Films of April

Hello, friends. Inspired by Often Off Topic, and the fact that I’ve kept a film log for the past month, I decided to write about the stuff I’ve watched recently. I spent most of April knee-deep in dissertation work (52 pages and 196 footnotes later, it feels like a dream now), and then the end of the month in my usual post-hand-in melancholia. I’ve been self-medicating by watching an inhuman amount of Marvel stuff.

Let’s get to it.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Looking for something to accompany my takeaway order, I was really excited to see this film had made its way to Netflix. It felt a little short, but was raw, full of twists, and really well made in general. I expected more comedy, but the dark mood fit so well. So many disgusting characters—but Chloe Grace Moretz and the counselor guy were absolutely intriguing.

Captain Marvel

An absolute gem. Carol Danvers is the best character there is. I loved this film, this plot, this character, and absolutely—Brie Larson. I’m absolutely blind to any criticism about this one: it’s been haunting me since the second the end credits rolled.

Unicorn Store

I kept deciding not to watch it. When I finally did, I felt really conflicted. On the one hand, Brie Larson can do no evil (see above), and her dynamic with Samuel L. Jackson was so cool to watch. On the other. . .it just wasn’t very good. A review I read after described the protagonist as too ‘prickly’, and honestly? I guess. I couldn’t quite pinpoint it (alas, the review-reading), but something was off about the story.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

I’ve seen this a couple times before, but decided to see it again after it trended on Twitter for that one day. First time I saw it (before I’d seen any Brooklyn Nine Nine!) I loved it. Stale upon rewatch. This time, loved it again. Your classic wave, I guess. It has so many cameos. And so many jokes. Finest Girl (Seal Team 69 sexecuting the hit, etc) remains one of the best songs The Lonely Island have released, but Andy Samberg feels far more in his element with the serious stuff than in B99 (where it feels uncomfortable—I don’t know why; maybe I just don’t get love), and the blend of drama and humour work really well here. Overall, an underrated classic. I’m so glad I’m living at the same time Andy Samberg is making jokes.

ThenCaptain Marvel again, couldn’t even wait a week. Had seven cocktails after. Felt giddy!

The Perfect Date

I shit you not, I had this release marked in my calendar. I’d recently rewatched To All the Boys I’d Loved Before, and I am just drawn to Noah Centineo. I don’t care. I love it. The cringier, the better. And this was no exception. Watching high school films now that I’m out and got permanent graduation glasses on is a lot of fun. The trailer (on autoplay in Netflix) gave away the entire plot, and the characters were just terrible (except the best friend! He was cool!) Yet it was fun to watch. Take from this what you want.

Someone Great

As I was watching this, my housemate came home and said I looked like I’d just had a terrible break-up and had ice cream at the ready in the freezer. To be fair, I was hugging a pillow, starry eyes fixed on the screen. I love Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin, and while all the characters were fleshed out far better than the film initially let on, amazing me with consistently wonderful twists, Lakeith Stanfield stood out by a mile. I’ve loved him ever since Sorry to Bother You blew my mind, but he stole the show here too. The trope of flashbacks were a highlight precisely because of how it introduced us to Nate. I might write a full review of this after rewatching the thing, I just loved so many parts of this.

And finally. . .the long-awaited double bill of Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame. I’ve reviewed Endgame already, and talked about this a bunch on Twitter. I just wanna highlight that I disliked Infinity War the first time around, was just incredibly confused, but simply loved it this time around.

I didn’t watch anything but Marvel after this. Dealing with Endgame withdrawals, I rewatched Captain America: Civil War; then went to see Endgame again, and treated myself with Thor: Ragnarok, which might be my #2 of all time (after Captain Marvel, of course). Then watched Ant-Man and the Wasp, which I hadn’t realised I’d missed! So that was cool, a brand new experience. It was really good. More consistent than the original Ant-Man.

And now I’m rewatching Black Panther, but it’s May now so that doesn’t really count. Or so I tell myself. Let me know what you guys watched!! Did anyone else feel like hiding in MCU after Endgame? I’m definitely not over it!

5 responses to “Films of April

  1. Nice film log for April! I didn’t catch too many movies besides rewatching Marvel’s stuff. Captain Marvel was a blast. I loved Unicorn Store when I first watched it, but felt kind of meh about it soon afterwards. So many Marvels are on tv right now, I can’t stop myself from putting them on to watch or as background noise. I’d join you in hiding in the MCU!

  2. You watched a lot! The Miseducation of Cameron Post surprised me. I usually don’t like Moretz as an actor but I found the film really intriguing.

    I loved Unicorn Store, it was so cute lol. I guess I just needed something sweet in that moment.

    Love that shot of Cap’s eye.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAN IN BLUE, THE OG HIMSELF, MR ANTHONY WIGGLE! Join The Wiggles in wishing Super Anto a super day! 🎉

  4. I too was pretty disappointed in Unicorn Store. I love Brie and Samuel, but I just felt endlessly bored as the story unfolded.

  5. I love that your month ended with a Marvel binge! I think that’s how my May might end up…
    I’ve never heard of The Miseducation of Cameron Post but it sounds 100% like the kind of movie I need to see. That’s gone straight onto my watchlist!

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