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Night Has Settled (2014)


It still weirds me out to see the level of authenticity teenagers are portrayed in — unhibited and unapologetic; honest and raw, every beautiful and ugly story is told. Especially the ugly. Sex, drugs, one cigarette after another, the word ‘fuck’ flying as fast as clothes from Miley Cyrus. Depression is taken seriously, without clichés or embellishments. The thing with Night Has Settled is that it portrays all of this witch children.

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Trash (2014) – “Because it is right.”


First time I heard about police violence in Latin America was when Mario, my fellow exchange student in Norway, blew our minds by talking about it. We were supposed to have a workshop about cultural learnings or something like that for two hours, but instead, we were listening to him talk more than any of us had ever heard him talk — he could barely speak English back then, but that didn’t stop him. It was intense. He spoke about the police being so corrupt that it hurts, how dehumanised they are, how the poor are treated as trash. This film, cleverly titled, is a testimony to that side of Brazil.

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