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LATE NIGHT SPILL 13: film? what film?

  • I don’t recall having seen any films this week. WTF. (Also: see above.)
  • I really don’t know what to say. This week has escaped me. I’ll figure something out.
  • While I’m not in love with 2 Broke Girls season 3, I’ve rewatched some of the first season and I’m finding myself loving it even more now – and appreciating it more, too.
  • How I Met Your Mother is so, so good. I do not understand why people moan about this season, it’s been great, even if far–fetched at times. What Barney did in the last episode – ahhhh.

  • We’re also nearing the show’s 200th episode, titled “How Your Mother Met Me”. Craig Thomas said “to me, more than anything else, episode 200 is why we did season 9” and it’s going to be from the Mother’s perspective. It’s supposed to be legendary. (Pun, if tangible, intended.)
  • And what is this about a spin–off series I hear? Late to the party once again? The pilot – at least – is coming and I’m excited, especially since they have enough respect for HIMYM to completely wrap it up and make the new (possible) series a different thing. I have great hopes for How I Met Your Dad, really.
  • Oh, and guess what shows finally had great episodes? Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries – and of course, since they were the midseason finales, both were enormous cliff-hangers.
  • I love Christmas. And over the day, staring at my header, I actually started to really like it. What do you guys think?


  • I FINISHED NANOWRIMO YESTERDAY, precicely 2 minutes prior to midnight with 50,090 words.
  • Radio silence on the blog was due to me drawing all my focus on the novel. The (undoubtedly shitty) first draft is ready now (!!!) and I’m having hard time with giving it room to breathe – I already want to edit! I’ll keep myself busy with the blog, though.
  • Writing took up so much time that I didn’t even watch TV, merely the new episodes. All kinda sucked to be honest.
  • I did go to the cinema three times – Catching Fire twice, and then Gravity once again.
  • Catching Fire was just as good as they said, but with 2,5 hours of intense action was overwhelming and I knew I had to see it again. Watching this made me want to see The Hunger Games again and read the trilogy.
  • I’m not impressed with Mockingjay being in two parts, though. HP7 started the trend and it was alright, because Harry Potter was such an enormous game changer. Twilight was even more boring in two parts and I would just say that it’s a dick move (and cheap, too) on the studio’s part.
  • I absolutely adore Josh Hutcherson, though. I do love Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks was a show–stealer, Stanley Tucci was genius, Sam Claflin is great and Jena Malone… ahh. But no one beats Peeta, sorry. And I’m glad for Claflin.


  • Digital Shortbread posted about Gravity’s “spin–off”
  • Darren has been posting about his favourite Doctor Who episodes to honour the 50th anniversary – Time Crash, for example. Guess how many episodes I’ve watched this week… (hint: it’s round.) I need a TARDIS.
  • Fogs has some (pretty sad) news for us – it’s his time to roll.
  • Mettel Ray and Brittani review Catching Fire… though Brittani says “Gale (Liam Hemsworth) is obviously hotter than Peeta”??? WHY???
  • Sofia shared her smiles & thrills for Breaking Emotions blogathon.
  • Alex shares the first few rocky days of filming his feature film Wait.
  • Anna reviews the upsetting documentary Blackfish.

LATE NIGHT SPILL 11: lost in space and rating systems

  • I saw Gravity yesterday.
  • While watching it, I was pretty sure I forgot how to breathe once or twice. It was truly a masterpiece and I shall praise it with all the Cherry Cokes in the world in a review next week.
  • Speaking of Coke, did you guys see the rating system I finally came up with? It’s a bit rough, but I still like it heaps. What do you guys think?
  • Before Gravity, I saw Hobbit‘s trailer, and while it looks like a masterful film, I can’t remember anything but a bunch of hobbits singing in Bilbo’s hobbit hole from the first film. They really shouldn’t make nine hours of film out of a rather short novel.
  • After Gravity, I was so disoriented I missed the last bus home from Oslo, so I had to wait two hours to take the night train. On the train I watched Million Dollar Baby and it was amazing, such a great story and brilliant acting.
  • The trailer for Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning was released this week. I love both actresses and I have high hopes for this film. I think we all need a new great Disney film.
  • This week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was beautiful, hauntingly so. I’ve watched it four or five times since Tuesday and it’s still amazing. I’m really loving this season, it’s poignant and I think the show deserves an ending like that. I also really, really like the Mother.
  • I’ve been catching up on film blogs and I’m behind on my NaNoWriMo word count with more than 5000 words. It’s 2k words less behind than I was last year, but I’m still due to hide in my room with only Word open for the rest of the month.

LATE NIGHT SPILL 10: I lost my blogathon virginity


  • While you are reading this, I’m on probably already on a train and either (a) sleeping or (b) mad that I chose a seat instead of a bed on the train because I’m so cheap, and watching a film to comfort myself. Anyway, BERGEN! Travelling! Woooo!
  • One of the reasons I’m overjoyed is that I finally get to see Gravity. It’s going to be awesome! I mean, it’s Gravity. C’mon.
  • Okay, I just found out they took away the 3D session, so I’ll see it in 2D but it can’t be that much worse, right? …right? Going to see it again in 3D, though, definitely. Or maybe can rearrange my schedule. Crap, this really wasn’t supposed to happen…
  • The past two weeks have been quiet film-wise but at least my favourite TV series were awesome this week! Supernatural was in all it’s glory, 2 Broke Girls was hilarious, and How I Met Your Mother was both funny and awesome. The ending scene of Ted proposing to the Mother was truly heartwarming.
  • I haven’t seen many films lately because my film buddy (yeah, okay, my bored host brother) is in France and I’ve been keeping busy by writing more than 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo.
  • To make up for this, I have two seven-hour train rides ahead of me this weekend and I’ll watch as much as I can then.
  • I do have to give a shout-out to two, though: rewatched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Burton&Depp at their best and The Road was sad and so well made.
  • And to the title of the spill – blogathons! I participated in my first one ever – the Analyzing De Niro blogathon by Tyson and Mark on their De Niro blog. Just click on the poster on the right. Thanks!!
  • Another blogathon that started this month is Mettel Ray’s Breaking Emotions. My first entry is going up on Sunday and I had lots of fun writing that one, so I’m pretty excited!
  • There seem to be an awful lot of exclamation points in this post. I don’t know what’s going on.
  • Two days ago I got the most views in one day – 82! I know it’s probably normal or little for you guys, but for me, it’s enormous! I’m so thankful for all of you 222 followers! (And the random people who get here by my SPN recaps, I love you guys too.)

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