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One Lovely Blog Award!

Sofia is one of the loveliest people I have the honour to know, and I am so glad she thought of me when passing this award around.

Here are the rules for this award:
You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
You must list the rules and display the award.
You must add 7 facts about yourself.
You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
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Super lovely people!

  • Katy, because she is such a fun person whose style I admire a lot and who is one of the few people to make me happy to be a part of fandoms.
  • Alex, because I can’t wait for his Wait (heheh) and his blog probably makes me a better person.
  • m.brown, because without him my world would turn many (fifty, perhaps?) shades greyer.
  • Sati, because she is one of the greatest people I know even if it’s only via internet, and she inspires me every single day.
  • Big Screen Small Words, because that blog is an incredible read at any given time.
  • Brittani, because next to Sati, I love her the most in this wonderful community.
  • Anna, because nobody has ever won my heart so quickly as she did as she entered the blogging world with her big colourful dots and the Australian accent I hear whenever reading her posts.
  • Mettel Ray, because I admire her endlessly!
  • Zoe, because a) she radiates happiness, and b) she takes my advice on books!!!
  • Ruth, because she is someone to look up to.
  • Ryan, because I’ve said it before: his reviews are beautiful. Also, he’s really great and attentive.
  • Mette, because even if she doesn’t blog anymore, she has a marvelous personality. And a way with words.
  • Nostra, because of her fantastic blogathons.
  • Mikey, because he’s borderline hilarious — and awesome.
  • Fisti, because he really knows how to keep a community going.

Facts? Suuuuure.

  • True Detective started airing in Estonia and I thought the first episode was FANTASTIC.
  • At the first seminar we had in Norway, I joked to a German boy that I can smell it if someone has jerked off in the shower, and he with his German friends laughed about it at every. single. exchange student. seminar. we had throughout the year.
  • I probably shouldn’t have told you of that one.
  • I think Coke is an essential drink with cinema, breakfast, late night study sessions, writing, working, school, free hours at school, sleepovers and dinner.
  • Me and my dog have many things in common: we hate cats, won’t get out of bed early in the morning even if we need to pee, demand for attention so often that people get tired of us, are offended easily, sulk in our beds after named offenses, forgive very quickly, love swimming in the sea, don’t mind filth, don’t understand social norms and challenge them often.
  • I really want to do an Ironman triathlon before I’m 25.
  • My host dad once chased me down a icy hill with a tractor because I was afraid to go down to get on the school bus.

Wow. This was fun! Thank you so much, Sofia!

A whole year of Films and Coke!!

And we’re celebrating with. . .

1. Quality TV series

A year ago I was obsessed with Supernatural, and my second favourite series was The Vampire Diaries. I knew and watched CBS and CW like they were my gods and HBO only reminded me of Sex and the City many years ago. I have other film bloggers only to thank for the much more sophisticated1 favourites list I have now: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Sherlock and Modern Family. I still watch and love How I Met Your Mother and see some of the CW shows, but the difference is astonishing. Simply watching TV has become something great.

2. Interest in film history

When I compiled my Blind Spot film list, I said “I really don’t have blind spots as much as I am blind with glimmers of light peeking through when it comes to film”, and that’s as true as it gets. Starting this blog, I’d vaguely know the words Tarantino, Hepburn or 12 Angry Men. For a long time, I didn’t even care. But if you write about films or television, it’s doomed to become interesting – contrasts, parallels, recognising a director’s handwriting, seeing how an actor portrays different characters. 1001 Movies You Muse See Before You Die has become something I study and film history has suddenly become as interesting as WWII.2

3. A new perspective

During Oscar buzz last year, I stumbled upon the Academy’s website and I was so surprised to learn how there are so many different awards – I’d only thought about the first two, and knew they also had categories for tailors and musicians.3 I was also impressed reading reviews – how did film fans just know all this stuff? Everything was so effortless, the discussions in blog comments, all of this. After a while, I started to pick up on these things when watching films, too, and understood the concept of rewatches. There are so many things behind the characters and the set, and I see them now, too.

4. Confidence to talk about things without Google

It took a year, but now I can say stuff like “Tarantino–inspired”, “if you liked Ruby Sparks, definitely check out Stranger than Fiction” and “Cooper has come a long way from Hangover – stellar in Silver Linings, he also more than delivers in Hustle.” This was very difficult for me at first, since even the bits and pieces I knew, I always had to double–check. I once called Ryan Gosling Ryan Reynolds. I’m so so sorry.

5. David Fincher…

…and Eva Green and Fassy and Scorsese and McAvoy and Nolan and Cassel and Blanchett. Thanks to film blogging, I now know what to expect simply by seeing names on a poster. But especially Fincher, whose films Fight Club, The Social Network and GWTDT have been my favourites from the second I’ve seen them, but used to have no connection in my little head.

6. To stop obsessing

I’ve always been a quantity over quality type of person – rather eat a big carton of meh ice cream than eat an amazing but small one on a stick. I would watch my favourite shows while doing my homework and then reblog everything from that crap, occupying my time with ship wars. Over the past year, though, I’ve learned to stop obsessing over things. I love, love, love watching Game of Thrones and anything with Leonardo DiCaprio, but instead of obsessing over it, I appreciate it, I dig in deeper and get so much more out of the experience than I would by simply looking at pretty people doing things in pretty houses, and rewatching each scene hundreds of times.

7. indie and Foreign films

I don’t think I ever went to the cinema to see a foreign film before Films and Coke. I only saw the blockbusters and was a fan of the very, very famous mainstream actors. Contrasting: in my top 1o of last year are both The Hunt and Blue is the Warmest Colour. And it’s damn refreshing to see how other countries do it.

8. Film reviews

My preference has always been to go in blind. Look at the poster if I have to, but just choose a random film that has an interesting title and go watch it. Well, I still love doing this, but there’s something I love more now: reading bloggers’ reviews. Sometimes they prepare me for the film, sometimes I find out about something damn interesting has just come out, sometimes I’m warned about a film that would’ve simply wasted two hours of my time. Time I could’ve spent watching Charade. Whether I read a review before or after seeing the film, it always enhances the experience.

9. Skills

I started this blog because I loved writing and I loved going to the cinema, not because I was a film buff. I don’t think I am to this day, since I often prefer TV, but I have aquired a certain taste, and reading some of my first reviews – I’ve also (eh, hopefully) become a better writer, more knowledgeable, more confident, and instead of  just loving going to the movies, I now love the world of film.

10. Film bloggers

Yep, yep, the sweetest and most important part comes last. YOU GUYS!!!

  • My number one inspiration and my favourite blogger has, for a long time now, been  Sati with her epic blog! She’s introduced me some of my most loved shows and films and her graphics continue to just wow me. And more than that, she’s one of the funniest and most interesting people I’ve met, and the person who should get all the community builder awards, because whenever I go to comment, she’s already been there. And more often than I deserve, she’s here too.
  • I LOVE YOU, Mettel Ray, for showing me this world of film blogging!! The first film blog I ever found was her cool blog and I wanted a part of it, too. Mettel’s one of these people whose posts are genuinely interesting to read, and she’ll forever remain an inspiration to me.
  • If I had my own holy trinity, Brittani would complete it. Thanks for being such a cool warm person4 with impeccable taste (really, her reviews!) and I’ll even look past the fact that you hated Somewhere. 😉
  • A year has passed but Ryan’s reviews haven’t gotten any less – yep, I’ll use this word – beautiful. Thanks, you Canadian headphone–sportin’ dude, for ever educating and entertaining!
  • Every time m.brown posts something, I squeal. If I’ll ever be half as funny as that guy, I can get my own talkshow.
  • I fell in love with the gorgeous Film Flare the second I saw it and to top that off, Sofia is a seriously nice human being, too. And she watches the CW shows sometimes – maybe there’s still hope for me!
  • The folks over at French Toast Sunday have my eternal love, too. I’ve spent hours and hours reading your stuff, and it’s all awesome!
  • And damn, I’m jealous of Anna, who writes reviews like she was born to do it and whose design is beautiful and who makes me want to see every film she writes about.
  • Special shout–outs also go to Mette, Ruth, JosephKaty, Mark, Dan, Tim and karamelkinema! You make me proud to be a film blogger. 😉
  • And of course, a big thank you to everyone else who has stopped by the blog steeped in Coke and full of amateur TV talk. I am eternally thankful and really, really happy to be a part of this community. This year has been life–changing, and I hope the next will have less long breaks and even more fun.

1 Or at least I’d like to say so. These shows so, so, so much better.
2 Yep, I’m that kind of a nerd.
3 . . .and now I proceed to bang my head against the wall until I forget past me.
4 I just heard it too. Still, fits perfectly!!


  • January was an awesome month in film for me. I saw 15 films, more than I ever remember seeing, including The Great Beauty (the Italian film that won foreign film at the Globes, and bored the hell out of me – and I just read it won at Estonia’s film festival, which is disappointing), The Hunt (which should’ve won at both; and also depressed me more than any film ever while being ever so brilliant), Blue is the Warmest Colour (which was plain amazing and which I’ll review very soon), American Hustle (where they should’ve kept the original title American Bullshit), Drinking Buddies (Olivia Wilde was awesome and the mood was awesome, but something was missing) and Brave (which I watched in Norwegian, so half of it went by me, but watching it a lot of fun anyway).
  • I kicked February off with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so I hope this month will be just as great in the film department.
  • By the way, did you notice that there were quite a few of foreign films? Plus I saw one more Danish film (Jeppe from the Mountain, since you asked)! I’m proud, too. Watching foreign stuff with Norwegian subtitles is really helping my language skills.
  • And I’ve been writing a lot of school assignments, which have been unbelievably useful – I now feel like I can list Norwegian as a language I can speak. Feels awesome!!
  • It’s not helping my identity/world crisis that I have less time left here than I’ve been. I’m going home to Estonia for three days this month because it’s literally less expensive to fly there to go to the dentist than to do it here, and I’m afraid of the homesickness and excited to see my parents, my dog and my friends – and to go to the cinema for 4x less money. Yep, I did the math.
  • Between this point and the last one, I finally gave in and watched Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary episode with my host brother (who’s as nerdy about Doctor Who as one gets). OH MY FREAKING GOD, IT WAS SO COOL!!!
  • I’ve only seen seasons 5 and 6, but I have a feeling that by March, I’ll have seen a lot more. I can’t help it.
  • Since I’ve been procrastinating so goddamn much today – I’m two weeks late to revising my NaNoWriMo novel – I’ll just go ahead and go now. It was really nice doing this and it feels great to be back from my hiatus.
  • I’ll leave you guys with four posts I read and loved today (while procrastinating):
  • m.brown’s review of The Hunt
  • Alex’s interview with Andrew Sensenig from Upstream Color
  • Mettel Ray’s 52 film and TV wishes
  • Anna’s review of The Act of Killing
  • Mette’s Blind Spot entry for January in the form of Apocalypse Now
  • Check out the reviews, have  a really nice night/morning/day, whenever you’re reading this, and see you soon!

LATE NIGHT SPILL 14: exactly how great is Netflix?!?!

  • I didn’t announce it with as big of a bang as I should have, but here it is: I GOT NETFLIX!!
  • Should you be an American reading this and don’t get it, here’s the deal: my home country doesn’t have Netflix. All DVDs are crazy expensive. It’s a whole different world out there in the wilderness.
  • Life’s been much better film–wise, too. My first Netflix film was Winter’s Bone and it was pretty amazing. I love Jennifer Lawrence more with each of her films. My other favourite of this week was This Is The End, which was the funniest film I’ve seen in a while.
  • Yet the most exciting thing I’ve watched has been Game of Thrones. I’m on episode four and it’s even better than I was hoping. As a sidenote I can say it’s awesome having a brother who is nerdy enough to get really excited about GoT along with you.
  • Oh, and The Desolation of Smaug was also really cool, even though undercooked.
  • Tomorrow I will see Love Actually for the first time, in honour of lille juleaften – small Christmas night? I don’t know. Anyway, yes, it’s one of these films I curse myself for not having seen. But apparently seeing it on the 23rd of December is a tradition in Norway. I’m not complaining. 😉
  • Some of the following links are pretty old, but I’m more confused by  the passing time than Amy Pond, so just click, read, and enjoy. 😉

  • Katy created an awesome alphabet movie meme
  • Mettel Ray shared twelve films she felt strongly about this year
  • Nick announced the 2nd Golden Katz awards
  • Sati reviewed Blue is the Warmest Color
  • Davecrewe shares the top 10 television episodes of 2013
  • Mette makes a case for Spring Breakers
  • Table9mutant reviews Ruby Sparks
  • Amy reviews Saving Mr. Banks