Endless Love (2014)



I see how Endless Love could have been a good film. Not happening, though.

Something always feels off. It’s hard to pinpoint, because the film is full of flaws: the characters should have graduated from college given the actors, there was no chemistry between our endless lovers, interaction between supporting characters is more interesting than the main story, there is a horrible boxing scene, the dialogue is ineffective and did I mention that they should have graduated from college?

Honestly, I’ve gotten used to teenagers being played by adults with Vampire Diaries, but first of all, it’s a necessity there — it’s been going on for five years — and second, the actors understand their characters, something that is severely lacking in Endless Love. This wouldn’t bother, had they graduated from college because we wouldn’t notice the simple fact that they are adults.

I did like some things. Loverboy’s best friend is hilarious, the girl’s brother is super likable and there is an incomprehensible charm buried somewhere deep in, there are some creative filming angles and set-ups. The score is lovely, too, and would fit a better version of this film well.

I have a weakness for love stories, especially in books, but I like them in films too. This, though? Endless love my ass. Maybe Game of Thrones and great films have spoiled me, but I really missed a twist, something to take at least some of the boredom off the film and make it worthwhile. I would’ve traded the happy ending for a cruel one just for a bit more excitement. Honestly.

14 responses to “Endless Love (2014)

  1. Gosh, this movie was so bad. Felt bad for Bruce Greenwood after awhile, considering his character was just a dick, practically the whole, entire time. Good review.

    • I liked Greenwood and felt guilty because he was such a dick. But he did give the best performance in the film, so there’s that. That’s how bad the film was. I hated the endless lovers. Thanks, Dan!

  2. Could not understand why they would want to remake what was a pretty dire original. The only reason the first version did well was because of the presence of a teen Brooke Shields. This one doesn’t have a Brooke Shields with the huge whirlwind of publicity that made the other a major movie.

    • I haven’t seen the original, but I heard it wasn’t good. I don’t understand the motivation behind making this either, because it is special in no way. Hey, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Elina, this looks awful! Even when I saw the trailer I was like, there is no way I’d see this even if someone paid me!

  4. I actually haven’t seen anything about this movie, except for some set photos, but you have just convinced me not to see this one. Great review! 🙂

  5. I avoided this one like the plague and I’m really sorry you had to put up with it! Great write-up though!

    • That was the last time I go in blind without looking at the genre. A bad film is bad enough, but a bad romantic film is the worst! Glad you enjoyed, though. 🙂

  6. This sounds like a must see!

    Adults playing kids? Elephants?


  7. lol the elephant at the end, ok not watching this! And I agree I love me some love movies, but hey we have standards.

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