Suits 4×01 One-Two-Three, Go…

Five minutes in, I felt something squeezing me. This was the first time I realised how much I had missed Suits ever since season 3.2 wrapped up in April, and how glad I was to have it back on my screen. Suits is probably not going to win awards as it is often written off as a guilty pleasure, yet it is one of the most enjoyable shows to watch. If you are looking for something to lighten up your summer, this is it.

One-Two-Three, Go! began with the distinctive coolness Suits has going for it. With Love Me Again1 blasting loud and everyone doing their thing — Mike and Harvey are doing well, it seems, even if it immediately stings that the girl in Harvey’s bed isn’t Scottie. But this is the theme, it’s essential Harvey.

Investment banking fails to be as captivating as Mike and Harvey’s law cases were. I know nothing about law, but it was always interesting to follow them solving cases. This cross-over never works as well, or maybe we are just way more invested in Mike, Harvey, Jessica and Rachel, because the positions of power have changed and it takes some time to adjust — both for us and them.

We are introduced to Mike’s secretary, portrayed by Melanie Papalia, who should bother us as wannabe New Donna, but instead she comes off awesome and fits right in. She makes fun of Harvey, saying his tie is too fat, and any doubts I had about her disappear. Kudos to Suits for not throwing in Rachel’s inevitable jealousy yet, too — and may we all pray they will keep their hands off. Now that would be a great surprise.

Everyone seems to be shitting where they eat lately, but Jessica’s got a problem with it. Her going to D.B. Woodside character’s office and laying down the cards is a total surprise and I found myself really glad for Suits being able to renew itself. This guy Jessica’s with, I’m not all that sure about him, but it was fun for this episode.

Jessica and Harvey, though, win for the most hilarious part of the episode. Seeing Jessica come to him for advice is a win at it’s own — and we see that from Harvey’s face — but I lost it at “Are you picturing me naked right now?” “Maybe. Yes.” These two have always had one of the best relationships in the show, and it is reassuring to see that there is no bad blood between them, following the shitstorm of season three.

Mike. I don’t know about Mike. I don’t like him not being at Pearson Specter, of course, and investment banking simply doesn’t have the same allure as law does, not in the context of Suits2, I love him and Rachel as much as I did in the second season’s finale, and his feud with Harvey really reminds me of what happened a season ago, and that was just heartbreaking. I hope they’ll get back on the right foot really soon.

I am really excited about Suits being back, and Rachel confession, among anticipation of what happens next in the relationships, are making me anxious for the new episode. 4×02, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, come at me!

1 listen to this while reading the recap for the right mood 😉
2 all right, honestly, it has no allure whatsoever, in any context.

4 responses to “Suits 4×01 One-Two-Three, Go…

  1. Oh I had forgotten how much I like Suits too!
    Agreed, Mike off Pearson Specter is not as fun, but I thought that in the second episode that part worked better — so catch up!! 😀 I found Harvey and Jessica hilarious too, I missed his cheeky humour. The new guy is so yummy, but we’ll see how he evolves.

    • I liked it more in the second episode, too! Really glad you’re watching Suits still, too, if something cool happens I’ll know who I can obsessively tweet to! 😀

      • YES you can, I hope this season brings a few surprises! Oh you’ve seen the 2nd ep – didn’t you love Donna and Litt? I was trying to avoid spoilers on my previous comment 😛

        • Yeeeeess!! Of course I’ve seen it – thanks for thinking about that, still – -and Donna with Louis was awesome, though I thought that Donna was just bullshitting at first. 😀

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