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Four years later, I’ve made peace with HIMYM.


Ted, rain dancing – maybe there really was something to him and Robin?

I’ve spoken before about getting obsessed easily – having grown up surrounded more books than people, I’ve grown really attached to fictional characters and situations. How I Met Your Mother is only one in the line of about ten Big Things. I know I started watching it around the time Season 7 was airing, as I was searching for something to fill the hole Two and a Half Men left in my heart.1 I’ve seen every episode more times than I dare count.2

Yet I went from watching at least a couple episodes a day to cold turkey a day or two after the finale. I felt betrayed (as I’ve previously expressed). Here it was – the show that taught me so much about the value of friendship throwing all of it away in 42 minutes. I was a lonely kid and always quite okay with that – until watching these five come through for each other, time and time again, slowly made me realise whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.3

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Supernatural Season Finales

I love finales and when I got the idea for this post, I became ridiculously excited – an excuse to watch ALL THE FINALES. My original idea was to discuss if the finale would be a suitable ending for the entire show. But apparently, I had too much to say so I extended that. ‘njoy!

1The surprising: the lack of Carry On My Wayward Son and how little they knew about demons – and how they didn’t know about devil’s traps.
The brilliant: how they managed to make the finale so whole after the season had plot per episode.
The heartbreaking: the way Dean can’t even hear Sam say that their Dad is dead.
Would it fit to be the final episode of the show? A truck crashes into them. ‘No’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The brilliant: when Dean kills that supernatural son of a bitch.
The heartbreaking: Dean’s denial of Sam’s death. (Can you see a pattern here?) Where he talks to Sam about the time they were younger. DEAN’S CRYING.
Would it fit to be the final episode of the show? No, we have to see how Sammy saves Dean’s ass for a change.

The surprising: how creepy Lilith is – incredible acting on the little girl’s part.
The brilliant: the strongest showing Winchester brother bond.
The heartbreaking: Dean’s become so much older in merely a year. Sam crying.
Would it fit to be the final episode of the show? Oddly, yes. It’s goes well with the sadistic theme of the show.


The surprising: how noisy the episode is.
The brilliant: how natural the dynamic between Sam and Ruby and Dean are.
The heartbreaking: when Sam listens to the voicemail.
Would it fit to be the final episode of the show? No, it would be too weird, even for Supernatural.

The surprising: how Dean managed to keep his promise to Sam.
The brilliant: the way the Impala is written into the episode. The entire poignant set-up of the episode.
The heartbreaking: how they’re thoroughly Team Free Will and everybody does the right thing without any hesitation.
Would it fit to be the final episode of the show? Hell yes. I’m not saying I’d be happy if it had ended there – but it would’ve been epic. I have never seen an episode that wraps up all the loose ends and ends a season so powerfully.

The surprising: I had no recollection of this episode and it felt like watching it for the first time (even though the set-up is rather genius).
The brilliant: how awesome Balthazar is.
The heartbreaking: how Sam and Dean’s relationship has shattered into pieces so tiny that they won’t ever be able to fully fix it.
Would it fit to be the final episode of the show? Nope, we have still got so see Godstiel. Too many loose ends.

The surprising: how Castiel managed to be depressing and hilarious at the same time.
The brilliant: everything Crowley, especially the deal-signing with Dick (he-hee).
The heartbreaking: Meg and Crowley.
Would it fit to be the final episode of the show? More or less. It’s nowhere near perfect but it could’ve ended that way – I suppose.

1 A sidenote: I didn’t plan the text going smaller with each season, I was just doing it half-asleep and it kind of… happened. My apologies. And also, I do realise  ‘Dean’ is every third word here but… guys… really… it’s Dean.