Snowden (2016)

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As you can see, I’m working my way to the present from where I left off. For this one, let’s throw it back to 2016, the shittiest year of the decade. Except for Zootopia — and maybe, Snowden? For this post, I’m gonna lend the format from the genius Two Dollar Cinema. Mostly because there were some yays, some boos and not much inbetween.


  • I knew very little about Snowden before watching this, and I’m happy that I know more now. It’s an interesting story.
  • Now I feel bad for making fun of the people that cover their laptop cameras with post-its. And this shit was invented in the UK?! f–k!
  • I genuinely really liked this film and I don’t really get why others didn’t. Okay, snowden-6357maybe the other films (documentaries mostly?) are better but this was a really good Thursday night watch.
  • I get a little tingly whenever I see D.C. in films ever since having actually visited it. I think it’s because of the Washington Monument?
  • Snowden’s girlfriend’s Lindsay’s instagram is
    awesome & speaks volumes of their relationship. It also seems to testify to what director Oliver Stone was telling us about them.
  • The end credit scene might very well be the best one I’ve seen yet. So clever, so unexpected.
  • The poster is funny.



  • I know he’s acting and all, but what the f–k is going on with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s voice?!!
  • Any time Nicholas Cage is on the screen I’m thrown back into 2001 when I discovered all his films were in one row (at the very bottom, where my six-year-old self was probably the targeted group as no one else could see that low. I blanked out for all of his scenes
  • Without the instagram, the love story fell flat.
  • On that note, I was really into Shailene Woodley for a while but I’m not sure why. I’d describe her performance as nice. Edging on flat.
  • I really enjoyed this, but I feel like I should now watch Citizenfour too, and I really don’t want to deal with any of this again.
  • I started writing this post straight after seeing the film, but two weeks later, I honestly can’t recall that much of it. And I never put that post-it note on my laptop camera.
  • These journalists. . .were so boring. I was there for Snowden and even for his girlfriend, but jeeeeesus, the hotel room scenes bored me to no end.
  • I accidentally saved all my screencaps under the same name so I lost them all (except for the one at the top). Not really the film’s fault, but still, boo.
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Also, OMG, the Rubik’s cube thing was so cool! Not sure if yay or boo because I don’t wanna ruin the story by googling if it’s true 😦

What did you guys think of Snowden?

5 responses to “Snowden (2016)

  1. I think a lot of people didn’t like this film because of some of the things you mention here — some scenes are plain boring, the acting stiff and flat, and overall, as a drama about one of the most intriguing American figures of the last 10 or so years, it is really forgettable. It’s got some good stuff going on for sure — who doesn’t like JGL?! — but I remember, at least for me, this being more of a surface level examination of an idea than an in depth analysis of character. Meh.

    • I liked it a lot more straight after watching it than I do now – I didn’t realise I’d forget it so easily. I can only imagine how someone like Fincher could’ve made this. I totally agree with you, after the novelty of finding out about the story itself faded, there was very little left. . .

  2. I liked this, but ugh I miss JGL. I haven’t seen him in anything new since this.

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