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Cinema Traditions

forumcinemasCan you guess what’s my favourite cinema’s name is?

Coca Cola Plaza.

And incidentally, that wonderful place is celebrating its twentieth birthday (technically, the company is but I’ve never been great with details, so…) and I am really happy. Not because it gives me an excuse to see Trance with dad tonight though I should be sleeping but also because it’s like a home to me. I get more tickets in a year than my friend’s family with four of them. I have mentioned that I go to the cinema often and that’s the place I go to. Working there is my ultimate dream and I’d probably kill for it.

Here are the things I love about going to the cinema. (Or how a quirky girl does it in a small country far away2.)

C A N D Y.  So, candy is crucial. It isn’t as noisy (and smelly) as popcorn, it’s cheaper and there are sunny-side-up eggs, vampire teeth, fizzy Coke bottles and the candy that tastes like detergent but what I still never fail to get.

P R E V I E W S.  I generally don’t know anything about the films I go to see. I might know the poster and therefore, some of the actors and the tagline, but not much else. But there are previews before screenings and these are a million times better when seen on the big screen. It feels more special and makes me really happy for some reason. Which might be that it means awesome films are coming my way.

T H E  S E A T S.  They are royal red, fluffy, soft and more comfortable than my bed. It’s one of the greatest things – sitting down, placing your Coke3 on your right, sinking into the chair, knowing the next few hours will be amazing. I mean, really, what beats that?

L O O K I N G  D O W N.  My usual seat is on the edge in an upper row. Sometimes, when watching the film, I glance down and see hundreds of people. Some are crying, some laughing, some clutching to their companion’s arm, some unable to take their eyes off the screen4. It’s fascinating to see how enthralled people are. And it gives a feeling of unity.

T H E  S U N L I G H T  A F T E R. I’m sure you know the feeling – after leaving the dark cinema, it’s still light outside. For me, it feels like I’d been off on a cosmic trip. (Some of my ideas are really weird.)

T H E  P O S T E R S.  They are large, lined up nicely and the perfect scouting place for a new film to see. And in my dreams, one day I will ask the workers if I can take one home with me.

T H E  P E O P L E.  In a sense, going to cinema is like a teaser of a vacation. The people are relaxed and happy, the workers are lovely. Nobody broods. And they usually do it 24/7 in Estonia. It’s an amazing environment to be in.

W H E N  T H E  L I G H T S  G O  O U T.  This is my favourite part. You’re about to embark on a journey – you don’t know if it’ll be good or bad yet, you don’t know what’s about to go on. You take a chance. And that’s definitely one of the best feelings in the world.

jeez, this sounds weird. I’m sorry.
2 Narnia, that is.
3 because, let’s be honest, I’ll always have that.
4 and of course, some morons who are on their phones, shining the bright light  everywhere. I’d ban that if I owned a cinema. Somehow.

April 15th, Emma Watson edition: thank you for being yourself.


She’s the first actress I ever loved and that affair is still going on.

Emma Watson is a person rather than an actress. She’s opinionated, smart, witty, lovely and quirky – and she doesn’t shy away from that. I grew up with her on my television screen and she was Hermione for me; and now she’s Emma Watson, versatile and amazing. She proved herself anything but one–faced as Sam in The Perks of Being A Wallflower and if that didn’t settle it, after seeing the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring we all went ‘Hermione who?’. She has fan donate to UNICEF rather than send her presents and she has an eco friendly clothing line. She cut off her hair knowing people wouldn’t like it and stuck with it. I started loving it as I started understanding that it’s her. She won’t let us tape a sign that says HERMIONE FOREVER on her. She just won’t, she’d rather go off and study at an Ivy League university.

Seeing her in My Week With Marilyn was  favourite surprise in cinema last summer. Emma Watson said she’s going to do smaller parts in smaller films for a bit, so she went on and did just that. A lot of us, Potter–loving fans, got to know independence and courage from the girl who is not merely an actress but is an inspiration. So happy birthday, Emma, and I hope you got my fan letter seven years back. I didn’t put a stamp on it but with your magic, I couldn’t ever know.