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Hiatus! (Were you surprised? I wasn’t surprised.)

Even though this has been going on for most of this year, I’ll go ahead and make it official: Films and Coke is on a hiatus indefinitely.

It’s the usual: school stuff (holy shit, the IB is not a gentle mistress, I’m sweating WWI and crying logarithms) and no time for anything. I would probably blog here and there but I don’t remember the last time I saw a film (two, three weeks ago?), all the while my TV watching has dried into bursts of Modern Family when showering.

I’d promise I’ll come back when summer vacation starts/next year starts/next year’s exams are done–but honestly, life just looks to be getting more and more hectic and I don’t want to make any more promises. And I’m feeling more and more crappy about not saying anything. Any further posting, if it happens, will be irregular; until then, I’ll be reading your blogs and enjoying the second-hand experience.

It’s been awesome, thank you all! I hope to meet you all on the other side.