Promise, I’m not MIA.

11 responses to “Promise, I’m not MIA.

  1. Time well spent!A month ago Shameless was pretty much 40% of my day 🙂

  2. Shameless indeed. 😉

  3. I love Emmy Rossum and should be watching Shameless (but I’ve never found the time to). Hope you’re having fun!

  4. Ha..ha.. well I don’t feel like blogging these days either as all I think or wanna talk/blog about is Toby Stephens!!! So I can totally relate.

    • So glad you understand! 😀 I’ve decided not to fight it when I get obsessed, just embraced it, say I’m not here for a while and be blissfully obsessed without any obligations. 😀

  5. I thought you were long gone until your fantastic comment on my site. Hmm. I wonder if I replied?

    I gotta check this show out, huh? Oh wait. All I do is watch hockey.

  6. Carl and Frank have always been my least favorite… And Jimmy. Ugh, I loath Jimmy.

    • Me too. I loved him in S1, but I can’t stand him anymore. I love Fiona and Ian and Mickey most. I don’t connect with either Carl or Frank though, so I get you. 😉

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