Hiatus! (Were you surprised? I wasn’t surprised.)

Even though this has been going on for most of this year, I’ll go ahead and make it official: Films and Coke is on a hiatus indefinitely.

It’s the usual: school stuff (holy shit, the IB is not a gentle mistress, I’m sweating WWI and crying logarithms) and no time for anything. I would probably blog here and there but I don’t remember the last time I saw a film (two, three weeks ago?), all the while my TV watching has dried into bursts of Modern Family when showering.

I’d promise I’ll come back when summer vacation starts/next year starts/next year’s exams are done–but honestly, life just looks to be getting more and more hectic and I don’t want to make any more promises. And I’m feeling more and more crappy about not saying anything. Any further posting, if it happens, will be irregular; until then, I’ll be reading your blogs and enjoying the second-hand experience.

It’s been awesome, thank you all! I hope to meet you all on the other side.

23 responses to “Hiatus! (Were you surprised? I wasn’t surprised.)

  1. Life gets busy sometimes and you do what you gotta do! All the best from one blogger to another! 🙂

  2. Good luck with everything!
    I know how busy it can get, barely have the time to blog myself

  3. Good luck with your schooling! We’ll be here when you get back. 🙂

  4. When real life takes over, it needs to be taken care of. Can’t wait to see your return and hope you enjoy the second-hand blogging experience. 😀

    • Oh, I will! Even when blogging, I always feel like instead of my own words, I should just add links to all the wonderful reviews from others. Thank you! ❤

  5. I can empathise Elina, IB is certainly a hard taskmaster and it’s tough at the best of times. But I know you can do it! 🙂 Best of luck!

  6. Good luck and take care!

  7. Oh the sadness. The fleeting time period when I knew there was another Estonian movie blogger who wrote in English… has now passed but I know you’re still out there.. closer than anyone else. Maybe even sitting in the same movie session when you do get some time to go to a movie. Mad Max should be a definite cinema experience btw!

    Hope to hear from you again! Until then.. enjoy, live life and keep us in mind when you do great things! 😀

  8. This is sad, but I totally understand. There are days when life feels SO BUSY…you’ll be missed, and I hope you return to a regular blogging schedule one day. You have a greatly unique voice, and a fun blog.

  9. TV when showering? Nice.

    I think if I watched anything starring Sophia Vergara whilst in the shower, I would somehow end up dirtier than when I stepped in. Gross? Yes. Honest. Also yes.

    Well, put me down for those that will miss you, because you were one of my favorite imaginary people alive.

    Good night…and good luck.

    • You pack more punch into one comment than I do in a year’s worth of posts, so I think I can take the following 6 months off too. You are fantastic.

  10. Good luck Elina, I think you’ll do great in life. Don’t forget about us little people! 😘

  11. I miss this blog…….. 😦

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