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LATE NIGHT SPILL 9: who knew silent films can be fun


  • It’s half past ten in the evening and I want to do nothing but sleep. The second part of this week has been sleepy quiet, film–wise.
  • November will be awesome: Don Jon, Gravity, The Counselor, The Fifth Estate, Blue JasmineCatching Fire and Thor: The Dark World are all coming to Norway and I don’t care how broke I’ll be, I’ll see them all.
  • Until then I’m gonna keep myself entertained by the reviews. Not good for my spoiler avoidance, excellent for fun reading.
  • DIGITAL SHORTBREAD, a very insightful blog, gave ⅜ to The Counselor and the reviews are generally unfavourable. Disappointing, I know. The Fifth Estate got the same mark, but I still want to see it, bad. Benedict Cumberbatch makes everything good.
  • Speaking of Cumberbatch, Sherlock is coming back in January! Yay!! I watched Star Trek Into Darkness for the fourth time, first time outside of cinema – with my own DVD I got as a birthday gift (so cool!) and he was as good as ever.
  • I found a very, very good blog tonight: THE MOVIE SCENE, who reviewed Blue Jasmine, which is apparently superb. Another favouring review was from FRAME RATES.
  • Jumping a bit back in time, the Analyzing De Niro blogathon, led by Tyson (HEAD IN A VICE) and Mark (MARKED MOVIES) began! It’s my first–ever blogathon, so naturally, I’m excited. Check out the entries here! Considering the amount of participants, this thing’s gonna last for more than a month – wow!
  • I hope this image says enough. Yep, I started with 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die and A Trip to the Moon was awesome, and I also saw The Great Train Robbery. The splashes of colour were so impressive! 1902 and 1903… I had no idea all of this goes so far back.
  • Stevee is back and CINEMATIC PARADOX is up and running again! And her blog is where I got the inspiration to open the book (since we have it – the first edition – at home) and start watching.
  • I also saw Shame (excellent), Apocalypse Now! (three and a half hours were a stretch, but I love Vietnam War films, so me and my host bro stuck with it) and Carrie (1976), which redefined the horror genre. I’ve read a lot of reviews of the remake and everybody hates it – and I hated the trailer alone. Sissy Spacek’s eyes are incredible.
  • I really feel like I’m learning a lot about film. Next up are Scarface and Thelma & Louise. I’m excited!
  • Especially since apart from HIMYM, everything TV–wise sucked this week. Supernatural in particular. I think I’m just going to forget that episode ever happened. And think, season 5’s episode 3 (Free to be You and Me) was one of the greatest eps… not even talking about episode 4 (The End). Maybe SPN really does need to get off the air.
  • I’m No Angel is like HIMYM’s season 5 episode 7 (The Rough Patch) – an episode that shouldn’t have happened.
  • My comfort is watching films. So I’ll just do that.
  • Oh, and Breaking Bad! I just finished episode 10 of season 5 and HOLY SHIT, that series has a lot more twists I expected. I’m hooked and actually might watch the rest tomorrow. Brilliant.
  • On the traditional “unrelated note”, today I found out Birdy is fivemonths younger than me. I want to cry.
  • Thanks for reading!! To finish. On the right side: something I desperately miss from TVD. Gorgeous. And so damn classy.

LATE NIGHT SPILL 8: I watched a film


  • The title is not a joke. I’m a film blog that sucks at actually watching films.
  • I posted a lot this week. This is an early compensation for the month of November when I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo and consecutively, abandoning everything else.
  • In case you missed any – review of a short film, review for Gåten Ragnarok, Supernatural 9×01 recap and a post about my favourite returning series.
  • I found this GIF today. Can anyone explain?
  • For some reason, I googled 50 Shades of Grey yesterday. My first thought was that Charlie Hunnam was the worst choice for a lead (and a facial features expert – cool job, man – said he’s wrong for the role and should have high cheekbones and whatnot) they could find. A few hours later, I saw a tweet saying he gave his role up. Lol.
  • I also found out Ian Somerhalder had actually wanted that role. WTF. But if he’d be in it, I think I would actually watch the film. Even though I don’t understand why he’d want to do that. Everything I read about the director was so negative that I wouldn’t poke that hellhole with a 10 foot long stick.
  • The new posters for Nymphomaniac are plain weird.
  • Speaking of films, I actually saw some this week! Upstream Color was beautiful, sad, and frightening, Analyze This was funny and enjoyable and made me fall in love with one Robert De Niro, The Place Beyond the Pines was fantastic and… Ryan Gosling, call me? And I really hope to see Shame tonight as well (I found the DVD at home, so cool!)
  • DAN THE MAN MOVIE REVIEWS also saw Upstream Color and Eddie (THE MOVIE GUYS) wrote about The Place Beyond the Pines.
  • Though, some films are worse than others, and some are just unbearable. I present: Sharknado’s review for Isaac’s Shitfest by Joseph (THE CINEMA MONSTER). The review’s hilarious and the film’s absymal – go read!
  • On a very personal note, I just want to add that it’s the election in Estonia and ffs, my birthday is one day too late for me to be eligible for voting. I’m sad.
  • Oh, and can we talk about Supernatural?? I’m still haunted by season 9’s premiere because I adore the angel storylines and Cas as a human is so cool and I am just so fucking excited for this season!! Wednesday really cannot get here fast enough.
  • I’m still crying about how I will be the last person in the world–with Nikhat, though–to see Gravity. My favourite review this week was Ryan’s (THE MATINEE).
  • That’s it for this week! Thank you so much for reading and we’ll see you all tomorrow 😉

LATE NIGHT SPILL 7: I do nothing but watch Breaking Bad and occasionally cry


  • I revamped the layout (partially) and I’m gonna spill you all my secrets (wow I suck at puns) weekly from now on. Meaning that I have upgraded The Spill Feature1 – we’re going to have a weekend post each week of me ranting about anything film or TV–wise – and sharing my favourite posts of the week, of course. I’ll publish all these posts at night – if you’re in GMT+1 or close.
  • That is because I’ve so far written every single spill post at night. I kinda feel like I’ll be more motivated like this – I want to make FAC more personal, plus share my thoughts on everything I don’t review.
  • My life for this past week has been pretty great – autumn break, so a lot of sleep and a lot of pretending to be asleep to watch TV from my iPad. I love my bed.
  • Breaking Bad ended for good last week. I think I’ll be dealing with that next week – or the following, if I can’t stop crying. After this post I’m starting season 4 and I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for this. Season 3 ended in Walt killing two guys for Jesse and Jesse killing Gale for Walt. This was unexpected. BrBa finale recaps that I’ve saved for reading: Brittani’s (RAMBLING FILM), Sati’s (CINEMATIC CORNER), from SIDEKICK REVIEWS and Nick’s (the LAMB – I guess? I’m not 100% because I’m too scared to look – I’m not having any spoilers.)
  • So far, I still like all the characters. I understand Skyler, sometimes more, sometimes less – I’ve read a lot of comments about her being a bitch for what she did – and while it shocked me that she found ouy so soon, I completely see where she’s coming from. Walt and Jesse can both be kings for all I care. Hank and Marie are absolutely necessary and even if Marie annoys me sometimes, it doesn’t make me love her any less. Walt Jr is one of the greatest characters. There’s nothing I don’t like – really.
  • I cannot see myself loving any series the same way as I love Breaking Bad. I feel like The first time I watched a TV series, was watching Breaking Bad. I mean, I’d watched TV series before… but I’d never watched a TV series before.2
  • Speaking of series, I love October. So far, we’ve had two episodes of both How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls; season 5 premiere for The Vampire Diaries and the pilot for The Originals. I haven’t gotten around to Sleepy Hollow yet but I’m planning to. After Supernatural season 9 premiers on Tuesday, I’ll talk about how they’re all doing.
  • Even though I planned to watch it, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn’t really peaked my interest. I’ve read some recaps, though – and SIDEKICK REVIEWS likes it.
  • Sometimes I think I should change my blog name to TV and Coke. I can’t help it, I’m just not that interested in films unless I see them in the cinema.
  • And the nearest cinema is 30 km away with insane ticket prices. So far I’ve been to cinema twice, both times at the Kulturhus in my home town in Norway, where they show 2–3 films a week. Today I went there with my host parents, host mum’s sister and six boys aged 14 or under. Gåten Ragnarok (The Ragnarok3 Riddle) was actually very cool and I was so proud to understand nearly everything, having been in Norway and learning Norwegian for less than two months. Review coming on Tuesday.
  • Gravity’s the word of the day. I’m going to go to Oslo and see it in a normal–sized cinema with 3D once it premieres in Norway – the reviews have been incredible. I mean, Lindsay (FRENCH TOAST CINEMA) gave it 95/100 and it really doesn’t get much better than that.
  • One of my favourite sad posts lately has been Directors Who Should Call It A Day at THREE ROWS BACK.
  • I have ten films in my waiting list and I keep choosing Breaking Bad over them. I kinda can’t wait for that to be over. Though then I’m just gonna start with American Horror Story. I’m doomed.
  • Finally, I just wanted to point out that (1) I’ve started using read me breaks for reviews so the site would load faster, and (2) did anyone spot the LAMB poster I have on my page now? It’s on the right sidebar and I’m not sure if it’s the best or the worst thing I’ve ever put on this blog. It’s staying, though.

1 I don’t know, I’ve developed this thing for capitalisation – I even capitalised my categories.
2 Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense. If you’ve seen Suits season 3 episode 2, you might know what I’m talking about.
3 Ragnarok is the end of the world in Norse mythology – if you didn’t know.

The Sixth Spill


–       If there’s a film I seriously regret not having seen yet, it’s the Danish film Jangten (The Hunt) – thankfully, Sati (CINEMATIC CORNER) did see it and wrote an incredibly powerful review which, after reading, makes it a real sin not to see it. (And hell, do I feel bad.) Sati’s gone to law school and all so her take on Jangten is exceptionally interesting.

–       Vandy (REVIEWS FROM A BED) is, hands down, one of the most stylish film bloggers. His writing is always impressive and unique with great insight. I hadn’t even thought of Adore aside from seeing the poster but his thoughts on it definitely got me interested.

–       One of my absolute favourite bloggers at my favourite blog, Jess (FRENCH TOAST SUNDAY), had some things to say about Kick-Ass 2, a film I wasn’t ever interested in – but I still enjoyed the second-hand film experience from her and was convinced that I’m not missing much.

–       Ryan (THE MATINEE) is actively covering Toronto International Film Festival (it’s alright, I’m jealous too) and all his articles are so good that I’m having trouble choosing here – but 12 Years A Slave, Like Father, Like Son and Vi är bäst! (We’re Best!) are some of the highlights. Oh how I’ve missed Ryan’s beautiful reviews. Not checking him out is a crime.

–       Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop is hosting a Debuts Blogathon and for some reason, I wasn’t surprised seeing Moon, a Sam Rockwell film, as Nick’s (THE CINEMATIC KATZENJAMMER) choice. His review is superb as always. Check it out!

–       The most exciting film-related news since 2011 is definitely what Rowling and Warner Bros are planning: a new film series in the amazing Harry Potter world! The Potter films were over and done with when I started Films and Coke, so you may not know how big of a Potter nerd I am, but you’ll find out now. I’m SO excited! Not sure what I’m babbling about? Nick wrote all about Fantastic Beasts, and Where to Find Them, the film.

–       World War Z was a very memorable film for me – and Mark (MARKED MOVIES) does it justice. I’m starting to feel really crappy now because everyone’s writing just as good and I simply skipped summer. What’s wrong with me… well, if you (understandably) are tired of my crap, go read Mark’s awesomeness (his posts are legendary!)

–       Russell Crowe is awesome. Zoë is awesome. THE SPORADIC CHRONICLES OF A BEGINNER BLOGGER is astonishingly good. And all this equals an excellent review of A Beautiful Mind.

That’s it for this week, tune back in on Tuesday! Meanwhile, keep your film minds busy with these awesome reviews and blogs and god, I should pick up my game because I kinda want to put a bullet in my mouth after seeing just how good everyone is. (I wasn’t kidding about reading your posts every day! My lack of comments will change once they invent a humane way to leave comments on a phone. Argh.)