound thing.. also, best sitcom finale.. hands down Friends! Sorry, but giving us the happy endings with shows that are about happiness and laughter, is the right thing to do! HIMYM is no True Detective or Six Feet Under or Game of Thrones.. it should be an uplifting series and though they had sad moments here and there, happy ending should be at least guaranteed.

    • Seeing that Barney was why people stuck with the show — breakout character or how it’s called — it’s so unfair! How I Met Your Mother wasn’t your regular sitcom, so a touch of drama and reality had to be in there, but this felt worse than Breaking Bad’s finale. I agree, it deserved a happy ending.

      I’m jealous of anyone who wasn’t invested in the show by yesterday — I feel like a beaten up dog and I still feel physically sick. And sad.

  7. I agree with you, the ending sucked. But again I agree with you about Lilypad and Marshmallow, they worked well together.
    Characters wise, I liked all of them.
    Dexter was a really good show, loved it too, but again wasn’t crazy about him turning up alive in the end, felt silly and predictable.
    Nice analysis on one of the Best sitcoms to come out in recent times, with a silly ending.

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