Hashtags Are Stupid, or #FWBL

friends with better lives

The ending of my all-time favourite (comedy) show, How I Met Your Mother (the post is yet to come, though I’ve stopped perusing the HIMYM reddit every night), left a huge gaping hole into my heart and life and I did what was logical. Stuffed myself with whatever crap was nearest — this time a new CBS comedy called Friends With Better Lives, following six friends on their ventures… or lack thereof.

Essentially, there are two interesting characters: fresh divorcee and “romantically challenged” Will (James Van Der Beek, Mr. 90s Problems meme) and the hilarious, at times caricaturistic Kate. They are the only single friends (I wouldn’t call it a group, they don’t seem to hang out together all that much) in the show. The other people are horribly bland, I don’t know the names or the actors and I don’t care either: two blonde chicks, one married and one engaged and two guys, their respective partners. The married couple is nothing new, nothing exciting and frankly, a bit depressing; and the fiancée guy is the worst character of them all. A hipster vegan café owner with an accent (Australian?) who simply doesn’t belong to a main character ensemble. He’s the kind of guy Robin could’ve dated over an episode of HIMYM, nothing more. There is no singular identity to any of these four characters, they’re both hermaproditic blobs, and that’s not good enough. The married guy kind of tries, so there’s still hope.

So, I propose a list. What Friends With Better Lives should do to become a series worth watching:

  • Lose the f–king hashtag. #FWBL, you’re trying too hard.
  • Develop characters and identities for all six of them.
  • Drop the hippie/surfer/accent dude (even his name… UGH) from the main cast or perform a magic trick on his character. Quick. He’ll drown you all.
  • Get a central location, a place where they meet. It’s six random friends doing nothing. I’m not interested. (Two of them did go to a bar, once, though.)

But all things considered… there’s charm in there somewhere, something that has made me watch the second episode, and then the third. This could be a series that grows immensely and becomes really freaking good, but the odds are thin. After all, if every other joke around is crude and shallow, why should they bother to be better? Oh, CBS. I think I hate you.

I’ll get back to you if it becomes a good show. Just don’t hold your breath.

Note (13/09/14): This show has since been cancelled, so you’re really better off not holding your breath.

21 responses to “Hashtags Are Stupid, or #FWBL

  1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure CBS is lame-sauce. But this show sort of looks alright, even though you sound less pleased with it. It does appear to have Kevin Connolly in it, who I do like. I bet he’s one of the guys with absolutely no personality or development, though.

  2. I expected nothing from this show, but I was actually surprised. Yeah, we have characters that I have seen in other shows before, but the cast gives the show a certain charm, and it got me laughing a few times. But regarding the hashtags, I don’t think anybody is trying hard, every show has a hashtag nowadays to see if it’s trending on twitter, ABC Family even has hashtags for certain situations in shows, it is a smart way to interact with the new generation, who have so much to say on the internet, but so little in real life!

    • I don’t have anything against hashtags generally and I like many of them, I think it’s a great way to interact, but they’re really pushing it with 1) having it in the title and 2) having spaces between words in the intro. I’m with you on the charm, though, it surprised me too.

  3. They actually put a hashtag in the title? That’s so lame. Although I do love a bit of James Van Der Beek. Good old Dawson.

  4. I tried watching the show, and I think it’s still getting its footing, but I agree with your suggestions – especially dropping that fiance off the cast. They could have cast a more charismatic character. And yes, these people do need personalities – actual personalities – if they want this show to last.

  5. They do hang out at the married couples house and the accent dude is the only thing I love in the show.. 😀 (The hashtag is truly stupid though but I mean, they could’ve gone with a shorter title in general 😀 )

    • Glad you agree with that at least! 😀 This hashtag stuff just seems forced to me and that’s not cool at all.

      • I think I don’t agree with the rest because comedies feel off for me anyway so I try to enjoy them without judgment. if I turned my criticism on.. I would crush it more than you did. 😀

        • I totally get that. 😀 Sitcoms are best left as guilty pleasures. 😀

          • Try Baby Daddy…. I think as far as sitcoms go.. it is one heck of a show.. like.. I really like it .. I’m not even kidding.. plus the tall guy there is probably the best male character ever! Love him!

  6. I haven’t checked this out, but I hope it does well if only so James Van Der Beek has some success. He’s so damn funny in Don’t Trust the B that I just want him to get more attention and roles. I’m glad to hear that he’s one of the best characters on the show even if it’s not great.

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  8. I actually quite enjoyed this show, it was light hearted and easy to watch (ok it was no Friends or HIMYM) but it filled a gap for a while – that is until it was cancelled.

    Sidebar: You haven’t seen Dawson’s Creek??? This is must see television, one of my favourites.

    – Jenna

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