Watching: TMNT, Les infidèles, We’re the Millers, Fugitive Pieces

My posting has become so irregular that I figured I’d just put down some thoughts, so that this blog wouldn’t be neglected completely. I think I’m establishing summer hiatus for the coming years, because it’s hopeless. I watch shitty films and have fun in the summer. Thinking is out of the equation.


I heard how this film was, but I’ve never seen or read anything from this franchise (and Noel Fisher’s there), so when we went to the cinema with some fellow volunteer friends, I kept shoving them: “Guys, let’s go see TMNT. C’mon, it’s teenage mutant ninja turtles. It will be fun!” It was kind of fun, but nothing like I expected. There was too little of everything and I finally understood what on earth does being a Michael Bay film mean.

There were a few highlights, though: Mikey’s (conveniently, Noel was the awesomest turtle) innuendos were hilarious and that 99 cheese pizza? Yeah, that’s happening. We got pizza later. My friends were disappointed by the lack of the missing cheesy end kiss, but I just couldn’t get that pizza off my mind.

THE PLAYERS (Les infidèles)lesi

Saw this very randomly with a friend of mine when looking through what films were available to rent. It got way too sad and depressing for a comedy, but was funny too. The film consists of multiple sketches about cheating French men. The shortest one was beyond hilarious! Dujardin did great here.


With the aforementioned friend on the next morning. She wanted to show me the origin of NO RAGRETS. I honestly didn’t expect for this to be so funny, but it was a lazy morning and it was really good to laugh at stupid things. The best part of the film was after credits, though, in the bloopers, where the rest of the cast puts Friends theme on and Aniston squirmed. The weed baby thing was funnier than it had right to be, too. This experience taught me that seemingly bad comedies are nothing to be afraid of, too. And Nick Offerman is a hero.


Best film of those four by far. Sati is right to praise Stephen Dillane, he really is wonderful. Nina Dobrev left an impression, too, I wish she was in more films, because she is ridiculously talented and her brief appearances were enough to make me wonder about her throughout the whole film, and a good bit after that. Fugitive Pieces is a very honest, very brutal look to how war damages. It’s not a war film, but conveys the terror just as much as long battle scenes, maybe even stronger. Greece looks absolutely stunning, transforming from sad and melancholy to beautiful and alive. It’s a gem that I would recommend to anyone looking for something profound to experience.

13 responses to “Watching: TMNT, Les infidèles, We’re the Millers, Fugitive Pieces

  1. Ha, “My friends were disappointed by the lack of the missing cheesy end kiss, but I just couldn’t get that pizza off my mind.” – Vapiano? 😀

    And I told ya, TMNT was bad.. like, bad bad but I don’t think it was a Bay movie per say, he just produced it, you should see the movies he directs, Transformers! Though, I have to admit, on the down low, I do love The Island.. probably the only Bay movie I will ever love, ever!

    • Oh, no, we got frozen pizza. There was a girl with us who’d never eaten it. Can you imagine?

      I’m still mourning the film that could’ve been. With Noel’s gorgeous face actually showing. (And/or ass. Both would work.)

  2. YOU’RE MY STAR!!! YEEEEY!! I’m so glad I got at least one person to see this and you liked this! That sex scene is now my vision of what Heaven must be like. And I’m so glad the movie had happy ending, unlike the novel where the ending was just terrible. Stephen <333

    • I was so, so, so sad that we didn’t see Bella again. That took some from the happy ending for me. It was a really great film, thank YOU for writing that review!! 😉

  3. I’m still recovering from the awfulness of TMNT… and yet there’s probably already 2-3 sequels in pre-production.

  4. We’re the Millers was okay, I thought Kathryn Hahn and Nick Offerman were hilarious in it though.

  5. I’m so jealous of everyone getting to see Fugitive Pieces. I can’t find it anywhere! Good call on We’re The Millers. I thought it was pretty funny too, I wasn’t expecting it to be.

  6. Ahah you saw TMNT because of pizza? Well surely the pizza was a heck of a lot better than the movie. We’re The Millers is quite a hoot tho I normally don’t go for such raunchy comedies. I agree Nick Offerman is da bomb!

    • I got pizza because of TMNT, actually. 😀 I’ve never gotten through the first 10 mins of Parks & Rec, but I will, one day, solely for Offerman. He is fantastic!

  7. I was also surprised just how much I enjoyed We’re The Millers. Very funny in parts and overall a worthy comedy I’ll probably return to.

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