12 Reasons You Should Watch Repo! The Genetic Opera


As I was doing Brittani’s blogathon, Repo! was one of my picks. A few people said it sounded interesting, and I realised that this 2008 cult film yet to find a cult is most likely a stranger for most people. So, please, let me take you for a tour inside the insane world of Repo! The Genetic Opera!

1. It’s incredible, ridiculous fun.

I’m not going to lie to you. Repo! is not a very good film. It looks like it’s shot with a mobile camera and it borderlines on comical farce. Yet it’s such a great film! I’ve seen it about a dozen times and I would watch it again, any time, and I’ll never stop recommending it. Repo! will haunt you and you’ll never forget why.

2. Paris Hilton’s face falls off.


Actually I wanted to title this “Paris Hilton does some incredible acting” but I figured nobody would believe me. But it’s as if she was made of this role — well, she plays a rich, spoiled heiress keen on plastic surgery, and that can’t be too far-fetched, but honestly? First few times I saw Repo! I had no clue she was Amber Sweet, I just saw a kick-ass performance. She is great. If that’s not enough…. again, her face falls off.

3. There is an unforgettable father-daughter relationship. 

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know how much I love Somewhere, and that a big part of that is because of the father-daughter interaction. Shilo and Nathan’s relationship is a whole other can of worms, but it is the heart of the story, as close as this film gets to sadness and as close as it gets to any kind of morale. And there’s a lot of blood involved to satisfy the Saw fans.

4. Sarah Brightman.


Brightman works wonders in this film. Her voice is incredible, and I the fact that she’s in this miniscule-budget film means she saw something here. I’d take that as a promise that so will you. Her Mag is one of the most incredible characters in the film, too.

5. Graverobber!


We meet him right in the beginning. He’s as close as we get to a voice of sense as he talks to us directly. Yet we meet him as he digs up graves and violates the bodies. He’s insane, he looks incredible and the biggest issue I have with Repo! is his considerably short screentime. Watch Repo! and do not love Graverobber. I double dare you.

6. Zydrate Anatomy.

A perfect representation of the film, this song has haunted me ever since I saw Repo! for the first time. It’s Graverobber at his best, too! Incredible. (Oh, and Nina Dobrev is somewhere in this video, can anyone find her? Also, do you recognise Hilton? I still don’t.)

7. Chase the Morning

Where Zydrate is a freakshow, Chase the Morning is a gorgeous freakshow with Sarah Brightman. This is the most loved song from the film by fans, and some of the best acting in this film is hidden here.

8. The actual opera sequence is seriously awesome.





So much shit goes down in the ending that even considering everything crazy that happens before, it’s unexpected. We get speeches and actions more powerful than we could imagine, and all of it is wild. Some real opera is featured with  Brightman at her most gorgeous, too!

9. Not only caricaturistic, but also features comics.



Show, don’t tell is what I believe in. Repo! here changed my mind. That gothic dystopian world is confusing and by intertwining comics with the film, the style becomes highly entertaining.

10. Half of the budget must have been spent on make-up.


You don’t simply pull a gothic dystopia out of your ass. While there are faults with everything else in the film, the costume and make-up department has been dedicated as hell. Oh, it is awesome, you’ll see.

11.  It’s not the real world.

One of my best friends, the one who introduced me to this film, said her favourite reason for loving this film so much is because of the escape. Repo! is in no way reality, but it is a spectacularly complete world, and that’s what’s so great about it. You get sucked in there with graverobbers and repo men and face-stealers, with every little detail, and the experience is exhilarating.

12. There is no way you would regret watching Repo. No way.


I promise. I’m not promising you will like it — but I guarantee you, you’ve never seen this before, and seriously, how many films have that going for them? Next time you’re questioning why do you even bother with cinema, cleanse your palate with Repo!

Have you seen Repo! The Genetic Opera? If not, did I at least catch your interest?

19 responses to “12 Reasons You Should Watch Repo! The Genetic Opera

  1. Oh my goodness, the makeup and costume design does look amazing. Those eyelashes! Consider me convinced!

  2. Looks interesting… I might give it a look when I’m finally on track with ALL my movies, there’s just.. so many for some reason. 😀

    • This is a film to watch when you feel you’ve seen EVERYTHING and feel there’s no point anymore. So I really recommend you to see it between other, normal films. 😉

  3. I love this film. I’ve seen it countless times. I completely agree with you!

  4. This sounds interesting.. I’ll have to check it out if I ever come across it.

  5. You had me at “Paris Hilton’s face falls off”! 🙂

  6. If I can ever track this one down I’ll give it a shot, even though it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. I really opt for high-brow, classy stuff, you know?

  7. I remember when this film came out, I immediately wrote it off because Paris Hilton was in it. But you make it sound a lot more interesting than I thought back then.

    • Glad to hear that, and if you ever have the time, you should see it, if not for the awesomeness, then just for the satisfaction of seeing her face fall off.

  8. This look really gorgeous unfortunately if there is singing I’m in no rush to see a film 🙂

    • The singing really put me off the first time I watched this, but when I got to Zydrate, I found an appreciation for it within me. And I’ve really loved the singing in there ever since. But I absolutely get how it’s daunting at first. 😀

  9. I’ve been putting this one off for years. I might have to tale some time put for it. There must be a reason I keep running into it.

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