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His Dark Materials (1.01) Lyra’s Oxford

If any book series deserves to be made into a TV series, it’s Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. The phenomenal books create the most intricate, layered, fascinating world.

Why, then, wasn’t this on screen on Sunday?

I have a couple theories. One: I’m experiencing the Game of Thrones syndrome–changes to the source material make me antsy and prevent me from taking it all in. Two: (related to the first?) the pacing was rushed, covering too much ground, introducing too many characters, too many plots at one; as if Game of Thrones had left a roadmap that the team behind HDM is now closely following. Three: there’s too many motivations introduced too early; The Northern Lights was insanely suspenseful and the twists made it good. Why confirm gobblers exist? Why the buzz over the alethiometer? Why that pronouncedly stealthy shot of Ms Coulter’s golden monkey? Four: there was a sore lack of dæmons. Dæmons are crucial to this universe and to the characters. They better have planned a big scene where Lyra meets Farder Coram(‘s dæmon), otherwise, what are we doing here?! Dæmon GCI is not where you can be saving money in Pullman’s universe.

Ok, my issue is that it tries to be Game of Thrones and it really does not need to. Why does Pullman love this again? Is it too much to ask for a scene-by-scene, accurate, epic adaption? Can it be a little darker?

The narration is completely different. In the first book, most (or all? I haven’t read the books in a few years) chapters feature an 11-year-old Lyra’s narration of a brand new confusing world. Suspense, thrill, and twists stand at its core. It’s a bold move giving the viewer a bird’s eye view of all the machinations happening–this might be a good thing. The next seven weeks will be intense. They might pull it off. Yet. . .I don’t know if ending the episode with what I imagine is the highlights of the whole coming season (rather than just episode 2) was meant to excite the viewers, but I felt cheated. Although I know the plot, I’ve read this trilogy tens of times over, I feel like I’ve been spoiled the series.

Otherwise? The acting is a bit rough, as if the cast didn’t entirely buy into the world they need to be creating, but casting itself is fantastic. Ms Coulter and Lord Asriel are as good as they can be; Dafne Keen as Lyra was a little shaky, but here I blame my brain, which has shaped a complete Lyra in my head over the past 13ish years. Magisterium staff as wellas Oxford faculty were mostly brilliant. I would’ve liked more time at Oxford; but I suppose we haven’t said goodbye to those characters yet even though Lyra’s left.

What else was good? The gyptians!!! I’m so excited for them. It wasn’t hard to override my preconception of them, they were so good. A real sense of community, power relations, and what they’re about straight off the bat. Except, um, I. . .did not picture Ma Costa as a skinny blond lady. But ok. In general, I think they’re going to try to say some really powerful things about politics, power, theology, science, and give us lots to think. I hope that’s the reason the beginning was so rushed. This should have been ten episodes, we could have split this beginning in two easily. Though rushed, it felt a little slow: I think giving a bit more time to the characters to develop would have helped here.

Finally, I need to say something: I’m sorry for the shit I gave to A Song of Ice and Fire fans for being upset with the HBO adaption. I will put in my best effort to enjoy this TV series. I can’t promise a thing. But I’m looking forward to Sunday evening.

Let me know what you thought! I’m really excited to read everyone’s takes on this; my absolute childhood favourite, and adding more layers the older I get as I read it. If you link your review (or twitter post/thread), I’ll be sure to take a look!

Shameless 5×01 recap “Milk of the Gods”

My heart feels complete for the first time in nine months. I present, the best thing on TV right now and twelve of the most emotional recaps, all the way to 5×12, exclusively on Films & Coke.1 This post has nothing Shameless doesn’t, spoilers for 5×01 and is a bit rough, but I had to publish it now or all my opinions will be replaced with others’ — I saw the episode on Friday, after all.


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Suits 4×01 One-Two-Three, Go…

Five minutes in, I felt something squeezing me. This was the first time I realised how much I had missed Suits ever since season 3.2 wrapped up in April, and how glad I was to have it back on my screen. Suits is probably not going to win awards as it is often written off as a guilty pleasure, yet it is one of the most enjoyable shows to watch. If you are looking for something to lighten up your summer, this is it.

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Game of Thrones spoilers below!

This is my 100th post. It was supposed to be really special and cool, but instead, I watched The Mountain and the Viper and after ten hours, I still find it difficult to breathe. So instead of bathing in the glory of putting out close to 40 reviews in my blogging times, and that you can now just type in in your address bar to get here, I’ll instead share a few thoughts on Thrones and the films I’ve seen this weekend.


  • Dany sent Jorah away because he betrayed her (wow, drama!). I didn’t understand it really, and I’m never watching that fucking episode again, so that’s that, but it felt sad. Especially with this in mind.
  • Arya and the Hound finally made it, only to find out Lysa’s dead. That was a hilarious scene.
  • The Wildlings attacked and Ygritte spared Gilly with her baby, which was super lovely.
  • And then the world gets fucked in the ass. Sorry. I don’t think it’s possible to say this too harshly. Everybody’s sharing gifs of Cersei’s joy, but before that, I was so happy to see her disappointment when Oberyn got the upper hand.
  • I still cannot believe that ending happened. I’m glad I just watched Atonement, because now I can compare that twist to something. Beyond cruel. I hope someone skins the Mountain. That shithead.
  • I bet Tyrion’s going to kill Tywin and get away. If not, someone’s getting punched in the face.

  • Before all that happened and I was left to pick up pieces of my brain, I actually had a really nice weekend visiting a friend.
  • Inspired by Nostra’s iconic movie character relay, I got my friend and her little sister to watch E.T. with me. I’d never seen it before, but I really wanted to, and it was so great!
  • On Sunday morning, I got up at 12pm and was still the first one up, so I started watching Howl’s Moving Castle — something I’ve wanted to see for ages, and they had it! It was really, really great and Calcifer, the powerful fire demon pictured above, won my heart at once.
  • I’ve been watching a lot of films lately, films I never thought I’d get to: Mads Mikkelsen in The Royal Affair (really good!), Chaplin’s The Gold Rush (I think I like silent films…) and I’ll see A Single Man tomorrow. Because this Monday hasn’t been depressing enough.

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credit where it is due: first three pictures are from this hilarious Thrones recap, and the gifs are from Sati’s tumblr.